Have 14,000 North Americans Died from Fukushima? Probably Not

Apparently, a lightworker has posted an article drawing on Center for Disease Control statistics speculating that 14,000 people died in North America from radiation poisoning coming from Fukushima. Hatonn, speaking through Suzy Ward, addressed the matter twice last April.

Before I turn to that, however, I hate to say it but I’ll believe the CDC only after I feel assured that they’re not part of the cabal’s pandemic or cover-up machine perpetrated on the public for so long.

I haven’t heard the CDC discuss the impossibility of a flu that starts in birds, passes to swine, and has a human component. It seems to me “experts” would be able to see the unlikelihood of such a combination. Or be able to discover that AIDS was a human creation to reduce the population. Or SARS, avian flu, etc.

Here first of all are some of what the lightworker says:

“People need to know how to protect themselves. Life or death choices here, non expensive solutions. This is bonfide [sic] data. I think you might like to hear this Coast to Coast show, Shocking!!!! And they said there was no effect! Huh! These deaths are continuing, and the radiation from Fukashima is continuous. Don’t be fooled by foolish reassurances from your ‘Leaders.’ Your leaders are the ones who did this to you and still are calling nuke plants with 4,000 TONS of plutonium {formerly} stored on top of them ‘Lovely Green Energy.’ Ya, the green death maybe. This is called population control, you know, like the gas chambers in Nazi Germany? This doesn’t stop at the west coast, either, we are just getting the highest doses.”


I feel bound to say that florid prose like this is not very helpful or becoming from a lightworker. If we are lightworkers, surely two concerns we should have are (1) not to raise fear without ample research and justification and (2) not to substitute this kind of prose for reliable evidence.

Of course some people would say that the testimony of Hatonn is not reliable evidence. That’s a choice for each reader to make. I personally prefer Hatonn’s evidence to that of the CDC.

First here is Hatonn’s response to my inquiry, from April 6, 2011:

“Hatonn here. Hello, Steve! Yes, radiation is worrisome to you, and to us too because of the fear this is creating. Remember, the dark ones are feeding on your fear! We understand that right now the situation to many of you seems too serious to be corrected, but we assure you, it is not! The direst reports coming from the United States are with instruments that aren’t perfected to our standards and are registering higher levels than the actual.

“It doesn’t make sense that the level of radiation that has blown across the ocean is the same level as near the reactors. And yes, we are containing those as much as possible from our ships and also we’re reducing the radiation as much as possible in conjunction with the small crew near the facility. Of course our efforts would be much more effective if the ships’ technology could be used on site, but mercenary troops under dark control are being alerted for readiness ‘for alien attack’ and we can’t risk your safety or the ships’ crews’ by public landings.

“I want to mention the positive effect of this situation that’s especially sad for Japan, and for your entire world. The reign of nuclear power there is over. In the hands of third density minds it always has been dangerous and it has no place whatsoever in higher densities. But it is not our prerogative to shut down your facilities or prevent construction of new ones. It is yours, and only your collective demand for that could make it happen. Replacement energy sources already are there, they’ve just been suppressed because they aren’t money-makers like nuclear and fossil fuels are. You will see those ‘hidden’ technologies starting to emerge, again by your intention.

“Another factor in the fearful projections is that the scientists aren’t aware of our assistance or that when we are able to be on the ground in numbers that our technology can dematerialize the reactors and nuclear waste as well as purify the air, soil and water. Also, it’s not known that Earth is orbiting in frequencies where radioactivity is fractured, and her phenomenal healing abilities aren’t recognized either.

“With the help of our technological assistance, she can restore her health in months rather than the centuries you calculate as ‘half lives’ of radioactive elements. So look forward with positive attitude — don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts, or call them prayers, for Earth to be in full radiance in the near term. A great deal has to be and WILL be accomplished in the time remaining before the end of next year.” (1)

Hatonn also issued a special message via “Matthew’s Messages” on April 26, 2011 in which he offered reassurance again that the situation was under control and would not result in long-term damage. Here that message is:

“Hatonn here to set your minds at ease. I assure you, the situation can and will be safely resolved and there will be NO long-term damage! At the moment, however, it’s a matter of containment. Our scientists are filtering into the minds of workers at the facility and off-site personnel what actions to take to prevent meltdown of the damaged reactors—they would call that filtration process their ‘ideas’ or ‘inspirations.’ Our small crew near the facility in conjunction with off-planet crews are reducing radiation to the extent possible and the technology on the ships is helping to minimize the reactors’ activity.

“There is other widespread lack of knowledge about what is going. Your scientists don’t know that Earth is orbiting in frequencies where radiation is fractured and less potent than registered by your instruments. Naturally they aren’t calibrated to include factors not known there. Furthermore, differences in their precision are causing a range of readings and that’s creating confusion about what the radiation levels really are. The lowest readings are more reliable by our instruments, which do take into account that fracturing I mentioned. Also, most people who know we are around because our small ships often are visible do not know that when our technological gear is on the ground, we can dematerialize the reactors and nuclear waste and purify your polluted air, soil and water. Earth’s own phenomenal healing powers aren’t recognized either, so that isn’t in your scientific projections of the possible outcomes of this nuclear situation.

“This collective unawareness is causing a great deal of fear, and that fear is the only worrisome part to us about this whole matter. Like attracts like, and the negative make-up of the dark ones is attracting the negative energy attachments of your fear. They’re using that to reinforce their strength and determination to keep fighting the light forces that you lightworkers are part of. Do not fall into that fear trap yourselves and dispel fear in others wherever you can!

“Some of you are discouraged or disappointed because we haven’t landed to clean up the nuclear facility for once and for all. Yes, we could do that if we were on the ground, and the dark ones among you know this. They also know that once we land in numbers, all dark activity will come to an abrupt end. That’s why mercenaries and other troops under their control around the planet are on alert for ‘alien attack’ and ready to take heavy retaliatory measures. We can’t risk your safety or our crews by making public landings until that risk is over. We don’t know when that will be because it’s that fear thing again—as long as fear keeps refueling the darkness, that risk will remain.” (2)

As the cabal is non-violently backed into a corner prior to surrendering completely, I think we can expect more and more embellished stories to emerge and everyone who has been part of the cabal circle to be dragooned into issuing statements such as the CDC’s. It’s our job, I believe, in the face of them to remain calm and search out more reliable evidence to reassure those who are easily susceptible to probable ploys like these.


(1) Hatonn in Suzy Ward to Steve Beckow, April 6, 2011.

(2) Matthew’s Message, April 23, 2011 at

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