Obstacles to a Smooth Ascension: Self-Servingness


Number Three on my Top Ten list of behaviors that could make Ascension a rougher ride than it need be would be self-servingness. There’s a phrase in the lightworker community that distinguishes one galactic society from another. One is said to be in service to self and another is said to be in service to others.

So, for instance, the Annunaki is said to be in service to self and the Galactic Federation, which saved us from the Annunaki, is said to be in service to others.

I’ve long looked at whether there’s something inherent in selflessness or self-servingness that makes the one desirable and the other undesirable and I’ve reached the conclusion that the most basic statement I can make about the inherent desirability of selflessness is that it mirrors the Creator.

The purpose of life is for us to realize our identity with the Creator and that’s where the act of uncovering our essential selflessness receives its inherent valuableness. Selflessness mirrors the Creator; selfishness does not.

Of course I could be wrong, but that’s my most mature estimation at this moment.

From the human perspective life is often portrayed as being about looking out for Number One, not from the divine perspective. From the human perspective, we’ve elaborated selfishness into what sociologists call the self-serving bias to elevate ourselves in our own estimation and that of others.

The self-serving bias sees us maximize our own role in things and minimize the role of others. It sees us attribute to ourselves the responsibility for successes, victories, and gains and to others the responsibility for defeats, failures, and losses.

It sees us tell and retell our stories until they’re sanitized, packaged, and learned by rote through what I call successive “howdido” conversations. We tell each other our version of conversations with our boss, partners, and friends and ask “How did I do?” Once we have our stories down pat, we’ve often reduced history to a tale of self-glorification.

Recognized names in entertainment, politics and other fields have ghostwriters tell their stories in self-glorifying ways. Media control can be traced back to Project Mockingbird in the 1950s in which the CIA consolidated its grip on the American press and eventually reduced the number of controlling companies to a docile handful. In every way what we read, hear and see about those in positions of influence in society is managed in a massaged and self-serving way.

Our social safety net, which was the pride of our civilization back in the Sixties and Seventies, has been shredded. Some of our leading charities misuse their funds. All of society’s wealth has been concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.

The way our society has been created, recreated and skewed by the cabal, if we did not look out for Number One, we’d receive very little social support for going the route of selflessness.

Every indication we had was that selfishness paid dividends and yet the Company of Heaven, whether galactics, celestials, or ascended masters, have combined to bring that order down.


The manipulators of the economy are being prosecuted. Their latest act of robbery – to float a scam revolving around derivatives, incurring a global debt equal to $200,000 for every man, woman or child on the planet – is being allowed to pull their economy under.

The heads of charities who’ve fattened themselves on donations are being exposed. Politicians who’ve diverted funds for such things as Haitian relief from the earthquake of several years ago are being revealed. The attempts of whole sectors of the economy like the banking, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to bilk the public is being revealed.

The global elite is in containment, under arrest, or in the process of being removed from the planet. Every element of a society built on selfishness is coming down. We stand on the brink of a social order where selflessness will become the norm.

Life is really about becoming one with God and to do that we need to be like God. And God is selfless; the Sun is selfless; Gaia is selfless. God does not judge, does not punish, does not withdraw His/Her/Its love, care or blessings when we “miss the mark” (a “sin” is an archery term for missing the mark).

The law of karma, which is there to mirror back to us our progress in becoming more like God and to show us the way, does not reward selfishness. Instead it offers us an exact return which is designed to show us that selfishness is not the way to go if we wish to be like God. Selflessness is.


Children are selfless and we are told that we must become like children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. “Heaven” is the name that ancient Christians gave to the Mental Plane or Fifth Dimension. Children are selfless. So we must become selfless like children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven or Fifth Dimension easily, smoothly.

Ascension is an event that will see us enter the “Kingdom of Heaven,” the Fifth Dimension. If we want our passage to be smooth, we’re advised not to take our smallness, our selfishness, our concern for only ourselves with us.

That doesn’t mean I’m somehow advising anyone to do anything they may regret; I’m not. In the end I’m talking about attitudes, and not actions necessarily.

It does mean that I’m suggesting that, if we want a smooth passage, we may wish to divest ourselves of attitudes which don’t work and don’t create a world that works, and high on the list of attitudes such as these would be selfishness.

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