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A Spaceship is a Spaceship is a Spaceship

This photo is presumed to be of a spaceship

It’s time to stop dancing around the subject. I personally cannot keep the charade up a moment longer.

Until now, we’ve conducted our studies as if there is a class of flying objects which are unidentified. The majority of these objects is said to be simply marsh gas, flares, balloons, clouds, airplanes while a very small percentage of them are said to be “UFOs” or “unidentified flying objects.”

However, this subterfuge has been accepted because the defense community – that is, the military-industrial complex of military forces and defense contractors – has been known to ridicule and, in some cases, assassinate people who come out too boldly and assert that what we are talking about is in fact spacecraft or spaceships, manned by galactic humans and other extraterrestrial beings, with a very small percentage of cases actually being marsh gas, balloons, etc.

A very large community of citizens of Earth know that, in fact, we are indeed talking about spacecraft or spaceships manned by extraterrestrial beings and are just too frightened to say it.

I’m not too frightened to say it.

The subject of this graphic is presumed to be a spaceship

While I cannot change the way other people refer to them, and will continue to use the term “UFO” when embedded in someone else’s description, it will now be my own practice to refer to them as “spaceships” and “spacecraft” to differentiate what has previously been known as a “UFO” from marsh gas, balloons, etc. In other words, I’m retiring the use of the term “UFO” in my own articles.

I declare that enough proof of the existence of spacecraft or spaceships manned by extraterrestrial beings has been amassed to move beyond the need to refer to them as UFOs and begin to refer to them as what they undoubtedly are.

No, this does not mean that I’ll be calling a “spaceship” something that is not. And it doesn’t mean I’ll be ignoring terrestrial spaceships like the TR-3B of Solar Warden, the secret space fleet.

It does mean, however, that, from now on, I’ll presume that, when all signs point to something being a spaceship, that it is in fact a spaceship until proven otherwise.

So this will be an alteration in linguistic practice on this site and let the chips fall where they may.

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  1. IF, one is to Google, ‘ solar obliteration ‘, they will find a very unique & genuine way of seeing many, Many so-called ufo! In fact, I’ve identified over 9 different types of space ships, of extraterrestrial design so far!

    They range from 5 & 6 sided ‘flying saucer types’, to black rectangles with white centers, to white ovals, to white orbs, to long cylinders, etc. The thing is, “is that they are of an etheric origin”!! (And we wouldn’t be, “the ONLY Ones here, had we been taught this in kindergarten”, as NASA has known of this technique, since the early 1950’s!)

    As when one ”blocks the suns disk, & stops down the iris (to protect your eyesight & camera.)”, then zooms in passed the suns disk into the corona, when the object leave this area, it usually disappears, into the empty sky. Thereby, “leaving your perception of this reality”.

    Which then you may realize, that you are ”looking into another dimension”! As when they leave, they’re moving back, into the etheric, which is the dimension we go through, BEFORE we incarnate ‘here’…. (With a click of the scroll wheel & you can find out even more!)