Widely-Circulated Earthquake Warning Originates with Sorcha Faal

The report below, from which a snippet has been taken, originates with Sorcha Faal. That does not mean that some of it may not be credible but Sorcha Faal as a source is himself (since Faal is really David Booth) not constrained by a need to tell the truth or not to fabricate.

This story is reproduced in various magazines and journals that do not say that it originates with Faal. You must either follow the “links” back or go to Faal’s website directly and see if it appears.

While I don’t want to excite fear generally or to fail to publicize a credible threat, I won’t be reproducing articles from Sorcha Faal’s “What Does It Mean” website.


Posted by Real News Reporter on March 12th, 2011

A new report released today in the Kremlin prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the Institute of Physics of the Earth, in Moscow, is warning that the America’s are in danger of suffering a mega-quake of catastrophic proportions during the next fortnight (14 days) with a specific emphasis being placed on the United States, Mexico, Central America and South American west coast regions along with the New Madrid Fault Zone region.

This report further warns that catastrophic earthquakes in Asia and the sub-continent are, also, “more than likely to occur” with the 7.3 magnitude quake in Japan today being “one of at least 4 of this intensity” to occur during this same time period. (snip)

Actual originating website:

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