A Community of Sovereign Leaders Exploring the Truth

Reposted from Galactic Roundtable, Aug. 11, 2009.

If the energy is not flowing, I cannot write. If the energy is flowing, I cannot do anything else than write.

The energy is flowing so copiously that I need to commit these thoughts to paper or I’ll keel over.

I personally have a vision that I hold for our group, though it need not be yours and shouldn’t be yours if you have a different one.

That vision is that we are a community of sovereign leaders exploring the truth. (Love, peace, joy, etc., are also that truth.)

What do these words mean to me?

A “community” is a “common unity,” a coming together of people for a common purpose. Hindus call it a “sathsang,” which means a community of truth. Buddhists call it a “sangha.”

It implies that, since ours is still an imperfect world where some people may still want power, influence, and prestige at the expense of others, we have agreed-upon groundrules that allow for the smooth functioning of the community and help us deal harmlessly with conflict, rudeness, and the like.

“Sovereign” is a word we will be hearing much more of from the galactics in the future. We used to speak of “human rights,” but that notion is limited and about to be expanded into one of “individual sovereignty.”

Instead of people having certain limited rights, like freedom of speech, assembly, and religion, they will be treated as having complete sovereignty over themselves, complete freedom of choice, provided that their actions do not harm others.

We are kings and queens in our own domain. That domain is the field of experience that God granted to us when S/he originally implanted an eternal and divine spark within a temporal and worldly form.

“Leaders” means that, by congregating here, we are expressing our agreement to stretch ourselves past what many other folk agree to do. We are learning arts from each other that will help us play a leading role in events after D-Day.

We may fall flat on our face time and again, but eventually we will find our ground of being and our voice.

“Leaders” also means that we are willing to forego the codependency that is so rife in our world, where people, instead of emerging as their whole and integrated selves, hive off a piece of themselves and ask someone else to fill that rejected part or role.

So for instance we may wordlessly agree not to develop or express ourselves and look around for people who will speak for us – Lisa Renee, David Icke, Karen Bishop, David Wilcock, Drunvalo Melchizedek, to name a few.

It isn’t that these people aren’t serving. Of course they are. It’s that we have taken a one-down position with them and substituted their judgment for our own. It’s that we have agreed to stunt our own growth and substitute theirs for ours.

My vision for “my” group (the one I belong to) is that it drop any codependent roles and emerge as well-rounded individuals, willing to serve others who remain mired in codependency, fear, or unfinished business.

“Leaders” also means that we have “arrived” in the group through introducing ourselves and taking personal “ownership” of our community.

It means that we have “emerged” through speaking our truth and knowing what truth sounds like (remember, the test for it is: did that statement release me from stress and reactivity or did it not?).

“Exploring” means that we are not “searching” for the truth because we are that truth already. We only “search” for what we think is outside of ourselves. We know that the Kingdom of Heaven (the Truth) is within. We are allowing it to come out.

We are learning together how to express our truth, how to clear a space for it to arise within our field of experience, how to recognize it when it does arise from obscuration or confusion. That doesn’t mean we are speaking nonsense or foulness of mouth and saying “That was my truth.” I hope we have gone beyond that stage of spiritual immaturity.

The “truth” itself is what actually _is_. It is not our version of events, story, or records. It is not our self-serving representation of reality. It is not someone else’s words.

It is a realization which, when had, causes relief or release: the truth sets us free. It is an insightful seeing that fits and resonates with our deepest self.

The proof of our standing in our truth is whether we feel release. No release, no truth.

Why this particular vision for me? Because if we practice it, we’ll create more and more space within ourselves in which divine qualities can manifest.  Eventually enlightenment, awakening, or ascension will manifest in the clean mirror we’ll have created.

As long as our muscles are tight with tension, our mind clouded with confusion, our emotions reactive, and our spirit obscured, we will have barriers to the experience of awakening or ascension.

As long as we project our unwanted feelings on others or engage in programmed, robotlike actions to distract the mind from the truth of our feelings and situation, we’ll go deeper and deeper into petrification.

After a while we’ll have created ourselves being walking fossils or walking robots. No aliveness. No sensitivity. No discrimination.

But if we’re willing to stay with our unwanted conditions, name them, remain open to them until we’re complete, even though it feels like we are eating something really unpleasant, then we’ll create increasing space in which the truth can show up, as will bliss and tranquillity and joy.

I am sailing here right now. Tomorrow I may be back to processing some bit of hell that is broken off from the glacial shelf.

At this moment, I don’t care what is happening outside of me, in the sense that stargates may open or they may not, accountability may happen or it may not, NESARA may be declared or it may not, etc.

I want the truth. I AM the truth. I want to show you my original face. No more of this clown suit any more. Take this face paint off.

Please, what is your vision for the group? All you people who have been writing me such eloquent email (I won’t embarrass you by naming you), please move your inspiring commentary into this group. Give us your vision. And everyone who has been communicating from within the group, what is yours?

We need to know where we are going and then we need to go there.



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