Difficulty of Comparing Lightworkers’ Ways to Darkworkers’

The dark can move faster than the Light

Oftentimes we have difficulty estimating what the Light are doing. They seem to move at a glacial pace at times.  Meanwhile, the dark seems to move very quickly. We often appear to apply criteria appropriate to the dark to the Light and nothing seems to make any sense or yield comforting explanations.

So I just wanted to bring a few factors into the situation to make things a little less confusing. They are:

(1) The Light must follow all levels of law – natural or universal law, global treaties and charters, national law, etc. The dark is not hampered by a need to follow any level of law. They do what they want, just as the mafia or the Ku Klux Klan did. To get their way, they blackmail. mind-control, torture, and assassinate. The Light does not use any of these means to influence events. The Light must gather evidence, prosecute things in councils and courts, and generally proceed at a slower pace and in a more cautious way than the dark so as not to harm.

The most compelling law that the Light must follow, at least until after a “divine deadline” has been reached, is the Law of Free Will. They cannot violate the free will of any individual, as long as the exercise of that free will does not itself violate certain overriding factors.  These include the fact that the free will of a higher entity like the Earth will prevail over the free will of one of Earth’s citizens, the expression of the free will of the collectivity of Earth’s citizens may override the free will of a few darkworkers, etc.

(2) The Light is ministering to the whole of Earth’s population while the dark are merely serving themselves. Given that the Light must do things that apply to all terrestrials, they have to move more cautiously, deliberately, and slowly. Citigroup, for instance, once wrote a letter to its rich clientele and said that they served the elite or plutocracy. (1) Therefore their agenda was exclusivist and could proceed with some dispatch. But NESARA, to continue the example, serves the whole planet and therefore must take into consideration the welfare of diverse nations, diversely educated, industrialized, religious and other groups, and so on.

(3) The Light is working towards an outcome that must be constructive and last for ages. The dark could destroy the planet and that would be a satisfactory outcome for some of its leaders. The Light works for Ascension and, not simply Ascension,. but the Ascension of the greatest number of people with the least amount of inconvenience.  The dark could work for a nuclear World War III and plan to leave the planet altogether and these results would be seen as successful outcomes from their twisted perspective.

So these are examples of ways in which the manner of progression and desired outcomes differ for dark and Light that explain why the Light moves more slowly than the dark and operates more cautiously.  In my opinion, we need to take these factors into consideration, when feeling impatient and wondering why things are taking so long.


(1) “Citigroup’s Plutocratic Vision for America,” at

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