Fruit First, Flower Later

Maarten sends along this video in which a channeler of the Andromedans suggests that we use this invocation on 11-11-11 and on the run-up to it as well.  Do I know whether it’s efficacious? No, I don’t. But that isn’t really the point. Notice what this group of lightworkers is doing because that’s more the point.

The point is, as AA Michael said on Sept. 13, that we humans are creating occasion and the Company of Light is aligning with us. They are saying to us: you create the occasion and we’ll make it work. Wherever two or more of you are gathered, there are the ascension energies in the midst of you.

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If we create Nov. 11, 2011 as an occasion to get together (11-11 on the 11-11-11), or Oct. 28, 2011 (the end of the Mayan Calendar), then we create the conditions and the environment for unfoldment, advancement, and even possibly ascension for some – those early risers, First Wavers or Second Wavers or Third Wavers, what do names matter? The Company of Light guarantees it.  (Not ascension on these early dates, but definitely upliftment and advancement.) They are aligning with us on what we start. You start, they are saying, and we will do the rest. The Law of Attraction guarantees it. The expansion of Light guarantees it.

I actually feel the need to make a few comments on a lot of things that are happening now, openings in understanding, new trends, etc.

Today I spent a lot of time on Skype with various people. That is not something I necessarily plan to do often. I’m a writer not a talker. But it happened today and it was enjoyable. And many things came up.

The first thing is that a lot of people seem to be opening up. Two people related to me how they feel it’s their time to run along on Nov. 11. They feel the calling. They’ve heard from their inner voice. They just seem to feel the itch.

They’re making arrangements to see that others are not affected by their departures. They’re closing things down, letting go of “stuff.”

The Boss has told me I have to stay and close up shop so for me it just means two playmates lost. But they’ll have the opportunity to come back as ascended masters and help the rest of us so it isn’t as if they are lost to us forever.

Others were saying that they’re clearing large blockages and conceptual barriers and this is something I want to comment on at some length. On one occasion someone described what sounds like a clearing as a condition and that prompted me to want to remark: You may feel sick and you may think you are sick. But whether you are sick or clearing a block may feel the same. You may mistake a clearing for a sickness. When I have an upset and clear it, whether I’m actually having an upset or clearing one may feel the same – I feel upset. The same with a sickness.

So we may feel as if we’re sick, or reliving a traumatic incident, but in these times when we’re clearing our old baggage, we mustn’t let ourselves be fooled. It may not be that we’re actually sick or upset. Rather than sinking deeper into sickness and upsetness, we may be emerging from it.

Layers of stored-up muscular tension and impacted stress may be unwinding and lifting. Our character armor or pain body may be letting go and releasing. For us it may seem no different than the original storing away of muscular tension.  But it may be exactly the opposite.

Does that make sense? I keep worrying that I’m saying these things and no one is understanding me. Here I am blabbering away and none of what I’m saying is getting through.  I hope I’ve phrased it in a way that clicks for you. (I’ll actually leave this post open to comments to find out if you’re understanding me on this important issue.)

Another thing I sense is that people are wanting to make contact. I sense people wanting to speak with others who are on the same path. I don’t have time myself to actually do things like start telecalls and link up people via Skype. But it may be a time for others to do it. Maybe we need the equivalent of a discussion group via Skype where people can share and discuss common feelings and issues. (You may need to figure out a way to do these things yourself, as your form of service.)

Dave is telling me that lots of donations are rolling in to the Hope Chest and he is empowered to really help people. Perhaps on this other front, a second development of this kind is also starting. Perhaps people now want to be in communication with each other and the time is arriving for a new development – the equivalent of discussion groups only via telecalls. I don’t know.

Last Spring it seemed like time to open blogs. This Fall it seems like time to start telecalls.

If someone wants to organize this side of life, come on aboard as an editor and take this piece of work on, just as Dave came aboard as a Director of the Hope Chest (Lightworkers Fund) and is now organizing that side of things.

I want to spread the fun around. Dave says he’s having the time of his life being the Director of the Hope Chest. I’m having the time of my life manging this blog. There is work for moderators on the 2012 Scenario discussion group. There is work for editors in this blog. There is certainly work for people who want to take the articles on this site and make free e-books out of them for awakening people.

My niece, Tash, who has joined us as an editor, says she watches the Google analytics and this site is not simply growing by, say, 12% a month. But it’s growing by increasing amounts – 13% the next month, and 15% the next month. And I assume the same is true for Kauila, Quinn, Tom, and all the others operating 2012 ascension blogs. In fact 2012 blogs themselves are cropping up like monsoon frogs.  Or plants in the desert after a day’s rain.

This thing is taking off. We’re all feeling happiness and joy and bliss. When Occupy Together takes off, we’ll probably be putting flowers in the barrels of guns again, as we did in the Sixties, rather than protesting – just as soon as the elite gets that we’re unstoppable. Something is definitely happening and it’s happening for all of us. And that something is different. It isn’t happening the way things happened in the past. It’s mushrooming, exploding into view.

Ramakrishna used to say that the disciples who accompany the avatar are not like regular spiritual practitioners. The regular practitioners develop buds first, then flowers, then fruit. But the disciples who come with the avatar develop fruits first and then flowers.

The same with the indigos, rainbows, starseeds, angels, elves and others who have come for Earth’s ascension. When the time for their blossoming arrives, after a long, long winter, they don’t develop buds first, then flowers, then fruits. They develop fruits first and flowers later.

We are those indigos, rainbows, starseeds, angel, elves, and so on. And our fruits are bursting.

What we need to do is to provide whatever’s happening with an outer form and container. So if you feel moved to do something, well, don’t just sit there. Do it. In whatever field that is. Take a piece of the world’s unworkability and make it work. If you see a side of things that you can provide and manage, provide and manage it. Start something that meets a need. So what if there isn’t a name for what you start. Start it anyways.

Right now what we need is for people to find ways of bringing people together to talk.

We already have Twitter and Facebook and other forms of social networking. Now we need to talk.

Telecalls, audio discussion groups, online sathsangs, phone drop-ins, meet-ups, coffees together, courses, lectures, I don’t care what you call it or how it works. Start talking.

Let’s end this long night of loneliness we’ve all been in. Develop this side of things. Innovate. Help us find a way of coming together to talk. Talk one on one. Talk in groups. Talk as a town. Talk as a nation.

Let’s get a move on and turn these wonderful energies that are hitting this planet into new opportunities. Let’s end our splendid isolation, come out of the closet, and start the party that Saul has been talking about for so long. Let the New Age begin. Let the Golden Age start. The party, the celebration, the graduation is underway.

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