Will the Followers of Religions Other than Christianity Ascend?

The following question was asked on the 2012 Scenario discussion group. Long-time readers will know that I am a moth before the light of this question. I never tire of answering it.  And since many Christians appear to have the same question, I reproduce the reply from 2012S here.

> So are we physically leaving [on Dec. 21, 2011]? Have I missed something here?? I could sure use some clarification please, somebody? Also does this mean that those who state they are Christians and attend Church etc… are they lightworkers even if some only follow the works of the Bible? I know that Jesus is an ascended Master now going by the name of Sananda? What becomes of those with a different belief than ours?
>  XXX

For those who’ve heard me say all of this before, perhaps just pass on to the next post.

Hi, XXX,

I thought Shell did a pretty good job of answering your question. But allow me to add a few  additional words.

Yes, we are physically leaving. Our bodies are at this moment altering their makeup from carbon-based to crystalline-based, which allows us to endure the conditions of the higher dimensions. Without that change, we would not be able to tolerate the conditions of 5D.

I’m not quite sure how to interpret your question about Christians. But let me suggest that, to the best of my knowledge, it matters not in the divine scheme of things what religion one follows or does not follow. What matters is the condition of one’s heart.

It thus follows that those who are of different religions will not be treated or regarded any differently than those of Christian background.

If you think about it, if God is all there is, and if all there is includes many universes and dimensions, on and on through vast reaches of space and dimensionality, what really does it matter that one religion down here on Earth says what it says? Is God somehow bound to one religion? It would be surprising if that was the case.

Are Fifth-Dimension Sirians or Pleiadians Christians? One could say yes or no, depending on how one interprets “Christ.” If one were to interpret “Christ,” as the Self, the Atman, the divine fragment or light in the heart, then one could probably say that they are worshippers of that.  But if one narrowly interprets it as followers of Jesus, then the answer would probably be they are not (even though they undoubtedly know of and honor him).

The entire difficulty that leads to people saying that only Christians will ascend or be saved stems from the passage in which Jesus said (paraphrased), “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one reaches the Father but by me.”

That is a true statement but I don’t think Jesus meant by that “I, Jesus.” I think he was speaking in the same mystical language that he often used and was referring to the “I,” the Christ, the Self, the Atman, the soul – the Child of God.

He spoke of this same “I” as a Pearl of great price, a treasure buried in a field, a measure of meal that leavened the whole loaf, a mustard seed that grew into a great tree. Much of his teachings are about this “I” – one with the Father, but lesser than the Father, which came out from the Father into the world, etc.

Focusing on this “I” in meditation is the way to “full” enlightenment; the Light that this “I” becomes at the end of one’s spiritual endeavors is the truth; and seeing it leads to a cessation of needing to be born again into matter, or life.  So the “I” is the way, the truth, and the life and no one reaches the Father but by this Light.

You mentioned that Jesus is now called Sananda, implying that the two are one. I’m not so sure of that myself. Jesus remains Jesus and is most worthy of worship in all respects. But the spirit named Sananda is one of the venerable figures known as Kumaras.  To the best of my knowledge, Sananda overlit Jesus in his lifetime as the Messiah, but they are separate souls.

Sanat Kumara is another of the Kumaras. Sanat was planetary logos of Earth but has been succeeded recently by Gautama and has moved on to his training as a solar logos. In the Bible Sanat Kumara appears as the “Ancient of Days.”  The Kumara are a highly-evolved group. They have played a role in Earth’s evolution since time out of mind.

All these subjects are covered on my site, if you enter “Sanat Kumara” or “Jesus” in the search box or scroll down the righthand column.

Last matter on the Christ.

The Christ (or Son of God) is one of the three figures of the Trinity, the other two being the Father and the Holy Spirit. Hindus call these three Atman (Christ, Son), Brahman (Father), and Shakti or the Divine Mother (Holy Spirit).

These terms in fact refer to three levels of reality. The Father is the Transcendental level – the Formless or Void. The Holy Spirit is the Phenomenal level – this world of matter, mater or Mother that we see around us. And the Christ is the Transcendental in the Phenomenal – Father’s Light or flame housed in the Mother’s construction, the body.  Their relationship has been depicted as that of Farther, Mother, and Child.

However the Father is not a male and the Mother is not a female.  These levels of reality exist far beyond gender. The difference between them is, rather, the same as the difference between stillness and movement, silence and sound.

I once had a reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon and asked him if I was accurate in saying this (above) about the Trinity. He said I was but that I would meet opposition before the notions I was describing were accepted.  I did not derive those notions myself. They come from Sri Ramakrishna, Paramahansa Yogananda, St. John of the Cross, Pseudodionysius, Jan Ruusbroec, and other enlightened masters.



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