Realizations that Change Our Lives

Aha! 4253Life changes when certain realizations occur. Here’s a big change for me.

Realizing the huge significance of the divine qualities is something that continues to grow and have a tremendous impact on me – in fact, continues to capture my attention and hold it.

Archangel Michael said recently that “the beginning, the middle and the end of creating Nova Earth is the incorporation of these [divine] qualities within you.” (1)

I asked him if in fact mastering the divine qualities was our marching orders from now through the whole of our return journey home and he confirmed that this was the case.

“Yes,” he said, “it is your marching orders until the end of time, until such time as you merge back into the One.”

I hope you get this as deeply as I am. I really do. We have found the treasure buried in the field. Now it’s time to sell all we have and buy that field. (2) AAM continues:

“Each of those divine qualities never ceases growing and expanding, both within you and as it expands within you, within your planet, upon your planet, and also within your planet, and within your galaxy, and within your universe. So the ripple effect is infinite.”

He added: “You may tire of hearing me say this. That does not matter. We are going to continue anyway.”

Yes, indeed, please do continue anyway.

“The creation of Nova Earth comes with the kind, considerate, what you consider Divine, qualities, what this channel [Linda Dillon] has called blessings and virtues. It comes with the anchoring of those qualities not only within thee, but in every interaction — in the microcosm, within and without, in the macrocosm.”

So this being the case, prepare for a radical personality shift in me. You may recall what it felt like to start something new when we were young – collecting marbles, baseball cards, beads, whatever. In the beginning you couldn’t stop from searching for the new.

Well, this is like the beginning of the rest of my life … lives … so to speak.

So you might see me emphasizing qualities where before there was an emphasis on events. You may wonder if I’ve flipped my wig, but I haven’t. I just see clearly the work that needs to be done.

And there is more “clearly” to see. As Archangel Michael said, “the beginning, the middle, and the end” of our work is about mastering these qualities. In a certain sense, there is no other work to do. Not in the sense that transcends time and place. Not in the sense of what you and I are here for, in life, in all our lives.

We are here to know ourselves as God. And being like God brings the knowledge of God. So was life designed.

If we were attending the University of the Divine Life, it wouldn’t be the case that we’d see two entries on the curriculum, like this:

My Task 101. Discovering Who I Am

My Task 102. Being the Divine Qualities

There would be only one:

My Task 101. Discovering Who I Am: Being the Divine Qualities

AAM saying that acting from the divine qualities is the beginning, middle and end of building Nova Earth is very close to Gandhi saying: “Be the change you wish to see.”

Would it not be a radical shift in understanding to see our work in building Nova Earth to be the manifesting of the divine qualities in all of us, one person at a time?

But even putting the matter that way is only an interim and very partial expression of it because I am the divine qualities (love, equanimity, truth, patience) so I don’t need to manifest or develop or incorporate them. I am them. At the most I need to unconceal them, to remove the layers of debris, old business, or vasanas, that lie on top of and obscure them.

Realizing this is the kind of event that organizes life. After an event like this, at least for me, I turn to all that I own in life and begin throwing things out and streamlining. And then I begin to concentrate on what I’ve newly discovered.

And communicating this, just as I’ve done right now, fulfills a part of the mission on which I (at least) have come, as a lightworker and starseed. We’ve all agreed to go through this Ascension process as starseeds and to mirror back how it is for us. So here I am, anyways, mirroring back my own process.

AAM said:

“Are you … declaring what you believe to be true? Are you declaring that this is an opportunity for change or sharing just some of the subtle changes you are feeling within yourself? … Begin the communication. Expand the communication.”

Communicating the dawning awarenesses related to matters such as this is building Nova Earth, I see.


(1) All quotes from “Archangel Michael: It is Time to Declare Yourself,” January 29, 2013, at

(2) Admittedly the treasure buried in the field, the pearl of great price, great fish among fish is the Self, the Christ, the Atman. But the metaphor applies here as well.


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