There is No Need to Fear Project Blue Beam

Just a quick note to reassure people about Project Blue Beam in light of the vision of the Virgin Mary being seen above the Ivory Coast recently (today’s date is April 27, 2011).

Project Blue Beam is an enterprise of the military-industrial complex capable of throwing more or less realistic holographic images onto the sky, which can be used to project an image of Jesus or Mary or an image of an attacking alien spacecraft or, for that matter, a war between alien spacecraft and terrestrial planes or craft which the terrestrials are portrayed as winning – or losing.

Some years ago I described it this way:

“Project Bluebeam is a top-secret American project which uses holographic and other technologies to project images onto the sodium level of the Earth’s atmosphere of spaceships or religious figures. It will be used to manipulate the followers of various religions and sell them a new New Age religion, one designed to suit the Illuminati’s purposes.” (1)

We may discover that one reason the cabal is busily spraying chemtrails everywhere is to provide a layer of reflective material on which to stage Project Blue Beam.

The galactics tell us that all such attempts to delude us will be foiled. They tell us to relax on the score of Project Blue Beam.

SaLuSa said in January of 2010 that the galactics have the means to counter all actions by the cabal by grounding all weapons and craft intended for use against the space brothers and sisters.

“The likely problems that may be encountered by us in space will quickly be dealt with, by grounding any weapons or craft that are intended to be used against us. We do not have to encounter them in space, as we do not want to give the impression that we are aggressive and warlike. That would be playing into the hands of the dark Ones, who in any event have considered creating a false encounter to put fear in your hearts. As we vastly outnumber their forces and weaponry, it would in fact be totally futile for them to attempt to attack us.”  (2)

Two months prior to this, SaLuSa said that the galactics would prevent any negative incident by the cabal. So, according to Adamu, we can relax.

“We are here, there and everywhere, silently and largely unseen as we monitor what is happening on Earth. Most of our observations are from our Space Craft encircling it, and our Scout Ships that move within your atmosphere. We can uncloak when desired but prefer to work unseen, so it does follow that some craft you see are from your own military.

“This can cause confusion but we remind you that our presence is for peaceful reasons, and you can be certain that any negative incidents do not involve our craft or us. The dark Ones have seriously thought of staging one, but we will prevent it.” (3)

And Matthew Ward has also reassured us on the subject in January 2009:

The increasing sightings of spacecraft are a preface to the appearance of such a large fleet that their presence no longer can be denied by those governments that have long ignored, ridiculed via “entertainment” or concocted foolish stories to prove that UFOs and ETs don’t exist. The little grays living underground will not emerge en masse—the time has long since passed when the Illuminati could have managed that, and the same is so regarding a holographic representation of an invading force descending from the skies. (4)

And in one of the passages I have always enjoyed the most of any galactic messages, Cdr. Adamu asks us to be realistic. Would the galactics have traveled all this way to be defeated by what are to them mere “tin toys and party favors”? He tells us the galactics’ technology is immeasurably superior to that of the cabal.

Some of you have all manner of fears about a so-called Project Bluebeam. Others fear our ships will be attacked and this could trigger a war and so on and so on. My young friends, I can send messages … full time all day every day, until the day we arrive and every day there will be those that present new fearful scenarios that I might have to dispel. This is because you are falling for the manipulation games of those that do not wish for this event to take place.

Please, take a second. Try to think. If we are able to surround your planet with millions of ships of living light. If we are able to bring ships across thousands of light years in an instant. If our consciousness resides outside of space and time. If we can manifest a ship many miles across by desire alone. If we can defeat a warring enemy without ever attacking them. If we can disable your nuclear devices without touching them. If we can balance your planetary magnetosphere. I could go on and on. The point is, if we can do all these things and so much more, do you honestly think your Earth cabal’s tin toys and party favors are going to get in our way? They are not.

And the other space races with which they are in cahoots? Well, it’s time that I bring some light to that situation as well. You need to understand that we of the Galactic Federation of Light are of a unitary consciousness. This means we are of the understanding that we are one with all. This is powerful in ways that you can`t imagine. It means we share understanding, knowledge, wisdom, truth, technology! We share in fact…life! With all that is.

We are almost like a single organism that expands into untold and unfathomable realities. We have access to the technologies, to the best thinking, of infinite intelligence. These other space races with their metal flying ships … do not. They are of duality consciousness. Which means each of them must think alone. Each of these races sees themselves opposed to all the others. And internally they are split into factions as well. They are divided and divided and divided. We are united. We are one.

What this means is that our spirit technology surpasses their material technology by an almost unimaginable margin. Now these others, they feel we stand in the way of their plans and they feel they want what we have. So they will attack us when they can. They would in fact destroy us if they could and take everything we have from us. But they cannot. They very rarely manage to even hurt one of us in the slightest way.

We on the other hand could, if it was in our consciousness, destroy them right now. But we will not. Because, you see, we know that they are us. We know that they are actually one with us. They just don`t know this yet. So in summary. They would destroy us but cannot. We could destroy them but will not. And that is the state of play. It would seem on the face of it to bring about a stalemate, but it doesn’t. We are winning. And do you know how we proceed to win? Not by attacking them, not by hurting them. No, in fact by loving them. Each and every being that comes to us and says I am tired of fighting, I am tired of fear, I am tired of pain, I am tired of being alone. Each one is welcomed to us. And so over time it is an absolute inevitability that all will return to the oneness. (5)

So we are told that there is nothing to fear from Project Blue Beam. The galactics have equipment far in advance of the cabal and can handle any attempts to deceive us through these means.


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