Learning to Laugh a Lot

Well, anyone who listened to An Hour with an Angel March 26, 2012 can probably see that the angelic kingdom was a subject which Archangel Michael very much wished to discuss. Geoff West suggested that I do the next show on it as well and kindly gave up his prerogative to hosting it.

I said that AAM only answered four of the twenty questions I had. I suppose that doesn’t quite convey the whole picture. I had the chance to ask only four questions but, in the course of answering them, he answered many of the others as well.

But how much can one cover in an hour? It’s great that we’ll have a chance to continue the discussion next week. I thank Geoff for that gentlemanly act.

The tussle that goes on when we present our knowledge, in this case, to an angel and get their feedback is such a necessary part of the “getting to know you” phase of our meeting the Company of Heaven. Because, as far as I can see, we don’t know them. We really don’t. In fact for centuries we’ve been fashioning them in our own image and they’ve been obliging us by showing up in shapes we’d understand.

But we don’t know what they look like. We don’t know how they think – or even if they think. We don’t know how they feel. And when I say “they” I include the galactics as well as the celestials.

AAM said he could be in a million places at once. And when I asked him further about that, he not only didn’t blink, but he compared it to our habit of thinking about many things at once, only more concrete and real. Obviously he really does mean that he can indeed be in a million places at once. What kind of a being can do that?

Can anyone please give me a five-minute talk on the subject? No one? But isn’t that it? We know nothing about these beings, these exalted guests who are coming to dinner.

I don’t think there’s a great deal we know about anything that is about to be revealed to us. For instance, I assumed that all the ascended masters came from the Fifth Dimension. What a foolish assumption! It’s quite clear that they come from many higher dimensions. Sanat Kumara comes from the Eleventh apparently, according to him. That surprised me. If he had said Twentieth, I would not have batted an eye. (1)

But then AAM himself has said that there are only twelve dimensions to the human range of experience and that again surprises me. The only way I can reconcile shrinking down the human range of experience into twelve planes is if those planes have many subplanes. So I can win neither on my shorting the masters or on my overshooting the dimensions. All my knowledge is like dust in the wind.

That is perhaps forty years of research down the proverbial drain. If I can bear up and smile under these circumstances, I think anyone can.

AAM did verify that the realms or kingdoms that the early church fathers ascribe to the angels – angels and archangels on up to cherubim and seraphim – are accurate. I was reassured that one bit of knowledge survived. But not much else did.

Chief among my own theories that bit the dust was my comfortable assumption that we learned all we needed to and graduated from the 3rd to the 4th dimension, all we needed to and graduated from the 4th to the 5th, and so on. AAM called this theory of spiritual evolution “linear” and said it was in no way true. He pointed out that one could drop back to the 3rd and learn what one needed from service to others to progress to a higher dimension. Well, doesn’t that describe most of us Starseeds?

Welcome to a world in which practically all of what we take for granted is undoubtedly going to be scrapped. Welcome to a world in which it just may turn out that we are revealed as … gosh, I hate to say it but, well … undeveloped. We may have a lot to learn and a lot to unlearn.

Perhaps we’ve all seen movies in which one character is eager to learn and tosses off one way of being as one would throw off a hat and dons another. That way of managing things may be the very best adaptive skill in our toolbox. Our world is about to become suddenly strange to us. We’ll be strangers in paradise for sure.

I imagine the galactics are busily figuring out extra-diplomatic ways to make this experience maximally comfortable for us. I predict that they will be super-polite and super-deferent, when in fact it’s we who should be those ways.

I’m eager and I also have icicles in my stomach. Humility, restraint, respect are all going to be very valuable qualities in copious amounts. There’ll be no place to run, no place to hide. Perhaps that’s why, in a recent talk to a project team I’m on, AAM said that the most important tool of successfully getting through the next phase of life is remembering how to laugh. To laugh a lot and to laugh at ourselves.

So here’s to a guy whose well-thought-out theories of spiritual evolution got a laugh from an archangel. There will be many more of those moments. No sense trying to make a name for yourself in the period that lies ahead of us. We’re all of us on our way back to kindergarten and our most sophisticated operations may look to the galactics and celestials like mere finger-painting. Might as well enjoy ourselves and avoid taking ourselves seriously. Might as well learn to take it gracefully and laugh a lot.


(1) I had a reading with Archangel Michael on March 28, 2012 and asked him about the description Sanat gave of himself of having come from the 11th Dimension.  He responded

Archangel Michael: “When Sanat Kumara suggests to you that he is found on the 11th or 12th [Dimension], it is also understood that that is where humans can experience him. It does not mean that he is restricted there.

“So it is where the human beings can find him and have the experience of who he is. That is why he places himself there.

Steve: “So what is the rest of the story please?”

AAM: “It is far beyond dimension. It is far beyond any reality that humans currently have access to. He is making it understandable and workable.”



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