Emissaries of Love

I’m trying to get a sense of what has changed in the world.  If you go to the leading international newspapers, you’ll see … well, Prince Harry partying in the buff, one company suing another for patent infringements, Romney stirring the birther fight again, a tropical storm hitting Haiti.

Noticeably the press continues to look for the negative and bizzarre and comes up with little or nothing. All seems quiet in the world.

On TV the other day, so extensive are the crime dramas, that several are concerned with the love lives of law-enforcement agents, having explored almost every other aspect of crime and punishment one could think of. The “war on terror” became institutionalized, determined what played on TV, and has now disappeared into the smoke it always was.

Ashtar said recently that the top level of the international cabal had been contained and the second level would be contained soon after. I’ll be talking with AAM about containment Monday but a simple glance at the mainstream media suggests that the cabal’s relentless pursuit of global domination has trailed off into oblivion.

Check the New York Times and read “Google Street View comes to Inuit town.”  Jump to the Washington Post and see the travel photo winner.  Over to the Telegraph to check out Prince Harry in the nude. What’s going on here?

The travel photo winner: peace arrives in Cuba

Certainly a few tragic situations continue, such as the murderous attacks on their own people by the Syrian army and the American military-industrial complex still dropping bombs from drones in Pakistan. But viewed as a panorama, the world is quieting down.  Evidently if there isn’t something negative to say, the world’s press has little to contribute.

SaLuSa described what was happening back in June and the trend has only become more noticeable.

“The Light upon Earth increases and the path to Ascension becomes stronger.

“It is quickly bringing peace to a troubled world that would otherwise be in complete turmoil. Where there are trouble spots you are seeing the last vestiges of the effect of centuries of negative vibrations. It takes time to remove them but you are winning the battle.

“There is far more love being sent to them than ever before, and it is helping to cleanse such areas. It will be completed when total peace comes to the Earth, and we will carry out the final cleansing.” (1)

More recently he said:

“The period you are in now is a bit like the calm before the storm, as in reality you know only a little about what is really happening. Yet our activities are putting the pressure on those who need to step aside, to allow the New Age to commence. Either they move or we will do it for our Allies, and that will result in a great deal of happenings that will finally hit the media.

“It will be what you have been expecting and will gather pace very quickly. Even so it will take some weeks before the remnants of the old paradigm can be removed, and thus allow the introduction of that which is to replace it.” (2)

What we’ve been expecting is Disclosure and NESARA and we have still “some weeks” to wait.   We’ll confirm that with AAM on Monday night. Hopefully we’ll learn what the people in the rafters, to use Poof’s phrase, are doing.

What can we do in the meantime?  We’ve followed the daily reports on bringing down the cabal and ending war and, now that we actually see the results of those efforts, it becomes difficult to assess what’s next for us.

What do we do when peace descends on Earth? For sure, prepare for the shift at the end of the year. But until our governments transition, the new economy bursts on the scene, and the guests for the party arrive, what do we do?

I’d like to suggest that we establish beachheads of love all around us, starting from precisely where we’re at. I suggest we realize that nature abhors a vaccuum, and begin to fill the space that’s become available to us through the fall of the cabal with love and light.  Begin to send out love to all and sundry. Notice how challenging that is.

Transfer the challenge in life to the personal level. Begin challenging yourself.  See how much time in a day we can spend sending love out to all around us.

When old baggage arises, simply let it go as you would a heavy weight. Let it go and simply be love. This space, this interregnum. may last only days or, as SaLuSa predicts, weeks. However long it lasts, let’s use it to begin extending our personal auric field of love to take in first family, then friends, then blocks, then neighborhoods.

It’s time for us to come out of our protective shells, not to become Ninja warriors, but to become emissaries of love. I think it’s safe now. We can come out of our houses, our safe areas, our comfort zones, at least a bit. We can come out into the light of day, into the sun with fewer and fewer chemtrails, less and less discordance, to blink and get that much of the really bad stuff in our common lives is now for the most part over. The war is won and peace has come.

Before we start the reconstruction era in earnest, let’s just spend a little time simply enjoying the new and peaceful way of things and extending our love in all directions. We haven’t taken possession of our new world yet, but we can at least emerge into the light of day and mix and mingle in love again.


(1) SaLuSa, June 6, 2012, at

(2) SaLuSa, Aug. 24, 2012.

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