Why Doesn’t the Light Simply Step on the Dark and Be Done with It?

I would say that up until around November 2010, the galactics went to great pains to establish the following matters with us – at least with those of us who would listen:

  • That they come to bring in a new era of peace, abundance, and harmony
  • That they come to allow as many people to ascend as possible
  • That they will dismantle the structures of oppression that the dark has raised
  • That they are greatly superior in force to the dark.
  • That they do not breech the laws of free will and karma or any of the other laws of God
  • That there is a divine deadline beyond which they will intervene more freely
  • That before that deadline, they are circumscribed in what they can do
  • That they must act sometimes in secrecy to prevent the dark from knowing their plans
  • That, in acting, they must cause as little disruption and destruction as possible.

Once November 2010 hit, we seem to have passed a tipping point. As SaLuSa put it in his latest message: “It is darkest before the dawn and you have reached the point of no return for the dark Ones, as the Light is blazing its way into your lives. You have now recognised the changes for what they are, and as being essential if you are to fulfil your dreams and desires. It is necessary to overcome the unsatisfactory way of life, that restricts your free expression of who you really are as sovereign Beings.” (1)

In other words, we have entered that time where the people themselves will rise up against the Illuminati, with their national-security state, and remove their dark tentacles from all social institutions.

And you see this. Behind the clamor of lightworkers against the TSA, the Food Bill, Big Sis and her Walmart surveillance plans or plans to train garbage workers to recognize “domestic terrorists,” behind the riots in Europe, behind the democracy ferment in Thailand, Burma and elsewhere is a populace bent on ending the reign of the dark on this planet once and for all.

Of this conflict, SaLuSa tells us:

“As you see the last days being acted out, it is causing a reaction of anger and protest amongst you.” (2)

“Demonstrations and riots are becoming more frequent as people reject a return to the past. They are awakening to the potential that exists to make a clean start, and have no desire to accept any form of compromise.” (3)

On one side is ranged the dark, which the Washington Post showed some months ago had raised a huge and formidable national-security apparatus during the post-9/11 years while we were sleeping. They are exploding missiles, rattling sabres, and threatening World War III.

On the other side are ranged lightworkers, rallying, protesting, exposing conspiracies, and taking the dark to court. The two sides are crashing against each other and the din of battle drowns out the galactics and their calming words.

And so it may be for a while, as Diane of Sirius warned us in 2009: “The problems on Earth are creating chaos and will continue to do so for many months.” (4)

In my opinion, the outcome is pre-determined. The light will win and that not very far into the future. The dark is already routed. If the light was Genghis Khan, their opponents would all be dead. But they are not Genghis Khan and so their opponents receive the fairest of treatment while many of us are champing at the bit wondering what the galactics are doing and why we need to suffer more.

None of this is like anything we’re used to. None of it makes any sense to people raised on Starship Troopers and Independence Day. Hey, just wipe them out and be done with it for God’s sake. What are you waiting for?

But I cannot stress this enough: We are the ones, among lightworkers, who studied their messages, who know as well as anyone on the planet what they are up to and how they work. Of all lightworkers, we – and by “we” I mean all the followers of all the literature of light, whether it be from galactics like SaLuSa and Hatonn, or angels and spirits like Archangel Michael or Matthew Ward, or terrestrials like Drunvalo, Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, the effervescent Lauren, etc. – of all lightworkers, we have drunk most deeply at this fountain and it should be us who now respond to this situation in a way worthy of terrestrials, standing at the crossroads.

So we know what is being asked of us. But when the clamor rises in intensity, we can get swept away in it and become a part of the mob.

Thank heavens part of it is happening at Christmastime and is disguised by seasonal merriment. Moreover, Christmas offers an escape for those who do not wish to be swept up in the anger that is being released.

The galactics are not going to respond like Starship Troopers. They are not going to blast the cabal into smithereens. Matthew told us last year:

“Please be patient! What is happening is not a revolution, it is spiritual evolution—that is the way of the light! It is the way of lightworkers and light warriors, whose armor and weapon against the darkness is the power of love.” (5)

Any member of the cabal guilty of a crime will face the courts. All will be given a chance to reject the ways of the dark and join us, if they have not committed atrocities so inhumane that they are excluded from what follows, by their own actions.

Regardless, the Company of Heaven are aware of the vast number of variables at play here. We’ve heard them tell us they’re aware and, like Matthew, ask us to be patient. They hinted at it in their messages:

Adrial: “Keep in mind the vast scope of the transformation of Earth and her six billion humans.” (6)

SaLuSa: “We of the Galactic Federation are handling the bigger picture, and working to change the very foundation of your society. To remove a well established system is not easy, particularly as we plan to do it with as little disruption to your lives as possible. However, the care we have taken to prepare you for the changes is proving successful, and our allies are near to total readiness and go ahead. We admire your patience and hope that is because you understand what is involved in taking you forward.” (7)

“What has taken centuries to bring you to your present position cannot be undone overnight, but with the right moves an entirely new approach can be introduced. …

“Many channels have told you right from the outset what was going to happen, and it only requires a little more patience to see that Humanity is being guided into a new direction.” (8)

Now that lightworkers, like Wikileaks and the many other individuals and organizations that have been revealing the excesses of the dark are beginning to really make their messages heard, we need to remember what the Company of Heaven advises us:

Matthew: “With the massive amount of truth to be revealed, a foremost consideration is to attain a balance between how rapidly startling information can be given and how much psyches can assimilate healthfully.” (9)

SaLuSa: “The bigger truth of how you have been kept back for millennia of time will astound you, and you will gasp at the degree to which your power has been taken away from you.” (10)

“We ask, as we have done before, that you do not play into the hands of the dark Ones by becoming violent. You cannot win the battle that way and only give cause for a powerful response, and a further curtailing of your freedom.” (11)

“Keep calm as you get to hear of the truth behind many tragedies that have occurred in recent times.” (12)

Looking forward from this point, this may prove to be the hardest period of our history to endure. So it will be important to remember what we’ve learned and what our guiding lights have asked of us, as Matthew does here: “We urge you to stay steadfast in the light and be patient.” (13)  Or SaLuSa here:

“The future is assured, and we will gradually have a greater role to play in your lives. We ask you all to be part of the movement for peace, and not engage in violence no matter how much you are incited. Live to your highest ideals and you will not go wrong, and in so doing will show the way for other people.” (14)

The time we trained and prepared for is now. The place we were always meant to be is here. The task at hand is to keep our heads even if all around us are losing theirs.


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