Confusion Twice Compounded

(With apologies to Shakespeare.)

A number of you have written in or posted to the discussion groups expressing a range of emotions from shock to disappointment at the variety of messages that we’re receiving on the issue of Disclosure.

I want to acknowledge your confusion and say that I share it and, unfortunately, am not somehow in touch with whoever makes the decisions on behalf of the star nations. So I cannot easily dispel it for you or for myself.

I was planning to ask to interview Sanat Kumara (planetary logos) next week on An Hour with an Angel, but maybe it would be better instead to interview Sananda (who steers the Galactic Federation) or Ashtar (who heads up the Ashtar Command). My intention would be to find the key person who could tell us what is going on with Disclosure. But then … there would be only so much they could say anyways.

Others of you have written, disheartened, and said that they don’t believe I’m speaking to Archangel Michael, they don’t trust Linda’s channelings, etc., so I might simply be adding one more voice or layer to the confusion. So it isn’t clear what the best course of action is to take, under the circumstances.

For now perhaps the best contribution I can make (or we here can make) is simply to show the range of opinion on the matter as a means of highlighting how confusion arises. Let’s look at some of the opinions expressed on the Disclosure matter, “pro” and “con.”

I asked Archangel Michael whether President Obama would disclose and he said that “he will not announce Disclosure directly, but there will be many veiled references” in the State of the Union address. (1)

I cannot say I saw a great number of veiled references but that could just be me. I’d have to ask AAM to illustrate what he was referring to and I won’t be speaking to him again for two weeks.

He added that the American elections are one factor that is being used to draw attention away from Disclosure:`

“Well, one of the things that is holding it up is this three-ring circus you call American elections. And we do not make a joke of this, for it is the truth. What happens is so often that people become leery of appearing to be a renegade or on the edge where they can be criticized. Now, we do not suggest in any way that the United States of America is the only nation, for there are many nations involved in this, as you well know.” (2)k

People have written to me saying this is another example of the Company of Light blaming us for postponements, but AAM was pretty specific in saying he and the others of the Company of Heaven do not do this.

He went on to say:

“The subtle announcements have already begun, and that is why you are to look for those subtle announcements tomorrow. But also look for it in the international news as well, for the references are already beginning to fly. And your brothers and sisters of the stars, yes, they have agreed always never to come while there is a cover of fear. But that fear is rapidly dissipating. People of all walks [of life] and belief systems believe in their brothers and sisters of the stars. It is simple fact. It is not something that I am inventing for a radio show. It is just what they believe.

“So the only question that truly remains is the introduction. Now, they may well end up, as we have suggested, introducing themselves very soon, if this does not become a part and parcel of a united front of various political agendas, in many countries, not simply North America – Canada, the United States, Mexico. So, you may look for Disclosure. It is already underway.” (3)

So Archangel Michael is one voice saying that Disclosure “is already underway” and due to happen “very soon.”

The Galactic Federation through Greg Giles also said, on Christmas Day, that the galactics were ready to disclose.

“We are prepared to go public with our announcements very shortly, and countless of your people who have never even pondered the question of intelligent life in space will now learn this answer.” (4)

On Jan. 8, 2012, the GF through Greg not only said that they were going to begin formal announcements but that they will do so through our electronic media. They even suggested that we stock up on necessaries in case there was a short disruption in services.

“We, the Galactic Federation, have been communicating with you through our channels for quite some time now, and it is necessary to begin making formal announcements of our presence in your skies as a window of opportunity has been opened and we wish to take full advantage of this.

“These announcements will be sent through your electronic media such as television, radio, and Internet. Please be advised that we expect a number of disturbances to your society, some at the hands of the dark, and some due to fear that is likely to spread upon our introduction.

“You have been informed to begin preparing for this inevitability and the time for you to be fully prepared is upon you. Stock your homes now with enough food and supplies to last a number of days or even weeks as it is foreseen that services you have become so accustomed may be temporarily down. Electricity, gas, phone, and food stores are just a sampling of the services our monitoring personnel conclude will be affected. We will immediately begin the stages of operations to restore all necessary services throughout your societies. We have highly trained personnel on standby prepared to fulfill the tasks they have been assigned.

“We ask all of you to remain calm and composed and to look after one another during this, one of your most trying periods in your planet’s history. Our readings indicate a strong likelihood that many of your world will experience some levels of fear and others may even succumb to shock at the discovery that they are not only not alone in the universe, but that some of these other civilizations are here knocking on your front door.

“We come in peace, and are only here to assist you bring about the necessary changes to allow your planet and people to experience your Creator given right to ascend into the higher realms of experience. We wish for nothing more than to assist you in these tasks and to also reunite with you, our family from long ago.” (5)

Sounds pretty clear and unequivocal to me.  But then like with all other predictions that have been made to date, nothing occurred in any reasonable time frame.

SaLuSa has also been fairly encouraging, a little less so than the GF through Greg. He told us on Jan. 25, 2012, that “we are about to commence the most important part of our mission, and you likewise yours.” (6)

He revealed that “like you we wait expectantly, knowing that there will be a breakthrough resulting in the first positive news about the pending changes. The timing is not certain, but we see no reason why it should not go ahead as anticipated.” (7)

He recognized how discouraged some people feel.

