Old Paradigms Never Die. They Just Fade Away

The flat Earth? Just ignore it.

I remember the day when I startled my Ph.D. examiners by giving a truthful but very unpopular answer. I was asked how I would respond to Karl Marx and I answered that I would simply ignore him. I never much enjoyed Marx and I was simply being honest.  But, if ever a room could tip, that room almost tipped over at that moment.

However that’s essentially what Galileo did when he was told by the Catholic Church that he could write the Dialogues arguing for a heliocentric planetary system if he gave a balanced account. In fact he ignored the church and argued almost exclusively for a sun-centered solar system. It nearly cost him his life, but he changed the existing paradigm.

Many people feel that we move from one paradigm to another when dissonance becomes too great and is resolved by paradigmatic breakthrough. The old paradigm is stretched and stretched to cover too many situations and one day it simply collapses. But there is another way to move from paradigm to paradigm and that is simply to ignore the old one.

And that is essentially what we’re doing here. SETI listens for beeps and clicks. NASA looks for signs of life on asteroids. Astronomers analyze the spectrum of light from other planets to find ones that might support life.

And we ignore them.

We speak to human beings from other planets and star systems by the methods which they themselves prefer – by telepathic means, clairaudience, trance mediumship, automatic writing and other ways. We speak more or less directly with them – obviously through a medium – but certainly more directly than anything the scientific establishment ever dreamt of.

And our answer to the neglect we receive, the ridicule, or the opposition, from the scientific community, the powers that be, or the general public, is simply to ignore them.

Old paradigms never die, the wag said. They simply fade away. The paradigms wither because the people holding them die. One generation passes away and the next holds an entirely different view. In my lifetime, the idea that we did not survive the death of the body failed because its adherents died and a generation holding a different view out-survived them. The baton was passed. There was never a tussle that I was aware of.

The notions of the existence of the soul, communication with the “dead,” near-death experiences, astral travel, and multidimensionality have flourished. All the old paradigms of empirical materialism, which is the overarching view that has failed to survive, have yielded place because those who held them failed to persuade the next generation to hold them.

So here we are, never really having proven that SaLuSa exists, or Saul, Sananda, Ashtar, Sanat Kumara, St. Germain, or even the latter-day Jesus, and it doesn’t trouble our mind that most of the world does not believe us. We just ignore them.

And when Disclosure happens, and First Contact, and the Return of the Masters, when Jesus is addressing us, or SaLuSa, or an angel (God forbid, and pun intended), we won’t have fought a battle royal or lost martyrs to the stake or even distributed books in plain brown wrappers. We’ll have held our conversations off the beaten track. We’ll have endured some ridicule and scorn. But that’s about the extent of it.

For the most part, the followers of the old paradigm will more or less have ignored us, and we them, and the paradigm that had the most appeal will have won out and survived. (With a little help from our friends.)

The most appeal – and the appearance of space ships, materialization of higher-dimensional entities, raising of our consciousness, development of psychic powers, and the aid of quite a bit of new technology.

But those who come after, when they easily accept what has been made manifest to their senses, which we accepted at a time when none of it was manifest to ours, will probably give an easy acceptance to what is new, never knowing what a powerful bit of ignoring we had to do, intellectual isolation, and waiting for the day when what seems so obvious to us would become obvious to them.

No beeps and clicks. No bacteria in rocks. No spectrographic evidence. A simple handshake and a smile and a whole new era will begin. SETI, NASA and the astronomers will be forgotten. Those who opposed us now will say “It’s obvious.”  We’ll toast the new era and forget we ever squabbled. And a new paradigm will be born upon the fading of an old one.

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