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Will I Ascend?

I’m frequently asked: will I ascend? And the reader usually goes on to discuss the reasons for asking the question. My answer is more or less the same, so without posting the question here because I don’t feel I have the reader’s permission to do so, perhaps let me post the answer. The reader says he has difficulty meditating and goes on to discuss his perceived situation.

There’s no need to meditate, study, etc., to ascend. Matthew Ward has said (and I agree with him)

“There’s no need either for esoteric studies, trips to the Himalayas, belonging to spiritual groups, attending instructional seminars or workshops, or establishing prayer rituals; however, if you feel strongly attracted to any of those and you have the time and resources to engage in them, by all means follow your heart in those matters. ” (1)

Archangel Michael has said:

“Beloved Ones, it has never been easier to make that Connection to Inner Divinity than Now! It does not require years of meditation and discipline, it requires only that you make the Choice and set the Intention and that you Align your thoughts and beliefs with that Choice and Intention. There are no great secrets and no great mysteries, it is a very simple truth that is available to all at this time!” (2)

Many people have agreed to clear up a tremendous amount of karma in this lifetime to prepare themselves for Ascension, so many people are sick, beset with problems, etc. This situation, far from indicating that they’ll have a hard time ascending, is allowing them to position themselves well. Here’s SaLuSa on that:

“With the end times rapidly drawing so near, may souls have elected to take on all remaining karmic experiences. For many it is therefore a hectic time, particularly at a personal level. When you ascend, karma will have been cleared by you or ‘written off’ through the Law of Grace.” (3)

At this end-of-cycle period, we no longer have to work as hard as the seekers in Jesus’ time did for a still mind, a purified heart, and unitive consciousness. Sananada told us as much in The Crystal Stair:

“Yes, we have requirements. I use the word rather facetiously, for compared to the requirements for those who have already ascended before this time, they are really rather easy requirements. [He then states the requirements and continues:] That’s it. You see, it is not very difficult, is it? … You can have the experience of Ascension even in your sleep. You do not need to become a great saint or yogi.” (4)

The two things necessary to ascend are to choose it, since the law of freewill requires that we choose it, and to raise our light levels sufficiently to be able to survive on the Fifth Dimension. But, if our light levels are somehow not adequate at this moment, we have another year to go with the help of ascended masters, galactics and celestials. And the threshold is not high.

Most people who can describe themselves as decent human beings will ascend without needing to worry. I’d be very much surprised if you are as you describe that you somehow would not. I don’t think it possible that you would not. Remember that we are wrapping things up at this end-of-cycle time. There’s no longer the emphasis on “test and trial” or fitness and faith that there was several thousand years ago. We’ve finished the course in duality now and all who choose and can tolerate the more refined life in 5D are welcome to go.

Ascension is not exclusive, as, say, the Christian idea of heaven is in some people’s minds; it is inclusive. Everyone is welcome, whatever their beliefs, whether they meditate or not, etc. There is no one guarding the gate, so to speak, to keep another out. The so-called gatekeepers are there to assist, to welcome and to speed the individual on their way.




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