Obama is My Choice to Disclose

Douglas: "Without Obama, there would be blood in the streets"

Just as I listen to channeled messages of galactics, I also listen to channeled messages of terrestrial spirits. Here is one from the “late” Hon. T.C. Douglas, one-time leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party, one of the few in which we learn something of President Obama’s position on disclosure. Tommy Douglas says:

“If it were not for the new administration in the US , that country would have fallen into complete disaster, ruination. There would have been bloodshed in the streets; the worst case scenario that you

Douglas: "Obama bursting to disclose"

could imagine. …

“Great and wondrous occurrences are part of the daily workings in the White House. The president is guided in every step that he takes by those put there specifically for that purpose. He bursts with the longing to be the one to introduce full disclosure and to introduce cosmic brethren to humanity. He is walking a fine line.” (1)

This message came at a time when Matthew and SaLuSa were not posting. They’re my usual sources on what is happening with the President. It was most welcome and, in the reassurance it provided that President Obama was aware of disclosure issues and wanted to disclose, it certainly persuaded me to speak out.

The dark forces in the United States still have the power to dictate what the media will and won’t say, as far as I’m aware. And they and their allies in religion, politics, and elsewhere, have unendingly criticized President Obama. That criticism is, in my view, unwarranted and I wish the people of the United States would stand up and express their unwillingness to tolerate it.

But barring that, I, a fiercely-proud Canadian, will provide that service. As a citizen of the world and an avid and unflinching admirer of Barack Obama, I ask the world to allow him to make disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence.

I call upon the Earth allies (you know who you are) to prevail on the governments of the world to give way to President Obama’s claim to be the one to make the historic announcement.

President Obama, please step up to the plate at the earliest opportunity and open the curtain on the new era, in which the people of Earth take their place among the people of the universe as a proud human civilization and a budding galactic world.


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