Especially Now, Compare New Sources Against Fundamentals

Even as the galactics are beginning to decloak and reveal themselves, there are certain indications that the dark is working overtime to do all it can to throw lightworkers off.

We had warnings from Hatonn (through Suzy Ward) and SaLuSa that the cabal was tossing everything it had at us and that we’d go through a temporary time as chaotic as any we may have seen. They reminded us too that the outcome was not in doubt and that we could afford to remain relaxed in the face of all that was happening.

Then we had the impersonation of Blossom Goodchild with a new prediction whose failure to materialize is probably intended to make the disclosure movement look silly again and feel down on itself.

And we have seen numerous messages being sent out which associate the name of (particularly) ascended masters with harsh messages and criticism of lightworkers.

If you want to see a galactic get tough, look back through Hatonn’s contributions to Matthew’s messages. Hatonn is about as no-nonsense and “tough” in his love as any galactic gets and that’s not very harsh.  You can compare the others with Hatonn and see that theirs are probably 3D voices, not doing a very good job of imitating masters and galactics. (The dark seldom seems to try their hand at imitating angels.)

These sources are attacking David Wilcock, Steven Greer, Alfred Webre, Michael Salla, and others.

Add to this the dark’s warnings that terror attacks are coming, which SaLuSa says they are behind, and you have indications of stubborn resistance.

What all this means is that we may need to exercise double vigilance when we read messages these days, especially from new sources.

I was reflecting as I worked this morning on the sources that I turn to first and foremost, my “stable of favorites.” They are Hatonn (only through Suzy Ward though) on galactic matters, Saul on spiritual matters, Matthew on galactic as well as spiritual matters, and SaLuSa on spiritual as well as galactic matters.

While Drunvalo, Lauren Gorgo and Lisa Renee run a close second, and David Wilcock a close third, all the others, for me, run a close fourth.

I can’t exactly tell you why that is. I can only say that, after years of listening to those few, they have passed all my tests. I think if I were to receive only their communications, I would feel well served.

Then again, we all of us have only so much time and it promises only to get busier. So we can’t read everything.

In any case, whomever you read, it’s time to remember the basics and, if a source departs from them, I personally would put it aside. What are the basics? They are:

(1) We are at the end of a cycle and Ascension is occurring throughout the universe.

(2) The physical civilizations of the galactics have been summoned here to assist us and the spiritual hierarchy with Ascension.

(3) Earth changes are inevitable but the galactics are moderating them.

(4) We are in the midst of a time of troubles and separation that will result in the vanquishing of the dark forces and increasing distance between those who accept and those who reject the Light. It is chaotic but temporary. It will pass and the forces of Light will be victorious. The dark cabal will soon be obliged to lay down their arms or leave.

(5) Disclosure is unstoppable and will happen sooner rather than later. Project Blue Beam will not be successful.

(6) No nuclear war or major incidents like 9/11 will be permitted on Earth ever again.  Martial law will not happen. Peace is steadily growing and will be triumphant.

(7) The light energy on the planet has been raised so much that no dark entities can approach the Earth and those who remain underground, if any do, are powerless and will be leaving.

(8) The galactics here to help us with Ascension are primarily human in form. That is, their bodies are fashioned according to the Adam Kadmon template. They are not shape-shifting reptiles in disguise and they are not here to rob and enslave us.

(9) No type of evolutionary line is all bad. There are “good” and “bad” reptilians and “good” and “bad” humans.

(10) Most of the galactics helping us and the spiritual hierarchy are ascended masters, living in at least 5D, and can be recognized by their universal love, unity consciousness, and respect for the natural laws.

(11) The galactics and spiritual hierarchy have been planning an abundance program generally known as NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act) for centuries and it will be coming into play “soon.” The cabal’s financial empire will utterly collapse. NESARA will free us from debt and drudgery and banish poverty and hunger from the Earth.

(12) President Obama is being attacked by anyone and everyone who is opposed to a transfer of control over the planet but he is a leader among lightworkers and a major player in the master plan for the Golden Age. If you do read critical stories, consider whether the people writing them are following a meme (catchphrase logic like “down with X”).

(13) We are all going through changes to our bodies, DNA, minds, etc., as we move from carbon base to crystalline, two strands of DNA to twelve, and 3D to 5D. These are resulting in all manner of apparent illnesses and discomfort. These conditions too are temporary.

(14) The best source to listen to and follow is your own inner voice, your gut, your heart.

So compare what you read against these fundamental propositions that the galactics and spiritual hierarchy have been communicating to us day in and day out see to whether a new source measures up or doesn’t. I suppose you could say that how well a source measures up against them shows how closely they are following the Divine Plan. (Where I have phrased something poorly, please don’t let that be a reflection on the galactics or hierarchy.)

Above all, there is nothing to fear. It may be a roller-coaster ride for a while but we are buckled in our seats and the car has passed all safety inspections. We will be fine. And day by day the sense of the accuracy of this statement will probably only grow.  But, in the meantime, we are well advised to distinguish between the “noise” created by the dark and the peace created by the Light.

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