World Freedom Day: This Era Will See the Total Return of Freedom to Earth

We Must be Free to Fulfill the Purpose of Life

Life has a purpose. We are here for a reason. We serve a Divine Plan, whether we realize it or not.

Our purpose in being here is to discover our true nature, our true identity. And that true nature is God.

But being told that is not the same as knowing it. Knowing it is more intimate. We must know that we are God and that everyone else is God if we’re to solve the mystery of life and fulfill our purpose.

Gold jewelry, a golden coin, and a golden goblet are all made of gold. Ten droplets of water on a table are separate but when we take our finger and join them, they become one pool of water.  So we are all God through and through like gold and yet God in separate forms like drops of water. But separation does not alter our common make-up and identity as God.

We are given infinite lifetimes to discover our true nature. God has decreed that, in our quest to learn who we are, we shall be free to follow whatever path we wish, to look in every corner of life, to decide all aspects of how we will solve the puzzle of existence.

It was never intended that one person should serve another, be seen as less than another, or suffer that another person may enjoy. Let’s listen to some of the sources we follow on this website on the subject of our freedom.

SaLuSa is a human light being from Sirius, appointed to serve as the spokesperson for the Galactic Federation of Light. Very few galactic or spiritual sources comment on current affairs on Earth. SaLuSa is perhaps the best among the small number who do and so I quote him extensively. He tells us that we were never meant to be subservient.

“It was certainly not intended that you should give up your freedom and forever be subservient to others. You are equal Beings, albeit that you play roles that put you in situations where one may be viewed as superior to another. These are learning experiences that awaken the truth within you, and release you from the thraldom that you have come to accept.” (1)

We were have been fooled into giving up our rights, he says.

“Dear Ones, you have been continually fooled into giving up your rights, and but for the rise in consciousness and your stand against the dark forces, you would have totally lost your sovereignty. Even now you have to fight hard to restore your rights, but the turning point has been reached.” (2)

“In so many ways you have been led to believe that you are subservient to those in power, and your rights have been deliberately eroded to keep you down. Again that will change and although it will take time to reverse the situation, eventually you will become sovereign Beings once again.” (3)

We were never intended to be forced into confirmity, he says.

“It is never the way of those who [are enlightened] that they … force their opinions upon others. Yet in days past people were put to death for holding opinions that were not in accordance with the State religion.” (4)

“Let no one force their beliefs on you.” (5)

Our freewill, SaLuSa tells us, is a gift from the Creator.” (6) That divine gift of freedom was neither conditional nor partial: “True freedom is much more than you might imagine. … Freedom is total without restrictions.” (7)

Ag-Agria of Sirius agrees: “You are in total charge of your self.” (8) SaLuSa adds: “You cannot ‘own’ another soul, which is … free … to experience as it chooses.” (9)

The galactics are not alone in saying these things. Here is terrestrial master Matthew Ward, a spirit from a higher dimension, saying the same as SaLuSa and Ag-Agria. He tells us that the advanced beings here to help us at this time respect our free will as a matter of duty.

“No civilization of light beings may interfere with the free will choices of another world’s population.” (10)

“The light brotherhood observe the laws of the universe which include that only if a soul requests help, may another civilization provide it.” (11)

Our free will serves our spiritual evolution, our progress in knowing who we are, SaLuSa reminds us. No higher being would want to interfere with it.

“The choice of every soul is respected where his or her evolution is concerned, and no one would interfere with it.” (12)

“Your progress is in your own hands. … That is in accordance with the freewill you have been granted. … You are not restricted in your choices.” (13)

“Each soul will become free to progress according to their choice, a decision that was made prior to their present incarnation. … It matters not what others have chosen that may be quite different to yours. Simply allow them the same free choice that you have been given. All experience has immense value, and you take it with you when you complete each lifetime’s journey.” (14)

Our sources are heartened to find that, when we recover our free will, we use it to accept more and more of the truth about ourselves, which generates more light on the planet, as Matthew tells us.

“What is immensely heartening to us is that in each moment more souls are using their free will to accept the truth of their godselves, thereby generating light and adding it to the light of others on Earth and to that beamed there by your benevolent universal family.” (15)

Light Beings from Other Dimensions and Regions of Space are Here to Help Us Reclaim our Freedom

Changes are occurring on Earth that will see the return of freedom to the people, according to SaLuSa. For centuries dark controllers have kept the people more or less enslaved.

“Changes are occurring … which will ensure that your sovereignty is restored to levels you have not experienced. If you reflect on what has happened in the past, you may be astonished that you allowed others to take over your governments and the key institutions.

“However, the dark have long worked at their plan for control, without you hardly noticing the gradual loss of your power and freedom that has gone on for several centuries. Now your understanding is growing, as more details are being brought to the surface that show where and how your trust has been misused.

