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Don’t Abandon Julian Assange Now

The latest attack on Julian Assange has come from lightworker Jane Burgermeister. (1) Numerous attacks are coming from various quarters, many of them lightworkers.

The current attack suggests that the Economist gave Assange an award in 2008 and the Economist is owned by the Rothschilds. It also suggests that Amnesty International gave Assange an award and AI is alleged to have a connection to the UN and IMF.

So here we have our first challenge (I warned you we would) as to whether we’ll act like lemmings or not. Will we surrender our good judgment to these memes?

The Rothschilds know full well how to neutralize lightworker efforts. The standard strategy is divide and conquer. Set lightworkers against each other and watch their work go down in flames. Both the Rothschild faction of the Illuminati and the Rockefeller faction have been doing everything in their power to turn the world against President Obama and, in my view, they’re now doing the same with Julian and Wikileaks.

What they say about Julian doesn’t need to be true. If they can start a false rumor, it will divide lightworkers just the same and the damage will have been done. How many papers print retractions on page one? Retractions are usually buried and the damage done left unaddressed.

All of us need to make a choice. We’ll never have full information on which to base our decisions. Just as I never knew the truth before making a decision in my hearing room, so here too we don’t know the truth and yet we must act.

The effect of Julian’s and Wikileaks’ disclosure is to make it more difficult for an illegal war to be waged in Afghanistan and Iraq. The effect of the lightworker suggestions that Julian is a tool of the cabal is to nullify the impact of that disclosure.

You have to decide whether you’re going to abandon Julian now and watch the cabal survive the frontal assault that Julian’s efforts represent or take the risk of possibly making a bad decision but have the full impact of Wikileaks’ disclosure stand.

Never mind the personalities involved. The Wikileaks disclosure is our best shot at tying the cabal in knots. Abandon Julian Assange now and we will lose that tool in our toolbox.

At some point the cabal will look into my past and say “Beckow smoked dope in college.” Yes, I smoked dope in college. So what? I also practiced free love in the early 1970s and currently support the local social democratic party (the New Democratic Party, the third political party here in Canada). Are you going to allow me to be tarred with a brush and eliminated from the scene too? If they plant a rumor that makes it look like I’m also a cabal tool, or Lisa Renee is, or Lauren Gorgo, will you shrink from supporting us as well? But this is what they do.

Supporting Julian Assange is not going to leave you in a position of weakness or humiliation. Not supporting Julian Assange very well may.

I don’t care what Jane says, or Alex Jones, or David Icke, Kurt Nimmo, or Vicky Chryso. Now is the time for us not to waver.

Don’t let the cabal divide us. It cannot conquer us. It’s too late for that. It can only sow confusion in our ranks but that’s as much damage as it can do. But don’t even allow that to happen.

Don’t let it play upon your desire to be honest and moral by feeding you information that makes it seem as if Julian is compromised – sex scandals, awards received, connections, whatever. Even if they are true, which I don’t think they are, the time to deal with that will be later.  Now is the time to stand firm.

Sorry, Jane. I support Julian Assange. And sorry to all the rest of the lightworkers who abandon him at this critical juncture.  What Julian did was the right thing. It was a good move to promote accountability, It promises to drive a wedge in the cabal’s ability to wage illegal wars. It may be that some rumor about Julian proves true. It’s still not the point for me. We can handle the fallout from that after the disclosure has had its effect.

The point is what Julian has done has weakened the cabal. I want to break free from their chains. The rest I will worry about after we’ve won back our freedom.



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  1. The bottom line is that Julian’s ‘leaks’ have, as you so rightly say, Steve, uncovered yet more evidence of the Cabal’s manipulation and deceit. This took courage and is good news, right? Yet our programming to become derailed from the bottom line by the drama and smear campaigns – a no brainer it is being created by the Illum.- seems to still have an incredible hold over those who should know better and see it for what it is.
    Come on Light Workers, feel in your HEARTS (GUTS if necessary) what is going on here and place your focus – and energy – on what is important.
    P.S. Jane, maybe you need to look at what the support you received meant to you – and the Illuminati’s strategies to keep you quiet – and take another look at your stand on this.

