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Obama is My Choice to Disclose

Douglas: "Without Obama, there would be blood in the streets"

Just as I listen to channeled messages of galactics, I also listen to channeled messages of terrestrial spirits. Here is one from the “late” Hon. T.C. Douglas, one-time leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party, one of the few in which we learn something of President Obama’s position on disclosure. Tommy Douglas says:

“If it were not for the new administration in the US , that country would have fallen into complete disaster, ruination. There would have been bloodshed in the streets; the worst case scenario that you

Douglas: "Obama bursting to disclose"

could imagine. …

“Great and wondrous occurrences are part of the daily workings in the White House. The president is guided in every step that he takes by those put there specifically for that purpose. He bursts with the longing to be the one to introduce full disclosure and to introduce cosmic brethren to humanity. He is walking a fine line.” (1)

This message came at a time when Matthew and SaLuSa were not posting. They’re my usual sources on what is happening with the President. It was most welcome and, in the reassurance it provided that President Obama was aware of disclosure issues and wanted to disclose, it certainly persuaded me to speak out.

The dark forces in the United States still have the power to dictate what the media will and won’t say, as far as I’m aware. And they and their allies in religion, politics, and elsewhere, have unendingly criticized President Obama. That criticism is, in my view, unwarranted and I wish the people of the United States would stand up and express their unwillingness to tolerate it.

But barring that, I, a fiercely-proud Canadian, will provide that service. As a citizen of the world and an avid and unflinching admirer of Barack Obama, I ask the world to allow him to make disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence.

I call upon the Earth allies (you know who you are) to prevail on the governments of the world to give way to President Obama’s claim to be the one to make the historic announcement.

President Obama, please step up to the plate at the earliest opportunity and open the curtain on the new era, in which the people of Earth take their place among the people of the universe as a proud human civilization and a budding galactic world.


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  1. As a fellow Canadian, Steve, my heart goes out to Mr. Obama as he’s been treated quite unfairly by many. (But then, if we didn’t have politicians…who would we “pick” on? HAHAH – sorry, (joke)…
    My ‘Spiritual Guide’ says: “That won’t last, (bad times never do – they’re there to give a lesson). However, as more people realize that ALL individuals on earth & elsewhere are brothers and sisters (and I mean literally/genetically) then that means countries will eventually begin to THINK of UNITY instead of DIVISIVENESS. Disclosure Issues may just be the impetus…depending exactly on what is is).
    Yes, he’s ‘walking a fine line’ (we all are) – and I think he’s being truly tested…so, let’s support him and send good vibes!
    Nothing is ever as “bad” as we THINK it is!

  2. I am for President Obama. He knows this and so does Hatonn. I am telepathic with my mentor Hatonn. I know that Hatonn is my mentor. I see his ship here in Yelm at night when it isn’t overcast. I talk with him and he answers by going back and forth, up and down and then twinkles at me. I have many witnesses to this fact.

    I am 84 yrs young, still singing with shows and have all my faculties. I know from whence I speak, even tho some might call me “Looney Tunes.” I really don’t care and I know that the Galactic Federation is real and are protecting President Obama and his family. My husband and I are praying for him too. He deserves a vote of thanks from everyone here in the world.

    I remember in an assembly in the Mormon Church Tabernacle the Prophet of that church said,”Do not be surprised if one day you will have a Black President.” This thrilled me no end, because I have all my life considered Blacks, Browns, Yellow and red races all one in spirit.

    After all we are all spirits from Creator in human bodies here on this planet chosen to come here to learn. Most to my chagrin do not even know what learning or keeping in the light really means. I am sending emails out and forwarding the messages from Galactics to everyone I know and some I don’t even know. If they are in my address book for some reason or other they get a message from the Galactics.

    I personally know a man, a walk-in from the Pleiades. I may be one myself who knows. I have had my DNA activated 40 strands and I am a very keen intuitive. I sense the wrong and the right. I sincerely hope you read my comments because if you do I would love to share something very special with you that I don’t tell anyone about. If you would like to call me, 360-458-3792. I share this with Mother Sekhmet and she sent me a reply, very special. Thank you for reading and May God forever bless you. Love and hugs, Lori

    • Hi Lori,

      I loved your comment. I am Australian and a supporter of President Obama. I hope it is he who makes the disclosure announcement – I’m sure he will be and I hope it’s soon!

      I see your light.


    • I was thrilled to hear your message. God bless you for your 84 years young and sweet open mind.

      My mother passed away on October 1st just after her 93rd birthday on September 3rd. How I had hoped to open her mind to all that you so willing share about. It never happened.

      About 10 years ago, I remember having my mother read from a “channeled” book while I drove her to visit her sister. The chapter she was reading from described a persons death journey and then return to earth after a near death experience.

      After my mother read a most beautiful description of heaven, I remember her putting the book down and saying “oh my, if only this was true”. I was deeply saddened to learn that my mother, who had been active in her Mormon faith all her life, didn’t have a testimony of or belief in the afterlife.

      I left the Mormon church many years ago so I could just be a member of the human race and not a member of someone elses “organized” interpretation of God.

      I would be most welcome of any emails you wish to send me.

      Bless you Lori,

      Richard Smith

  3. Steve,
    I just found your site this week and find it awesome. You have done a tremendous job in putting it together. I have a lot of reading to do to get informed even though I have read some of it in other sites. I love your site. Just a question for you. Do you think ET full disclosure with decloackings will be this year? NAMASTE Vilma

    • I have no way of knowing besides what the galactics and Matthew Ward say, Vilma. And they have been non-committal. I don’t see how it can be postponed much longer though.