“The dark forces are being revealed for what they are, and cannot now take back their power. People power remains the most potent weapon against the dark, and you are beginning to come together in a concerted effort to have them removed.” (16)

The time for us to reclaim our individual sovereignty totally is now, according to the Arcturian Group.

“It is time to acknowledge your divine rights, dear ones, time to stand up and be free because you are Divine beings, not human beings. Stop believing everything you are told and start to think for yourselves; always trusting your intuition and your inner guidance and not what puppet talking heads on your televisions read out to you.” (17)

And we are taking steps to reclaim it, SaLuSa says.

“You are already beginning to take back your power, and with it comes the confidence to take charge of your future. You have been dictated to for far too long, and kept from claiming your divinity. It is inevitable and indeed intended that you should take back your sovereignty, and that will not take very long to be achieved. …

“It will be a wonderful experience for you all to jump into the future, and your new found freedom will be exhilarating and a joy you have not yet fully envisaged.” (18)

Ascended master Hilarion tells us that the new energies are helping people recover their courage.

“The very energies themselves are harbingers of a new order of things. Where once people were afraid to speak up for themselves and their rights in all the situations of their lives, they are now realizing that speaking their truths is the only way they can be their Authentic Selves, living their Highest truths and honoring the Presence of the Infinite One within them. …

“Gone are the days of acquiescing to others in any facet of your lives.” (19)

They are pushing us to action, SaLuSa tells us.

“With our presence even if you are not fully aware of what we are doing, the energies around Earth are playing upon the consciousness of many who see it is their duty to take action.” (20)

“Mentally you have become empowered to stand up for your rights, and as more of you join together your strength is increasing. We shall be standing with you urging you ever onwards, and our Light will go with you to produce a powerful force for the good of all. That much we are allowed to do, and it is the Law of Attraction in action.” (21)

They are also lifting up our consciousnesses, he reveals.

“In a short time your consciousness is going to grow quite rapidly, and it will be due to the uplifting energies reaching your Planet.” (22)

Light Forces Help Us Reclaim Our Freedom

Elsewhere, SaLuSa tells us that the light originates with great beings. “Many higher Beings are … focusing their Light upon Earth,” according to him. (23)

“There is so much help coming to you from many quarters, as the Universe follows the events upon Earth very closely. Your evolution is viewed as being most important, and a successful outcome is essential to the future of Mankind.” (24)

“If only you could realize the vastness of the light coming from countless sources in the universe, your hearts would be uplifted immeasurably to hasten the moment when darkness succumbs to the brilliance, and love permeates Earth.” (25)

“New energies permeate the Earth, that come from outside your solar system. These are behind the personal changes you are experiencing, and are becoming more powerful each day.” (26)

These light forces stand shoulder to shoulder with us to see that victory belongs to the people.

“The forces of Light are doing all they can from the higher dimensions to bring a quick end to the stand off in Libya. We do not want to see needless death and bloodshed, and the regime change cannot be stopped. Everything is continually changing and the time has come for many countries to move on.

“Throughout the world people are waking up to what they have been experiencing, and only now realizing how they have been kept down and denied their rights. The old paradigm allowed for control and separation but the Light has now fully entered the equation, and is breaking down the hold that the dark forces used against them.” (27)

As we can see in the Middle East, our victory is unstoppable, SaLuSa says.

“Dear friends and fellow travellers, you are not going to be stopped in your pursuit of freedom and happiness. It is, and always has been your right to live your life as a sovereign Being. Let no one pull you down.” (28)

Somehow we sense it and walk with heads held high, he tells us.

“Now you walk with your heads held up high knowing you have the power to change the circumstances that affect your lives. You not only know that you are great Beings, but are using your creative powers to [change your circumstances]. The more you continue to focus on a peaceful and happy future, the more energy you are creating that will manifest it for you.

“We desire the best for you, and work towards the return of your sovereignty. By rights acceded to you as a child of God, it is law that you are allowed to claim them. They have been denied you because you have been deliberately kept in ignorance of them. However, you are awakening to your true selves and insisting on being treated with respect, and your rights acknowledged.

“Be assured you also have us alongside you, and you will be restored to your true levels in readiness for the end of this cycle. It is all part of the process of Ascension that will see you lift up into the higher dimensions.” (29)

World Freedom Day is simply an acknowledgment of what already exists and what will come. We were always meant to be free. Light forces from other dimensions and regions of space are here to help us reclaim our individual freedom or sovereignty. And increasing energies of light are helping us recover our courage and take the action necessary to win back our freedom. The results we are seeing in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Soon we will see the same results in other countries too, until the entire planet is once again free.

World Freedom Day acknowledges this battle occurring upon Earth, which most people are totally unaware of. But we are aware of it and we watch its unstoppable progress across our planet. The people will again be free and we the people will see to it that that freedom is regained.


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