“We cannot say more as we know how despondent some of you get when events do not materialize as you expect. It would otherwise please us to satisfy you by being more precise, but by now you should understand our reluctance to do so.” (8)

On Jan. 18, 2012, he acknowledged that “there are people pressing for disclosure.” (9) And he encouraged us to “trust in us and God that events are going to proceed as promised, and do not worry as to the timing as it will occur in a way that is exactly correct for the desired outcome.” (10)

On Jan. 16, 2012, he explained in more detail what was occurring and how the galactics feel.

“Fortunately, so many of you have now seen our craft in your skies, and have the intelligence to realize that the majority are the vehicles that we use. You have a number of first-hand accounts of contact where the craft have landed on Earth, and evidence of meetings with your Governments. The cover up is to prevent questions being asked, and to avoid the embarrassment arising from having to admit that we have often offered to bring peace to Earth, and it has been refused.

“However, we push ahead with disclosure as until we can be officially recognized and accepted, we cannot carry out mass landings but we will take part in flyovers. What you have to understand is that we must not appear to force ourselves upon you, and contact has to be in response to your appeal and permission before we can do so. If we ignored that condition, we would be unduly influencing you when you must create your own soul’s journey.

“Obviously when we can meet you openly, there will still be people who would rather we had not arrived, but we are allowed to respond when the majority are in favor of it. The priority is to deal with the lack and the need to quickly prepare you for your move into the future, by providing all those advantages through new discoveries that have so far been hidden from you.” (11)

Wanderer of the Skies has also been upbeat about disclosure if pessimistic about the governments doing the disclosing. He said on Jan. 12, 2012:

“What must come to pass is presently being discussed at the highest levels of your world governments, behind closed doors and through emissaries to the various other governments around the world. As time draws closer to the inevitable, your leaders are aware that they cannot stop the tide of Disclosure sweeping over your planet.

“They know that they will either be swept away by this tide or they must decide to take the reins and make Disclosure their own. Their ability to waffle on this topic amazes even us as we see them fight among themselves for a common ground. Once reached, someone inevitably backs off and the process starts all over again. We wait in the background for what must be done, if not done so by your own people.” (12)

And then came Adamu’s explanations of Disclosure today and the mud hit the fan. Adamu was even more pessimistic than Wanderer on the subject of our leaders disclosing. He began by saying it was unlikely that our governments would ever back down and explained why:

“And so finally. When will disclosure occur? Let me say that it is vanishingly unlikely that your world governments will disclose. At root, the ones that wield the power are completely STS. And to tell the truth about their knowledge of and engagement with extraterrestrial intelligence is tantamount to admitting to all kinds of atrocities committed against humanity and a long-running game of lies and deception. And then, for their efforts, they would immediately lose all the power they so desperately crave as you realise what has really been going on.

“If they disclose all, you will abandon all their games of like money, politics and organised religion. You will give up on hatred of each other. You will ignore national, racial, social and religious boundaries. You will see each other for what you really are: one family of beings that is an integral part of a much greater universal family. They will lose everything they have worked so hard for and get nothing in return. So they simply won’t do this. …

“So the government will not come clean. ” (13)

He makes the surprising statement that the service-to-self and service-to-others groups played a game with each other to force each other’s hands or force our awakening.

“Many of the events you know about where you were promised disclosure or where you were promised a great showing of ships were really a game that was being played out between the STO and STS to either force their hand or to bring your consciousness forward towards your own awakening.” (14)

Perhaps Adamu would have raised less controversy if he had said “strategy” instead of “game.” Some readers heard it as if the galactics were toying with us and I don’t think that’s what Adamu meant to say.

He tells us that only by our awakening will disclosure happen. It will not happen by us waiting for a government representative to appear on television.

“Your awakening is the only way true disclosure will happen. No worthy and wise government representative will appear on your television screen to tell you the truth. They have squandered all such opportunities. Indeed, as the age transitions, you will be able to disclose to yourself what you know to be true.” (15)

By the “transition,” I presume he means Ascension. He says that after Ascension, we will know the truth, interact with the galactics, and so on.

“The transition will happen and you will choose. And then timelines will diverge. And then you will see what you know to be true. You will find yourself inhabiting a reality in which there is no question but that there are races from other places in the universe who are able to interact with you. The quality of those engagements will depend on you and how you choose. What you awaken to, depends on what you are telling yourself about yourself now while you dream.” (16)

Adamu’s words have been interpreted by many to mean that Disclosure will not happen until after Ascension and a huge collective groan went up, if I may be a mite dramatic about it, judging from the spike in my email.

I’m not sure that’s what Adamu meant. I’ve asked Zingdad to get a further comment and hopefully he will. It seems to me that Adamu is really saying that, if we leave Disclosure up to our governments, it won’t happen. If we wake up and force the issue, it will.

But whether it does before Ascension or not, Adamu says we’ll have the full benefits of galactic contact after Ascension.  Well, we knew that but his words on Disclosure itself caused quite a stir.

