Graham Dewyea: “People are Saying Enough. … We’re Creating a Brand New World”

Graham Dewyea is serving Ascension through creating and producing radio shows. Four shows now cluster under the Inlight Radio umbrella with a possible fifth on the way. One of them is rated second out of 56,000 Blogtalk Radio shows (Geoff West’s Cosmic Vision News).

Graham turned to radio production after being laid off from his post as Director of Hospital and Provider Relations at the very beginning of the 2008 financial collapse. He talks very candidly about the changes in his life that led him to his current form of lightwork.

Prior to joining the hospital he had started up a statewide food distribution program for low-income elders and a childhood lead poisoning prevention program and he now wanted to get back to work that was more meaningful to him.

So when a job came up to launch a federally-funded grant energy program to put solar into low-income housing in Vermont he took the opportunity and with it made many important changes in his life.

And one of those changes was to begin, along with Linda Dillon and Geoff West, a series of radio programs around news, information, and instruction relative to spirituality and what’s really happening in the world. According to Graham:

“What’s become clear is that people are starving for this information. They’re looking for a source of information that helps them connect to their spiritual selves, the real stuff that’s happening in the world, real news and real information, and help and inspiration.”

“It’s incredibly inspiring and powerful. Whether it’s Arab Spring or the Occupy Movement, we’re seeing it globally and it continues. People are saying enough. And they’re tapping into their powerful and they’re standing up. And that’s effecting change. And we’re seeing it on a local level and we’re seeing it on a national and international level.”

“It’s a tremendously exciting time to be alive. I feel so much hope and joy for what’s to come. We’re creating a brand new world and love is a big part of that world.”

Graham discusses his search to uncover why he is here, what life is all about, and how it can be as meaningful, enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.

Stephen Cook interviewed Graham for Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s The Space. It’s interesting listening to the two of them together because I consider them both incredibly talented interviewers. One of the things that struck me about Stephen, when he interviewed me for ABC, was the incredibly deft way he facilitated me to get out some of the more controversial material like the existence of the galactic fleet around us. I had been very worried about my interviewer being hostile and ridiculing me. But here was Stephen assisting me through the rough patches.

Graham has as balanced, grounded and connected a manner of anyone I have ever personally dealt with. Having worked with him, and hearing from I think it was Grener last week that Graham has an honored spot reserved for him among the lightworkers who’ll be working with the galactics, I know we’re going to be hearing more from Graham in the months ahead.

In a short while, Stephen will be starting a feature here that offers lightworkers a chance to tell their stories. While this is not intended to kick that series off, it is interesting, especially now as we pass through the rising energies that are hopefully liberating our potential, to hear about what other lightworkers are doing to serve the Divine Plan for this age.

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