SaLuSa Gives the New Paradigm

Possible Depiction of SaLuSa

SaLuSa’s message today refers to many important subjects. It is a statement in miniature of the new paradigm and new readers especially may benefit from having that paradigm reviewed. Look around you today, from Afghanistan to Wisconsin, and you will see the elements and results of the old paradigm. But listen to SaLuSa and you will hear the new.

Let me go over that message as a means of bringing out some of its important 2012/Ascension themes.

“With time continuing to speed up….”

As the Mayan calendar describes, time speeds up as we move through the universal cycle. We are about to enter the Ninth Wave on March 9 (according to some; others say we entered it on Feb. 11) and time will speed up again. Each time we enter a new wave, time speeds up by a factor of twenty.

“… the series of changes that face you will soon seem to pass by. As a result you will reach the point of major changes quite quickly, and you will find that they proceed at a fast pace because they have been well planned in advance.”

Among the changes that we are passing through is the fall of despotic regimes worldwide. In more general terms, the forces of darkness, which we sometimes call the Illuminati, New World Order, cabal, elite, military-industrial complex, shadow state, etc., are losing ground on every front. We can see the results in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. We will soon see them everywhere.

“Whatever way you look at what the future holds for you, it must come regardless of any interference.”

What future we encounter depends on how we look at the future. If we fear it, we will face a fearful future. If we celebrate it, we will face a future worth celebrating. These developments come by natural law. In this case by the Law of Attraction we attract to us the future we anticipate. This is not something most people know. Many people think the Law of Attraction operates only by desire. They do not know that it also operates by fear since energy is neutral; only pull is important.

“Furthermore, as knowledge of what lies ahead spreads, the levels of consciousness will also rise quite rapidly. It means that in the main the people will be quite receptive to what is planned.”

SaLuSa does not say whether the spread of knowledge will cause levels of consciousness to rise or whether independent events, such as the rising of the kundalini, will cause consciousness to rise. But we can expect that it will rise and rapidly. And he tells us that people will receive the new knowledge receptively, which is good to hear.

“Somewhere along the way disclosure will have been made, and that will give the green light to many more revelations. The truth cannot be hidden forever, and it is important that you understand what has taken place during duality, and the reason for it.”

Disclosure refers to the revelation of the existence of extraterrestrials around this planet in space-faring ships. It is the signal for contact to begin and with contact will come the revelation of the truth about our history. This will include the truth about the Illuminati’s pans for depopulation, their control and enslavement of people, the many harmful schemes they have created ranging from weather warfare (HAARP, etc.) to false-flag operations and pandemics, financial warfare, and so on. It will also include the true story of humanity’s origins, which is very different from the Darwinian version of genetic descent.

“Eventually you will understand how so many advanced souls have helped mankind overcome the lower vibrations.”

Not only are galactics here, but elevated beings like angels and Elohim are also here. All of them are cooperating to extricate us from lower vibrations and bring about Ascension.

“Fortunately the Light can never be fully suppressed and with support from the Lightworkers, has grown and in latter times become a grid of Light encircling the Earth.”

This grid of light is what prevents dark aliens from approaching the planet and is what is forcing dark aliens and terrestrials who are already here to leave.

“As like attracts like, so great Beings of Light have been able to approach Earth and hastened the process of Ascension. It has been so successful that it has fully vindicated the earlier decision, to extend the period before Ascension. Some of you will recall that there was an intent that Ascension should take place at the end of the last century. However as consciousness levels were speeding up, it was felt that many more souls could succeed if it were extended.”

Beings of Light will not violate our freewill. We must attract them by wanting them to come. If we want them to come, they are empowered to approach.  It was originally planned to create Ascension in 2000 but, because we were progressing, that date was pushed back to 2012. And many more people will now ascend as a result.

“Whatever accompanies Ascension is a natural progression that comes with a lifting up of the vibrations.”

Ascension occurs because we raise our vibrations, which is why SaLuSa warns us about violent entertainments and the need to focus our thoughts away from low pastimes.

“It is welcome, but the most important aspect is your individual growth in consciousness, which is a gift from the Creator. Your soul is meant to be expressing itself in the higher dimensions of Light that are your natural home. In fact you are first and foremost Beings of Light and are now becoming Galactic Beings.”

Enlightenment is always finally the gift of God. Its attainment without God’s grace would probably be impossible, the distance to traverse is so great. We are beings originally from higher dimensions who are now returning to our natural home.

“What a wonderful future awaits you, and you will never tire of exploring the Galaxies that number in their millions. Life abounds everywhere in all different forms, but no matter what differences there are – all life has its origin from the Source of All That Is. Your physical Self can experience harm and death but the soul is indestructible and goes on forever.”

Notice the new knowledge that SaLuSa gives us when compared to our earthly philosophies. Life abounds everywhere. All originates from Creator Source. Our bodies die but we do not die. We live forever. This is the new paradigm as it applies to spirituality and we are invited to be the first to take it on.

“Think about it, Dear Ones, whatever you have experienced in the past and no matter how many lives you have had, you stand today without any apparent throwbacks to them. In fact you have grown stronger with each experience, and are the sum total of everything that you have learnt. No wonder that by and large you have passed the test of time, and have little or nothing left to learn from this cycle.”

All residual karma will be forgiven before we ascend. We will have no “throwbacks” to our many earlier lives. We will remember all that we have learned in those many lives. We are finished with the cycle of duality.

“It is why some of you feel tired and ready to leave duality that has been a very difficult adventure of intense emotional experiences. Calmness in the face of adversity is not always easy to achieve, but it is a lesson that you gradually learn and it serves you well in a period of time that is chaotic. Staying calm helps others around you who can learn from your example.