Archangel Michael made an equally-controversial statement to Adamu’s “game” comment, when he said that dates were sometimes given to energize and catalyze us.

“Now, when we also give a date we are doing so to energize, to catalyze our human partners as well. So we are not just catalyzing and moving forward the energy of the Company of Heaven, but the Company of Earth as well. And particularly of the light-holders and light-worker community.

“Because when that vision, united above and below, is held firmly, then the energy of creation, of bringing something forward, of magnification or what you would think of sometimes as the law of attraction, it makes it move in time and space in your realm as well as ours, to come to be at that time, or within a short distance of that date and time.” (17)

Raw as some of us are, we heard this too as an expression of disingenuousness.

He too acknowledges our disappointment at the apparent lack of results around Disclosure so far.

“When it does not come to pass, what we witness is disappointment and the feeling of many being disheartened, and in some cases feeling that they have been lied to, cheated or duped, betrayed.” (18)

He tells us that the Company of Light does not lie. The lag in time does not mean the events will not occur.

“We know that this may be difficult for you to understand: we do not lie. We do not wish ever to give false hope. We are not capable, it is not within our realm of possibility, to create falsehood. So when we say in human terms that we fully anticipate something to occur, it is because everything is lined up and ready to go. Now, when there is incompletion or interference, and at this stage of the unfoldment of the game, the interference or the stagnation, the lag in time, mostly occurs on events, human events, but sometimes inter-galactic events, but mostly human events that are occurring upon the planet of Earth. That does not mean that these events will not come to pass.” (19)

He adds that “I hear the collective murmur, I hear the messages of disappointed hearts.” He addresses the question of what appears to be errors on the part of the Company of Light:

“The question is, ‘How can you be wrong? How can you not know?’ We know within the framework, the divine framework, and, yes, even the human timetable, because we are at the shortened end, shall we say, of that timetable. Not that we wish to work according to the calendar; we don’t. But we do know that within that timeframe that certain things will come to pass. And we do know that as human beings it excites and generates movement and activity on levels that you can’t even begin to comprehend. And I say that not as an out.

“When you hold intention, excitement, expectation, when you plan on an event, the energy you generate changes the energy of the entire planet. You underestimate your power, the role that you are playing, significantly. And so when we say, “Do this, and on February 21, 2012, X will happen,” we are doing so because we know and believe that everything is a ‘go’ for that time. Now, we will not use these hard and fast dates out of consideration for your broken hearts. But we do reassure you, we tell you.” (20)

He finishes by reassuring us that many events have happened but have been hushed up or denied.

“Let us talk about some of these.

“There have been many witnesses to massive flyovers by your brothers and sisters above. Are they hushed up? Yes. Are they hidden? Yes. Have there been massive changes in the, hmm, armament structures of your planet? Yes. Have they been hushed up and quieted? Yes. Have there been so many back-room discussions about how to go about disclosure, or how to re-establish the financial systems? Of course there are. You are privy to these. So while we would ask you to, please, do not doubt us, we also ask, do not doubt yourself.” (21)

And he closes by telling us that what was predicted must come to pass.

“when we talk about predictions, think of it this way. If you do everything and we do everything, then that is what is going to come about, because that is part of the Divine Plan. But the Divine Plan will not be thrown out because on a certain day an event did not come to pass. That will not be tolerated or permitted. No, it is not that the Divine Plan in any way – as we have said, you are partners to this – so it is not a sword of Damocles hanging over you. But it is a Plan that has been formulated and participated in for the highest enlightenment of the collective not just of Earth, but far beyond. So that will not go away.

“So what we have to pray for is that your faith does not go away and that your true knowing – because that is why you are so stalwart. You know within your heart – not that I tell you or Sanat Kumara tells you that this or that will happen – it is because you know in every fiber of your being what is transpiring and what is truth and right. That is why it rings within you, and that is why you are so disappointed when dates come and go.” (22)

So there we have the gamut of opinion and what is for us the source of much confusion at the moment. I understand how distraught some people are and I sympathize with it. I’m weary of trying to estimate what the best predicted dates may be. I was weary of it in 2009 and I’m more weary in 2012.

I personally have joined Linda, whose reluctance to be used to voice predictions Archangel Michael has remarked on several times,  and am not pursuing the prediction game further myself. But I cannot see how the site can avoid posting messages that have predictions in them when they do.

I claim no special insight into what may or may not be happening, when things will occur, etc. I only post messages with predictions because I need to let the sources speak for themselves, just as I need to allow Ben Fulford his fulminations against President Obama. Just because I post Ben doesn’t mean I agree with everything he says either. But I also don’t want to post redacted documents (with all kinds of blacked-out portions in them. Not my line of work).

People will have to decide for themselves whether they want to follow predictions, look for Disclosure, or simply forge ahead with their preparations for Ascension and let the rest develop as it does.

It’s not a pleasant or satisfying situation. And hopefully it will end sooner rather than later. We’ll continue to track events, but we haven’t much comfort to offer those who find themselves frustrated and disappointed except to say that we share those feelings ourselves.


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