The Transition is a Great Awakening and a Prelude to Ascension – Part 4/7

Not only Archangel Michael, but also the Divine Mother, Lao Tzu, SaLuSa, Saul, Jesus, and a number of other sources have said this month will see a wonderful opening in  consciousness. Archangel Michael called it “the Transition” and said it was a prelude to Ascension. Let’s look at the Divine Mother’s discussion of it today.

The Divine Mother is one with the Father – is the Father – in God’s active rather than inactive aspect.  The Father is not a male and the Mother is not a female. The use of the terms is a conventional teaching device used ancient sages to distinguish between silence and sound, rest and movement, the Transcendental and the Phenomenal, the worlds of formlessness and form.

While the Father is the Source of creation and is usually referred to as the Creator, in fact only the Mother actually creates as well as preserves and transforms. She does so through the power or attraction of love.

The Divine Mother spoke through Linda Dillon on May 7, 2012 on An Hour with an Angel.  It’s noteworthy to add that an hour and a half before the interview I began to experience bliss. Linda noted a similar effect.  Similarly after the interview both of us had to rest. This impact is not the case with Archangel Michael, Sanat Kumara, or, say, Ashtar, although all three hail from above the 12th dimension, the borderline of human experience.

The Mother said that “there are many things that we will talk about and discuss this day. … The most important is the transition that each of you, my beloved ones, goes through right now, as you receive love, of energy, of flow from my heart and from the heart of the Father, from the One.” (1)

She told us that “the time of change is certainly upon you, but also the time of separation within your universe, and certainly upon your planet, is over. It is in completion – not incomplete, but completed.”

She called the transition “a time of awakening, yes, which we have had this channel call the Great Awakening.” She added that it was “a time of restoration and the fulfillment of my [Divine Plan]. … I tease you and say, I think I am qualified to speak to this matter.”

She called the Transition a “tipping point” but added that:

“You are also at a place of still, great heaviness, what you often refer to — and when I say you I mean the humans — as darkness. Now, I do not say this to frighten or to worry, and certainly never in judgment. But the drama and the choice to engage in drama — well, you know this history of your planet and the illusions that have been adopted, and you are at a crossroads.”

She asked us “to not only clear, let go [of], but to eliminate this darkness and drama.”

She said that as a planet we were “over the hump, and that is the brilliant news, that is the good news that Michael has delivered on our behalf.”

“It is the glad tidings of enormous, pure joy! Because had you not, it would have resulted, can we say, in a very long, long, long, prolonged period of continuation in the darkness. But you collectively, with your hearts of purity, have remembered, and you have chosen love. You have chosen to shift. …

“There is celebration, jubilation, in so many realms! Now, we flood you directly: whether you acknowledge it or not, I flood you with my energy, with my movement, with my love, with birthing, with rebirthing your sweet selves, with rebirthing yourselves into, back to, the original patterning — which was always multidimensional; which was always aware and awake; which was always participating with and in my creative energy. “

As lightworkers we are “fertile, and you are giving birth, with us, to the Divine Plan.” She closed by advising us that she will not “stop this flow. So your world, as you perceive, feel, think, know, imagine, is shifting. This is part of your current Ascension process. It is what we have all decided upon. It is the Plan.” And it will go forward, unstoppably, whether we choose to go with it or not.

So the good news is that we’ve passed the point of no return with Ascension and are being flooded with loving energy direct from the Source to prepare us for our coming rise. We’re asked to let go of our drama of separation and competition completely and draw together in unity and innocence. We’re warned that the energies will not be stopped or toned down and that we must choose to ride them where they take us if we want to ascend and thereby align with the Divine Plan for this age.


(1) All quotations are taken from “Transcript of the Divine Mother on An Hour with an Angel, May 7, 2011,” http://

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