Starseeds: The Leaven in the Loaf

We heard Archangel Michael say in my reading with him on August 1:

Steve: I’ve said to my readers that my hunch is that most Starseeds are already ascended. … Why would Starseeds be asked to come to Earth if they’re not ascended? It seems like that would be part of the problem rather than part of the solution, if it were the case. Am I correct in my hunch?

Archangel Michael: Yes. Starseeds are here to help.

S: I see. And they’re already ascended, mostly? They’ve already been through this?

AAM: That is correct. And that is why the shifting inter-dimensionally is becoming so profound and clearer and clearer. So sometimes they do not know, and it is confusing for them, whether they have their feet in the third or the fifth, the seventh or the ninth. But it does not matter, they are here to help. (1)

In Ronna Herman’s August channeling of Archangel Michael, he corroborates this fact:

“Beloved masters, first of all, allow us to ease your minds. The ascension process is not new to you. You have accomplished it many times before. You all are masters of the highest order, or you would not have been chosen as Star Seed Wayshowers for this unprecedented evolutionary process the Earth and humanity are presently experiencing. You have expert credentials, and you have proven your cocreative mastery a multitude of times during your many cosmic journeys.” (2)

Archangel Michael tells us so much more in that message. For instance, he tells us that the Starseeds now awakening have had vast experience in many other cosmic adventures similar to this one:

“For each new adventure into physical consciousness, you are given new rules, a new mission and a great variety of challenges to overcome. We wish you to understand that those of you who are stepping to the fore as qualified World Servers have had vast experience throughout this Universe and its many Sub-universes.

“From the time this Universe began to expand, select Star Seed were transplanted from other time zones and Sub-Universes to oversee and assist in unique programs designed specifically for humanity and other life forms. The primary Divine Mission of these special groups of Star Seed is to lead the way for those ready to evolve into the next level of expanded consciousness as an infinite number of cycles and Divine programs come to a completion.” (3)

He confirms that we accepted being blindfolded so that, by our struggles to regain our former knowledge, we can lead the rest of the world out of darkness.

“It takes great courage and wisdom to adventure out into the unknown, to have a veil placed over your memory as you begin your earthly experience within a broader spectrum of Light and Shadow. Your skills and true identity were hidden within your Sacred Heart and Mind and often were not apparent until later in life after you began to awaken to the nudgings of your Higher Self. …


“For those of you who are the wayshowers for this Round of Evolution, your earthly contract/mission contained Memory Seed Crystals of awakening which would be triggered by a Divine Discontent. These Seed Crystals of Divine Light were to be activated by your Higher Self and downloaded into your conscious awareness when it was time for you to begin your journey into Self-discovery.” (4)

I think our journey into Self-discovery is meant to demonstrate to others what that process looks like. We remove the blindfolds from ourselves and, in the process, show others how to remove theirs as well.

Is there any doubt left about our mission, capabilities, and future?

Can we find a metaphor for our role in Ascension? I think we can in Jesus’s parable of the measure of leaven (yeast) that leavened the whole loaf.  Let’s listen to Matthew:

“Another parable spake he unto them; The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.” (5)

In Jesus’s parable, the leaven is the Self, which is hidden in the flour (the bodies), but, upon the application of water and heat (divine light and love), ultimately causes the loaf to rise.

Leaven is what we Starseeds are. We’re here to leaven the whole loaf. A pinch of leaven is all that’s required to raise a loaf of bread. And, in my opinion, that’s our job.

Starseeds anchor love and light in the Earth and in their communities. They respond to the light energies in a much more sensitive fashion than the mass of the population. Without Starseeds, we might as a planet still be focused on the next Superbowl or World Cup.

Starseeds awaken first and begin questioning. They warm up to the idea of galactic humans coming to help us. They feel an affinity with the stars. They feel a commitment to question and explain, serve and rejoice. They begin the process of awakening themselves spurred on by what Archangel Michael calls “Divine Discontent” and what I have called, after Shankara, the “longing for liberation.” (6)

Leaven doesn’t have to get up on a soapbox and proclaim that the bread will rise. It doesn’t have to don a magician’s cap and tap the loaf with a wand. Its mere presence, plus water and heat (divine light and love), causes the loaf to rise. The water and heat are being provided by what the Boss called the Company of Heaven.

In my view, God did not create flour for leaven, but leaven for flour. The leaven disappears in the process of the transformation of the bread.

It’s the bread that graces the table. It’s the bread that’s eaten and nourishes. The banquet is not about the leaven. The banquet is about the bread.

The leaven is gone as soon as its job is done. It doesn’t remain. We rise with the bread and then leave. Back to our own realms.

To switch metaphors, we agreed to leave our own realms, put on a wet suit, jump into the ocean, and breathe through an air tank, all to find the sunken treasure. Then when the dive’s over we go home. All the treasure is kept in a museum here on Earth. We don’t get to take a single gold ring home with us. We only take the love and satisfaction for a job well done.

So there’s no reason for us to worry or struggle. We’ve already taken this “perilous” journey. We’ve already got our passports and our tickets home. Making the jump for us will simply be a homecoming. It will be for everyone else as well, to be sure, but we’ve only been away from home a short while.

We’ve kept our attention here by accepting medical conditions that keep us from soaring off into the blue. We’ve agreed to be blindfolded and not to enjoy the enlightenments that many around us do, lest we forget why we’re here and return home by an irresistible draw. We have little interest in money; many of us have been poor. We have a job to do and simply agreeing to put up with all the discomfort, sickness, and darkness while continuing to serve by our mere presence and openness to these events is the greatest part of our task.

And home? Fifth Dimension for some, but others? Sixth, Eighth, Tenth, Eleventh? We won’t know until the blindfold comes off. No, we may not even know then. We may not know until we return to our heavenly realms.

All this means a great deal to me because in my last reading with him the Boss told me about my next assignment. I was surprised to hear him raise the matter, but in doing so, he corroborated what he’s said above that we go from cosmic adventure to cosmic adventure. He also shared how the process of raising the kundalini was progressing which is the process, I think, of removing the blindfold. So I actually have personal corroboration of what he said through Ronna.

So sit back and enjoy the ride. Let yourself effervesce. Radiate love. That’s our job. And know full well that, when it’s over, you’ll have served God and the world selflessly. Job well done. A long wait ended. And a return to Paradise, guaranteed.


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