I Apologize to World Islam

The largest part of the American, British and other peoples have probably not awoken to the fact that the tragic events of 9/11 were staged by elements of western governments, militaries and business communities themselves; what we commonly call the “military-industrial complex” and “the secret state.”

They don’t know it was staged to initiate a series of wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran that would ensure the control and dominance of a group of nations and elites that go by various names and are only dimly known to most people.

The wider agenda, if I were to give it here, would prove so shocking that I’m not sure many people could or would believe it. It was to start a nuclear World War III, in the event that the regional wars did not cement the control of that group, in which all but 500 million of the Earth’s population of 7 billion would perish, the remainder being enslaved.

The survivors would wait out the resulting nuclear winter in deep underground military bunkers, which, since August 2011, have been progressively destroyed by “white knights” in many military services who’ve opposed and overcome the forces of the secret state.

False-flag operations of the 9/11 type probably go back further than Biblical times. Dressing your soldiers up in the uniforms of other armies and staging an attack to start a war was used by the Japanese to start their war against China. Attacking or blowing up your own ships was used in the destruction of the U.S.S. Maine and was resorted to again in the Tonkin Gulf, the attempted destruction of the U.S.S. Liberty, the U.S.S. Cole, and many other instances. The attacks on the Murrah Building in Oklahoma, the Madrid train bombing,  the London bombings, and the Mumbai assault all were staged in the same false-flag way that 9/11 was.

But 9/11 was the most monstrous example of a false-flag attack that ever occurred. Dr. Carol Rosen in her 2000 testimony before the Disclosure Project showed how the American military-industrial complex had the whole false-flag history of the United States planned as far back as the 1970s.

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In many of these attacks, though not all of them, the blame was laid at the doorstep of “Muslim terrorists.” However this allegation is not now and never was true. It’s true to say that terrorists exist in all nations and cultures. In the United States, terrorists can be seen occupying the Presidency (George Bush, Sr. and Jr.) and Vice-President (Dick Cheney). As shocking as that statement is, it’s accurate, given that the two Bush administrations were totally committed to the goal of world domination and the second Bush administration largely engineered 9/11.

Osama bin Laden, who was “killed” for a second time in 2011, was not responsible for 9/11. On the eve of 9/11, as Dan Rather reported at the time on the CBS News, bin laden was lying in a Rawalpindi hospital, guarded by the Pakistani military and having kidney dialysis. In July of 2001, he was visited by the local CIA chief while in a Dubai hospital, even though he was wanted at the time for embassy bombings.

Bin Laden (or Tim Osman, to use his CIA alias) had nothing whatever to do with 9/11, aside from allowing his name to be used as an undercover CIA agent, for which I’m sure he received suitable rewards. He probably died in Dec. 2001 from his many illnesses.

This having been said, all the actions taken against Muslims – the discriminatory treatment accorded them, the refusal to allow them to build religious centers, the suspicion levelled against them, and all other actions traceable to their being held responsible for 9/11 – all have no basis in fact.

But, even if they had a basis in fact, they would not have a basis in ethics or morality. No population in total should be held accountable for the actions of a few of its members. If we applied that principle, no nation or religion in the world would be exempt from the resulting responsibility. But let’s leave that for another occasion and concentrate here on the allegations’ lack of a basis in fact.

The corollary of what I’ve just said is that that there was no justification on any grounds for the manner in which we’ve treated our Muslim populations in our various countries and world Islam in general. Such attacks as the recent anti-Muslim film are simply designed to re-awaken incipient hatred against Muslims for such events as 9/11 and inflame Muslims to respond with violence in countries where they form the majority, further damaging them in the eyes of the non-Muslim world.

I apologize to world Islam for the false charges levelled against them for so many years and the suspicion and mistreatment that have arisen from our mistaken attitudes and misunderstanding of events. I apologize for our failure, even if any of this were true, to rise above any such events that continue to be laid at the doorstep of Muslims and blind us to our being brothers and sisters. I call upon our governments, who’ve made apologies to Japanese-Americans and Canadians, Australian aborigines, and others, now to extend those apologies to world Islam for the unjustified and unjustifiable misery and suffering caused them in recent years.

I call upon the world’s religions, who all worship the same Creator, to cease fighting with each other. I call upon the armies that serve the agendas of the secret state to lay down their arms, and embrace peace. I call upon those secret forces in the world who continue to try to foment conflict and hatred to stop their actions.

There is momentum in the world towards creating world peace, global prosperity, and a new age for humanity. Dictatorial regimes around the world are stepping down or falling. The nations have gathered to create a new economy that will bring global abundance to all. It’s time to apologize to world Islam and to all groups and religions who’ve been mistreated and to turn our backs on a sordid and shameful period in our history.

It’s time to embrace one another as a global population of brothers and sisters, for whom all of us is responsible and which is itself responsible for us all. It is time to work for what one man called “a world that works for everyone.”  This is an achievement which has been denied us for all the years we were divided and conquered, but which is possible for us now as a world about to become free and united.

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