ETs Intervene at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

This article gives both Suzy Ward’s communications from Matthew and “God” and Hannah Beaconsfield’s communication from the Pleiadian Light.

When Suzy says “God” I think she means the being who is responsible for this universe in which we find ourselves at this moment. She does not mean the “Creator” who is responsible for all universes, all materiality, etc. I believe that Hindus would call the “God” that Suzy refers to “Ishwara.” The difference may also be between God with form and God the formless. But I cannot say with absolute assurance that I am correct in my hunches.

Believe it or not, “God” or “ishwara” does talk with us if we ask to speak to him/her/it and Suzy does channel that Being.

Alleged UFO’s intervention to mitigate the scope of the radiation level from Japan’s damaged nuclear plants

Note from Jean: Suzy Ward sent me a correspondence she had on March 18 with Hannah Beaconsfield in which Suzy wrote:

“Three nights ago I had a call from Gen, the Japanese translator (of Matthew’s books), thanking me for Matthew’s message and asking if he had any more recent information. Matthew said ‘they’ had heard that some ETs would land and help reduce the radiation situation but that information hadn’t been verified.

“The next day was crazy so it was very late when I asked God if he knew what Matthew had told me. He said yes, and he could verify it. A small ship had landed about a mile from the nuclear facility and the crew was using their technological equipment in conjunction with more extensive equipment in ships overhead; no one at the facility would know the crew was on the ground.

“I relayed that to Gen and this morning he [I assume this refers to Matthew, rather than God] wrote: Somehow the radiation leakage from those reactors has been suppressed miraculously under critical level. I believe ETs’ efforts are being manifested. There have also been video reports showing small UFOs flying at the sites.”

The following question from Suzy and answer from the Pleiadians, as channeled by Hannah were also included:

“Suzy’s question: Has a small group of ETs landed in Japan to help?

“We are the Pleiadian Light. We greet you with peace and joy.

“Our perception on the assistance being given by ETs is that it is a multi-level force — a sort of intergalactic Peace Corps. There are several planetary groups contributing.

“Remember, you live in a reflective universe. On your living planet there are many sources of help being sent to Japan: financial help, food and goods for survival, as well as people with specialized training to assist in finding survivors, tending the injured, and those who direct and coordinate all of the above.

“Now, if you translate all that to ET assistance, you can imagine that the different planetary groups are providing a wide variety of help. And this includes some actual visitors to Earth.

“God forbid we should contradict God (we know he has a sense of humor) and we’re not. We just wish to put things in a larger perspective. The on-Earth assistants are acting primarily as grounding agents for the intergalactic energies.

“They are not running around with clipboards, carrying blue prints designed to correct the malfunctions of the nuclear plants. Then again, they might look exactly like that, but their true mission is to ground the alien energy, like lightning rods, to hold it on Earth. This allows ETs to send countermeasures from within their own technologies to alter the situations. The ETs are also downloading information and ideas into receptive Earth minds of those who are working valiantly to save their people and their country.

“We wouldn’t characterize these visitors as a major landing party. There have been many visits like this throughout your history in both creative, as well as, destructive events on Earth. Our sense is that the visitors are Pleiadian and some Sirius individuals dating from the periods in their development that resonate with the next step, the ascension period, in yours. They hold in their cultures the patterns you need to learn to proceed with your growth.

“All is unfolding with more ease and grace than you presently perceive. As fears fade your perceptions will clear and you’ll see more Light. Be at Peace. We are with you.”

NOTE: To find out more about Suzy Ward and how she receives her channeled messages. go at

[What follows is from Jean Hudon]

Related evidence:

Massive UFO activity in Japan prior to Earthquake

It began with a report three weeks ago of a UFO fleet being seen by witnesses as it moved over Japan’s Mount Fuji before the individual craft fanned out across the area. This event was reported in all seriousness by no less than China’s main government news agency, Xinhua (see their article here and our article here). Western Media steadfastly refused to report the event.

The US based “UFO industry” also chose to completely ignore or suppress any information regarding this event, seemingly regarding it as unimportant: This publication was the sole English language news outlet that ran a story on this occurrence.

Shortly after, we covered further sightings in Japan (see articles here and here). There was no doubt about it, UFO activity in Japan was unprecedented and something was happening in the area. For two weeks now our website’s front page headline has stated “Asia awash with UFO and alien events”.

In a subsequent article we asked: “The question now on the minds of many Japanese citizens is, if indeed these craft are of extraterrestrial origin, what do they want from Japan?” Numerous UFO sightings in Japan continue to be made, right up to this moment, and are still being ignored by the West.

We just received a second witness’s footage of the UFO fleet seen a week ago and close-up footage of what appears to be one of the craft originally seen above Mt Fuji. UFOs have now been spotted in the aftermath of the Earthquake, even during media broadcasts (see bottom two videos and take a look at this video from the BBC and note the object seen at around 1:59).

The connection between UFOs and earthquakes has been made by hundreds of researchers. Academics such as professor Michael Persinger of Ontario’s Laurentian University have written about the topic extensively. I myself received dozens of emails from UFO enthusiasts telling me that all of this activity alludes to an upcoming earthquake. Can this really be co-incidence?

As I write, reports are filtering through announcing that one of Indonesia’s major volcanoes has erupted and is spewing lava, forcing locals to evacuate. Indonesia’s first crop circle was reported only weeks ago. The question now being asked by many is: If indeed these UFOs are under benevolent alien control and these beings were aware of the coming disaster why didn’t they warn us?

Perhaps they did, but we weren’t listening. It is time the connection between UFOs and earthquakes is taken seriously. If it is being taken seriously, the public deserves to know.

UFO fleet seen over Japan prior to Earthquake/Tsunami

YouTube Preview Image

Another UFO Seen In Japan Prior To Earthquake And Tsunami (March 11, 2011)

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UFO Sightings Over Mount Fuji, Japan 2011

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