Three Choices

I’m saddened by some of the things I’m seeing around me and I feel the need to share about it.

I recall that, when I and three friends began a discussion group several years ago, I was filled with hope.

That group was going to be a training ground for those destined to be leaders in the New Age fast approaching. It would be a “safe and sacred” space in which people could speak their truth and emerge from their cocoon of suppression, hesitancy, and ambivalence.

And we did. Some spoke their truth so compellingly that we all sizzled. And we did emerge. And we found our strength.

Other discussion groups have since sprung up and I’ve said to myself that lightworkers were coming together and we’d take the torch and stand as a beacon to the newly-awakening. We’d heard the message that Disclosure, Accountability, Abundance, and Ascension were coming and we were shouldering our tools and beginning the work required to lay the foundation and erect the structure.

But I have to say that in terms of us forming a cohesive whole, reflecting the very unity that would so typify life in the Fifth Dimension of the future, we seem to have yielded to fractiousness and doubt.

I used to be fond of watching one of my all-time favorite movies, The Ten Commandments, several times a year. In that highly-didactic movie, the audience is shown three choices: the choice of Moses, the choice of Aaron, and the choice of Dathan.

The choice of Moses was to follow the word of the Lord. The choice of Aaron was to follow the word of the strongest voice of the moment. And the choice of Dathan was to follow the voice of his own self-interest.

The film’s makers then spun the tale of what happened to each. I remember watching the scene over and over again where Moses came down from the mountain and had the Light of God in his eyes. I cried like a baby. I wanted to see the Light of God as well.

And I remember cringing when Aaron abandoned the cause of the Lord in the face of Dathan’s rebellion. Aaron fashioned the Golden Calf though he knew he was turning away from the Lord because he thought Moses was dead and did not have the courage to stand on his own two feet.

Dathan played everyone off against everyone else to win power for himself and follow any course of action that promised him wealth and all that went with it.

We too here face a choice. We’ve been told on a regular basis by spirits like Matthew Ward and Saul and galactics like Hatonn, SaLuSa, the Arcturian Group, and others that Disclosure, Abundance and Ascension are coming. We’ve heard them explain to us what’s happening around us – from the Haitian earthquake to the Japanese tsunami to the recent Phoenix sandstorm. We’ve listened to them explain what the factors are that govern Disclosure, why they cannot simply sweep the Illuminati off the board, and many other matters. We know they cannot tell us all because that would tip off their adversaries. But they tell us as much as they can.

They told us their spiritual philosophies and these accord with the spiritual philosophies of the wisest among us on Earth. They’ve explained the natural law to us and their explanations make many matters comprehensible. Yet no matter how much they tell us, we reject the choice of Moses and take up either the choice of Aaron or the choice of Dathan.

For a time I troubled myself. I listened to my various doubts: You listen to spirits? Have you ever seen a galactic? How many times have your sources said Disclosure was near and yet it never happened? How are you going to feel if none of this comes off? Where will you hide then? Your reputation will be shot and no one will want to even speak to you.

Since I was seventeen I’ve resolved to test out the lines from the Sermon on the Mount that said to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and worry not about what ye shall eat and wear.

I’ve spent my whole life seeking the Kingdom of God and I don’t intend now to waver from the path I chose. I made the choice of Moses and I don’t choose to abandon it for the choice of Aaron or the choice of Dathan. It only remains to find out what that choice dictates. If it dictates going to the left, I’ll go to the left; to the right, I’ll go to the right.

In the end, all boils down to the choice we want to make. I’m convinced that the 2012 scenario that we’ve heard described by a range of celestials, ascended masters, enlightened galactics, and lightworkers is a true scenario. I intend to follow it to the end.

Doubts arise in my mind and when they do I intend to put them behind me.

Do I do that because I know all the answers? No, I do that in the absence of knowing all the answers. I will never know all the answers, but I’ll always have to choose.

I don’t wish to make the choice of Aaron or Dathan. I and my house, as Joshua said, will serve the Lord, whether I’m ridiculed for it or debunked, chastised or ostracized. I accept the 2012 scenario as the Divine Plan for this age and I accept the sources that I’ve determined for myself to be credible in my eyes as the guides I’ll follow.

I choose to be unwavering in spite of not having all the answers. I choose to be unwavering though things don’t work out the way I expect them to. I choose to be unwavering because I choose to be unwavering. My choice is my strength and the ground I stand on.

So goodbye to being right, looking good, and having all the answers. Goodbye to listening to the detractors and the faint of heart. I listen to my own Inner Voice and that Voice tells me to go onward and not waver.

I’m no longer waiting for companions on the journey. I’ll walk the road even if I’m the only one on it. I’ve made my decision. I need no agreement or affirmation, other than that from within myself.


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