Well, I certainly feel tired and ready to leave duality!  Book me a seat, Lord. He reminds us to be calm at this time, for our own sakes and to help others.  This means not to hook up with every new rumor that disaster is approaching. Our future is in fact assured but we do attract to us the future we fear by the very power of our fears.

“You are part of the pyramid of life and, through the natural order decided by your vibrational level, you will always find yourself exactly where you should be. The aim is to continually advance, and souls at a higher level will always help one who aspires to ascend. That is why there are so many higher souls with you right now, and some of them will make themselves known to you all very soon.”

SaLuSa communicates the new paradigm through the points he makes. Here he says that the natural order is not determined by, say, fitness as Darwin is thought to have taught, but through the refinement of our vibrations. Where is that taught in public school? Life is continual advancement – spiritual evolution. Where is that taught? The more evolved are always helping the less evolved. All new knowledge for us, unless it isn’t. And he adds a word about the event known as “the return of the masters.” Some of them will make themselves known to us very soon. This is not the second coming. Ascension itself can be considered to be the second coming of the Christ Force to liberate us from duality.

“Whereas there is a physical cleansing taking place, it is also necessary to cleanse the spirit by releasing anything of the lower energies. Those on the path will already know exactly what that means, and there will gradually come a time when you will find that the lower vibrations do not sit easy with you.”

While all residual karma will be removed, that does not mean that our unfinished business is removed. The house movers may come and pick up our couch, bed, and other heavy furniture, but we will still have to carry our hand baggage.

I have written many articles, which can be found in the righthand column, on how to process and clear unfinished business, which Hindus call “vasanas”  and one Buddhist at least calls “sleeping volcanoes.”  (Search on “vasanas.”)  People who clear their unfinished business will find the Ascension transition much easier than those who don’t. However we will also be given assistance, I think, to clear our vasanas,

“Take for example the diet of violence, death and destruction that is served up as entertainment that numbs your senses to such energies. Do not allow it to affect your ways of thinking because it will pull you down and introduce darkness into your aura that you will carry around with you. Also remember that if you are not careful, you will attract even more to yourself. Live with the purity of thought and appreciate all that is of the higher vibrations. If successful, it will take you a long way forward on the path to Ascension, and if you can keep your focus there it will become much easier to maintain.”

The diet of violence is intended to lower our vibrations. It was given a huge push by false-flag operations like 9/11 and the London bombings which made us fear “terrorists.” All of this is a manipulation since it was our own governments who caused 9/11 and promoted the notion that there is a “war on terror” when there is none.  But focusing on these things, by the Law of Attraction, brings them to us and SaLuSa warns us about that.

“While the Beings of Light move further forward and nearer to Ascension, so there are those who are sucked further down into the dark having lost their connection with the Light. They will not be forgotten and before the end time be given every chance find their true selves. Our objective is to bring you all together, by eliminating those often false divisions that have deliberately kept you apart.”

SaLuSa refers to the Time of Separation, when the dark beings go one way and the Light beings go another. I don’t mean to suggest that this is a discrete event. We are in that time at present, as he suggests. Beings committed to darkness are being pulled in one direction; beings committed to Light are being pulled in another.  But even dark beings will be cared for with as much love as Light beings. Every one of them will be given the instruction they need to allow them to join us if they please.

“Once it is accepted that you are all One, those prejudices that exist now will disappear. We do however accept that some beliefs are going to be hard to release, but hope to be able to show that they have no foundation in the truth. At our level of consciousness we can only deal with the truth, and will present it as such but not in a forceful way. It is still your freewill choice to believe as you wish, and we know that if you are in error you will eventually turn to the truth.”

We will be shown that our prejudices create false divisions which have been ramified over centuries. Some beliefs, for example, that only Christians will reach heaven or that people of color are inferior to whites, etc., will be hard to remove. And the galactics will not force us to remove them. They will simply present us with the truth and leave the rest to us.  But our choices will have consequences. If we cling to these beliefs, we cannot raise our vibrations in preparation for Ascension.

“I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish to assure you that the Galactic Federation are well aware of the dangers in Space placed there in opposition to us. However, we are not desirous of starting a Space War, and in fact it would be out of the question. We can deal safely with all attempts to engage us, and we shall also ensure that weapons are not turned against you.”

New readers may not be familiar with space-based weapons like Rods of God, etc., or with Project Blue Beam, the plan to project holographic images of spiritual figures and spaceships onto the sky to scare us into opposing the galactics.  SaLuSa reminds us that beings who have flown across the known universe to be here have the technology to render these devices unworkable. But at the same time, they will not start a war because they follow universal law and Creator’s decrees.

“We represent a peaceful mission by Divine decree, and it is carried out with a loving intent that shall release you from the dark Ones. It is well past the time that you were allowed to proceed to your future choice without hindrance. That is something we are pressing for, but the dark Ones can be very obstinate. However, victory is already yours and yet to be celebrated.”

God has authorized the galactic mission. Those who do not believe in the existence of God will have to revise their beliefs because the Divine does in fact exist and no true estimation of things is possible without coming to grips with this central fact of life. The galactics have come to release us from the grip of the dark forces (Illuminati, etc.). But the dark have refused to give up. Nonetheless the final outcome is not and has never been in doubt. Eventual victory is ours.

So you can see that the new paradigm is being spoken in every sentence of SaLuSa’s messages. It is there for us to know and accept. It will open the door to the wonderful events of our future. It will allow us to drop the remaining dross that clings to us, raise our vibrations, and put our feet firmly on the path to the great shift in 2012 which is popularly known as “Ascension.”

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