Watch for Trends in Messages

We may want to watch the ways in which channeled messages change over time.

There are two possible trends to notice in some of the channeled messages coming to us recently from our galactic family and the spiritual hierarchy. Let’s look first at an instance from the galactics; in this case from one of Greg Giles’ posts, that of March 21, 2012.

In Greg’s message, the change in tone and content arises from the fact that the galactics have apparently cleaned the cabal out of the skies: “You will not be seeing any other organizations or alliances of the dark here any longer, and you have nothing to worry about in this regard.” (1)

“We now have your atmospheres secured, and they will remain this way all the way through your planet’s ascension into the higher realms. You can be confident in our abilities and trust that we have performed operations such as this very many times before.

“Your safety is in good hands. Do not fear any ships you see in your skies as they will be manned by beings of the light who are here in service to you at this time.” (2)

People who believe that the Nordic Orions are still around may wish to take note; that is, if they can be persuaded to believe what the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation say.

They’ve done away with the dark threat so now, it seems, “we proceed with the next phases of operation.” (3) That next phase of operations is pretty spectacular.

“Many new avenues have been opened in recent days as we have been able to remove the Cabal’s fighting forces from their positions around your planet. We now enjoy the luxury of free movement and will take full advantage of this as we now proceed with the next phases of the overall mission.

“We have much to do together, and these activities will begin with a flurry of activity all around your world. We will engage many of you in our operations and permit you to take back home with you evidence of your experiences with us to share with those of your world who wish to learn of us and see the truth of why we are here. …

“When we feel the time is right we will begin contacting many of you who have demonstrated that you have no fear of us and a willingness to work with us. How we will contact you differs from individual to individual, and we have effective methods to reach each and every one of you in one way or another. At that time, you will be given details of these opportunities and we will begin meeting with each of you personally to discuss your options.” (4)

Pretty heady stuff and what we’ve been waiting for, no doubt.

But what I want to focus on here is how the closing of one phase of operations opens up a new phase and how this will probably cause a refocusing of messages.

Until now, we’ve had general messages about how the galactics serve the Divine Plan, their mission to assist us with Ascension, notions like divine deadlines and universal law, where they are from, etc. Much has been cloaked in secrecy. It’s as if they had just entered the door and were introducing themselves.

But now they’re describing what their ships look like, how they operate, how they neutralized the cabal, how they extracted them from their warships, etc. They are communicating quite a great deal more than they did in the past.

For those of us used to Hollywood movies, it’s as if we’re through the firefight and the people who saved us from the bad guys are coming out from their cover and introducing themselves.

So, on top of all the other exciting news Greg’s message brings us, the most interesting for me is the galactics’ indication that one phase of the operation is now over and another beginning. Perhaps watch for how an event such as the galactics’ final triumph over the dark space fleet can bring about a change in the tone and content of their messages.

The second trend is indicated in Suzan Carroll’s “Harmonic Signature Frequency,” from March 18, 2012. Admittedly the trend I discuss in connection with Suzan’s article is something that her Arcturian teachers have been engaging in for a while so this trend has been occurring before this particular message.

So much of what is happening in this transformative year is happening gradually (so far) and behind the scenes. We are absorbing more and more light; our dormant DNA strands are awakening; our bodies are changing from carbon base to crystalline; we are becoming happier. I’m neither a biologist nor a psychic – I’m a student of awareness – so I can’t comment too deeply on these other matters.

But I do see the topics shifting. Previously the sources – on these matters: not so much the galactics as our own spiritual hierarchy – have been discussing Ascensionitis, completing our old issues, what changes would take place leading up to Ascension, the composition of our bodies, and so on, in a very general and introductory way. Much information about our own personal situation comes from the hierarchy; the galactics seem more to communicate about wider spiritual, political, and economic matters, such getting rid of the cabal, securing the Earth, bringing in the abundance program, our soul contracts, etc.

Admittedly that isn’t so much the case with Suzan’s Arcturians, who’ve coached us a lot on dimensional matters and our Ascension process. Her Arcturians are definitely the exception. In this article, they actually coach us in Ascension practices. So we may have moved from describing the Ascension process more to describing actual Ascension practices.

As a side note, I find this especially interesting because I myself am being given a wee bit of coaching on how to re-acquire my higher-dimensional Self. In the process, I realized that the coaching I’m being given now was the same process I “stumbled” upon last year when I had an hour-long experience of my higher-dimensional Self. I suppose I was being coached even back then, though unaware of it. But I wander.

In Suzan’s article, she takes us right into the background of multidimensional creating, how to expand our consciousness, etc. She makes the point that we are “NOW ascending.” (5) Ascension seems to have both gradual and sudden sides, just as enlightenment itself does. For every seeker who “suddenly” experiences enlightenment, chances are we have a person who rigorously practiced long and hard (“gradually”) in this or a former lifetime.

So here too, chances are that, before we “suddenly” ascend, we’ll have been prepared and have practiced for many months (“gradually”) by reading and acting on just such articles as Suzan’s. And chances are that we’ll ave raised our vibrations and perhaps even transcended dimensions prior to our body and consciousness leaping to the Fifth or whatever higher dimension we “go” to.

As another example of how we’re getting more specific, nitty-gritty coaching, Suzan’s article also introduces the notion of crossover messages, “communications/memories that you can pull forward from your sleeping and/or meditative state into your daily state of consciousness.” (6)

I just had a stunning example of one earlier today so I can speak from experience. Recently the Boss told me that my function with a project I’m on is to ensure its integrity. I’ve been trained to administer the law as a refugee adjudicator. I’ve been coached in conflicts of interest, shown what the presumption of bias means, etc. So I suppose someone has been preparing me for this role for some time.

This afternoon, I napped and had a dream, most of which I can’t remember, but it was a very purposeful teaching I do recall. But the ending was what was most dramatic and I consider this an example of a crossover message. At the end, I was aware of my role around integrity and yet the next assignment I was given was in some way to compete with my brother and the suggestion was that integrity was at stake.

There are few people in the world I love more than my brother so I was faced with an impossible situation. Why would I want to outcompete my brother? I would rather recuse myself (excuse myself from competing). But recusal, the dream suggested, would have had an impact on my responsibility to oversee integrity and was suggested to be not an option. This is the stuff of movies, is it not? Compete and hurt or don’t compete and sacrifice your integrity? I took the easy way out: I woke up.

I don’t believe the issue itself was important but I do believe that my teachers were introducing me to a situation where integrity might be pitted against love, loyalty and attachment, just to show me what it felt like before I actually encountered a live situation. So Suzan’s article also may be coaching us in at least one way our night-time education may be taking place. It may be that the few galactics who look at these subjects and the spiritual hierarchy now want us to become more aware of our nighttime learning.

My hunch is that we’ll see a shift in many of our messages now, from more general, background issues, to hands-on preparation for or help with matters like Disclosure and Ascension. I’m not attached to being right or wrong in that supposition, but I do suggest we watch the ways in which our messages from the galactics and spiritual hierarchy change in the days, weeks and months ahead because that in itself may reveal where we are with things and where they’re taking us next.


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