  2. I for one am happy that he is doing this, my girlfriend is opposed to it, she believes the rants of the government against him………….. Sheeple, all of them. I hope everything will be disclosed, and the illum’s get their come-upm’s. I must say I’ve grown tired of all of this. I hope disclosure happens soon now. We need it, we want it and it’s time.

    Sending you light Julian, keep on keeping on. Be safe.

  3. Wikileaks appears to be a counterintelligence operation of the US, warns tortured FBI whistleblower, designed to fool the guillible good, keep attention on sex scandals and not the Gulf, police the interent. You have to do your own research and ask your won questions.

  4. Thank you very much, we need to be encouraged, indeed, we are being attacked, ridiculed because of our firm ‘knowing’ even not believing that the wikileaks arrived just in time, so that people will awaken to the truth, the truth so deeply buried in our consciousness.
    Thank you, we’ll just try to go on, quietly and with a loving heart. Lisa.

  5. I’ve watched Julian on a 60minute episode and the energy I got during that interview was –
    1) He has some part of indigo energy
    2) He is honest to the core (even though some may say that he got this so-called award and got manipulated – definitely not by his will/plan)
    3) Julian is very very vulnerable now and yes, I do support him breaking the ‘wall of the dark’. Time to dispose the ‘veil’ and see the truth.
    4) In my heart, I send him love, light and blessings because he did what was necessary ..the rest will be dealth with at a later time.

    We shouldn’t have to make any kind of decisions on who is with isn’t any of our business. Our immediate now, is to purely focus on what needs to be done (as ‘One’) now to arrive to Dec 2012 at an appropriate time with light, love and unity.

    Stop the dualtiy in who’s right or who’s wrong. The ‘work’ needs to be done and we have to do it…according to all of our highest good. Julian’s highest good is his own business – not ours.

    Move on, Torchbearers – don’t let the ‘wind/rain’ blow our light out – add more light consciousness into our beings and concentrate on our highest good and we will all merge automatically as ‘One’ – as it should be.

    Stay on the path of ‘One’ with love, light and without any judgements and without divisions.

  6. I was deep in meditation the other morning. I went the place of almost ‘no-thought’ when I saw the eyes of Hitler looking right at me. They were angry, malevolent eyes. I am not afraid of Hitler or any other demonic force, so I looked directly back into his eyes. He did not budge or blanch before my gaze.

    Then I had a realization. Whatever it was/is that inhabited the man called Adolph Hitler and stared out through the tyrant’s eyes, did not leave when he blew his brains out on that day the Russians over-ran Berlin. Yes, Hitler the man was gone, but whatever had taken possession of the little dictator did not go anywhere. He just moved on, like a shadow, assuming different forms, taking over other bodies. Now, he is set to destroy anyone who may be successful in flushing him out of his hiding place(s). This is why there is a movement to destroy/liquidate/terminate Julian Assange. It’s coming from the same malevolent force.

    Of course, I have nothing empirical to back this up, it is pure intuition. I do believe that unless the people of this planet become more conscious and self-aware, the darkness represented by all the little Hitlers’ will win the day.

  7. Darkness is a ‘tool’ to be used as part of ‘lessons/journey’ for beings/souls who seek to pursue a higher spiriutal plane but not as ‘intensive’ as on Planet Earth/Gaia since we’ve free will and anything can happen according to each individual’s form/degree of manifestation/creativity. A soul has his/her own level of spiritual discernment and I won’t judge on anyone past or present. I do have to admit that I did have an egoistic issue with the way Hitler and the Japanese Imperial system did to millions of people with senseless raping and killing of pregnant women and hurling babies up in the air and killing them with their bayonets. All men were sent to piers, beheaded and dumped into the ocean…I’m still dealing with those feelings of being judgemental and asking God for justice….still working on it. But I do believe that they’ll face justice in their own time although we may not see it happening….nor understand what may happen for them. It’s all up to us, individually, to walk that fine line of balance in discernment between light and dark. We answer to our own ‘deeds’ and not blame it on ‘darkness’ alone. Time to improve on our own spiritual discernment.