      Welcome. I remember you from Share11.


  4. hello, so nice to be here. Thank you for your wisdom and extensive information.

  5. I have always felt the incredible “potential” of Barack Obama. My greatest fear for him and his family is that he, like so many other “blessed” leaders, will be crushed by his fear for his and his families safety.

    His journey would be much easier for him if he didn’t have the burden of wanting to protect his wife and their beautiful daughters. I pray that he finds the protection that I believe has been promised to him but more importantly that he find solace in the truth that this is a temporary state of being and that he, like the rest of us, have always and will always live on in our natural state as spiritual entities beget by love.

    Regardless of what happens to him now, he has blessed all of us and the earth and whatever happens to him now will simply reflect the level of mankinds current spiritual awakening.

    As a naturally born citizen of the human race on planet earth, I invite the Galactic Federation into my life and my world and ask them to help us awaken to our full earthly spiritual capacity and ask them to protect Obama, his family, and all those who are standing up to be counted and who are willing to demand our rightful inheritance by disabling those who have enslaved us against our will.

    • To reassure you, Richard:

      “The folks you call ‘pundits’ speculate whether voters will give Obama a second term in office. We sing his praises for staying the course day after day! He has to deal with some of the very ones who threaten his life and his family’s, yet his intention to keep working for a peaceful world without poverty anywhere remains firm. You know that he and his family are protected by the Christed light grid around them, but Obama doesn’t know that. You know that he is a major part of the Golden Age master plan, but he doesn’t know that either.” (Hatonn in Matthew’s Message, Oct. 10, 2010.)

      “Obama now knows we have him covered and he can proceed without fear for his family’s safety and his own. Media report what they are told, of course, but the truth is, now that he knows Earth’s ascension timetable, he’s negotiating with powers that be either personally or via safe communication channels to shut down Illuminati strongholds in his country, Europe and the Orient.” (Hatonn to Steve Beckow through Suzy Ward, Oct. 15, 2009.)



  6. Steve, can you tell me your understanding on who the ‘Earth Allies’ are? All we Lightworkers are, to my mind, Earth Allies, so are they ET’s in human guise?

    • The phrase “Earth allies” covers a large number of people, CarolAnne. Some of them may be ETs in human guise. Others are not. The galactics and spiritual hierarchy will not identify them for safety reasons. Ellie Miser is an Earth ally and knows her identity as a Pleiadian.

      You and I both could be considered Earth allies. In my case, I recently learned from my twin flame that I’m an Arcturian. But I have no sense that that’s the case whereas Ellie does. I can only take my twin’s word for it.

      So that difference between Ellie and I, for example, illustrates the range of knowledge in Earth allies of their mission, derivation, etc.

      All lightworkers are Earth allies. Many lightworkers go up to the ships in their sleep and have discussions with the galactics which they usually don’t remember when they awaken. Obviously the people we think of when we use the term “Earth allies” are the people who will head up governments, command the military, etc., but you and I and most people on this site, as well as David Wilcock, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Lisa Renee, etc., are also part of that group, whether some of us suspect it or not.

      We’ll know more about the higher-profile Earth allies when the threat from the Illuminati is eliminated.

      Here are some references to the Earth allies, which show how far the off-planet people will go in discussing the subject. I think I’ll also repost an article on the subject because the discussion may be of interest to others.

      “We talk of the importance of our allies and you ask who are they, but we are not at liberty to give names.” (Diane of Sirius, Nov. 10, 2008.)

      “The problems on Earth are creating chaos, and will continue to do so for many months. … It may seem that all attempts to overcome the problems are doomed to fail, but that is because there is no real appreciation of what is to take its place. We have that within our hands and our allies will manoeuvre themselves into such positions that their influence is felt.

      “They know what is required and it will happen but we cannot let out details, as the dark forces will seek ways of foiling the introduction of new policies. When we can come openly it will be quite different, and we will be able to keep you well informed as to what is to occur.” (Diane of Sirius, Apr. 10, 2009.)

      “Our allies are of course in the thick of what is happening, and are already briefed as to what their tasks are to lift you up again. They are working directly with the Galactic Federation, and whilst dealing with your problems, are also paving the way for First Contact.” (SaLuSa, Feb. 20, 2009.)

      “Be assured that many lighted souls just wait their opportunity to move out of the shadows and support those Dear Ones who have taken up the responsibility for world-shaking changes. Behind them are our own personnel who will protect them in their time of [emergency].” (SaLuSa, Nov. 5, 2008.)

      “Some of our colleagues on the planet have made their presence known undeniably because they appeared in their real forms. They are meeting with powerful individuals, including some who operate out of public view, to inform them about our on- and off-planet network, and rats are starting to abandon the ship around the world. You won’t hear about that or the mopping up that’s underway.” (Hatonn, through Suzy Ward, Nov. 15, 2010, at

      “Many volunteers have frequently come to Earth to assist in its preparation for Ascension. Presently there are thousands upon thousands working as our allies, and they do not necessarily know of their origin.” (SaLuSa, Jan. 22, 2010.)

      “Some of those amongst you who are of the Light, have positioned themselves where they can exert their influence upon the administration of your Governments. As you know, our allies are growing in numbers and serving in most useful roles to bring sanity and peace to Earth. They are making a difference and once we arrive they will come to the forefront, and a world movement will be started with the major countries that will gradually cover the whole world. We expect you to see signs of the changes before the year is out, but the opportunities are like the tide moving in and out all of the time.” (SaLuSa of Sirus, June 19, 2009.)