Letter of Reference for the Galactics: To Whom It May Concern

If the galactics wanted a letter of reference, I’d supply it.

This is what I’d say:

To Whom It May Concern:

I’ve listened to the galactics’ message, conveyed through channeled means, the same way that messages have been conveyed from the afterlife for centuries.

I’ve pondered what they’ve said and like what I’ve heard.

I hear their greetings from civilizations that originally seeded Earth, civilizations from the Pleiades, Lyra, Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus. I listen to them describe their own cultures, their service to the one God of all, their reasons for being here.

I see how the information from them correlates with information from Earthly cultures like the Mayans, the Egyptians, and North American native traditions. I see how it correlates with evidence found in sites like the Wingmaker caves, artifacts from the Moon and Mars. I watch their ships in the atmosphere and reflect on their intentions as demonstrated by their behavior.

I compare their accounts of the purpose of life, spiritual evolution, and the dimensions of space and correlate it with the evidence of Earth’s own enlightened sages and communications from the spirit side of life.

All seems consistent and I’m reassured by what I hear.

And so I listen to their analyses of the problems facing Earth, the needs of the moment, how our own company of saints and sages summoned them, and the reasons why.

I listen to their analyses of events occurring around our world, from severe weather to political occurrences to financial turmoil and unrest in various countries. Everything seems to fit. The pieces of the puzzle form a coherent whole.

On the basis of it I accept their statements of what we can expect from them and life.

They tell us that they’re here to free the Earth from the dead hand of a global elite that was planning to reduce Earth’s population from 7 billion to 500 million. They describe who the members of this elite are, how they operate, and how extensive is their power and control over Earth’s population.

They describe that elite’s dark projects from chemtrails to pandemics to weather control to perpetual war. They explain how they, their Earth allies and this planet’s own spiritual hierarchy have foiled these plans and what they plan to do for Earth once this cabal has been persuaded to let go its grip.

They describe a planetary abundance that is within their power to bestow and that is in place, administered by Earth’s own spiritual councils. The same ascended masters who summoned them to Earth confirm their accounts and say that they direct the galactics.

Our space family tells us how they’ll cleanse the Earth of pollution and help the Earth free itself of the negativity from millennia of genocide, crimes against humanity, torture, and persecution.

They explain how they’ll revolutionize health care, production processes, planetary transportation, and our lifestyles so that we’ll be freed from toil and never want again, something that’s been possible for some time now but denied us by the elite.

They tell us how our own ascended masters, like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and other wise figures, will return and join them to usher in a global transformation.

They tell us how they’ve done these services for other civilizations at God’s behest and explain the universal laws and how they follow them. Their clinching argument is that, if they intended Earth any harm, they could have acted it out at any time during the millions of years they’ve been visiting Earth. Instead they’re responsible for every leap forward in human evolution.

I fit all the pieces of the puzzle together until it forms a picture and I look at that. And I’m inclined to accept their version and believe them.  I prefer their account to that of their detractors. I’m willing to bet my money on them.

After reflection on and consideration of the evidence, I welcome the galactics to Earth. I look forward to working with them. I look forward to being among the first to step aboard their spacecraft and go with them to visit their home planets or anywhere else they’ll take me. I look forward to becoming not merely a sovereign citizen of Planet Earth but also a galactic citizen.

I’m quite excited about the prospects facing Earth. I’d like nothing better than to watch the main events begin.

If they asked me for a letter of reference, this is what I’d say to us and them.


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