Shane: Make Room for the Younger Lightworker

Shane lays out the situation of the younger lightworker and reminds us that, while older folks say that younger folks don’t have the experience, Shane reminds us that the younger lightworkers don’t have the karma to clear that we have and don’t need the same years to experience.

Shane reminds us that the younger lightworkers are here for a reason and it’d be remiss of us not to make room.

“A lot of the older generation are not incredibly willing to listen to what we have to say, whether it’s because of some subjective experience that they have had that kind of shun them away or if it’s just that they are untrusting or that they don’t think that we have anything to offer. But I think that different aspects of our society have different things to offer. To ignore huge parts of [the population] would be very detrimental to the ease of our Ascension.”

We’ve been told that, right? What the Arcturian Group said about “children,” with appropriate changes, may turn out to apply to the younger lightworker as well:

“Many of the children being born now have no lessons to learn; they have already finished their three dimensional lessons, but chose to be on earth at this important time simply to add their Light to the planet. That is why so many of them do not fit into ‘the box’ so to speak, they are functioning beyond many of the adults who are their teachers. These children do not understand why three dimensional issues they see as irrelevant, are important to so many around them. Be patient with these children; they do need structure and love, but most of all need you to understand that they see the world from a whole different perspective than those who have not yet evolved to their level.” (The Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaelle, May 2011, at


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