Was the VA Earthquake Caused by an Underground Nuclear Bomb?

Aug. 23, 2011 Earthquake

Here is a strange story and I have to suggest that you read it with caution. The story was allegedly first posted to PC World News and then reposted to  It says that the recent earthquake near Washington, D.C. was the result of an underground nuclear explosion. It also reports the interception of CIA/MOSSAD nukes in deep underground tunnels on Aug. 23, 2011.

The story appears below my comment. It raises a lot of issues so I’m obliged to make a rather extensive comment. I apologize for the length. First let me begin by saying:

1. I cannot find the original story on PC World News. If you can find the URL, I’ll post the story.

2. Though the repost is being widely quoted, if you follow the link to that site you get the following error message. The error message is not surprising unto itself. The cabal could have forced the removal of the story.

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Additionally, a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

3. I cannot access the liveleak forum to secure the images referred to in the story.

4. Now I see a story by Sorcha Faal on this same topic, but it isn’t the same as the earlier story from liveleaks. Since I can’t find an instance of the original story, I cannot find the “source” attribution and so cannot verify or deny that it was based on Sorcha Faal or Sorcha Faal’s post is based on it. I’m going to treat the liveleak story as separate from Faal’s article, until I can prove otherwise. In any case, the story is almost certainly false. Thanks to Pat.

Russia Reports Nuclear Explosions Hit Vast US Military Tunnel Network

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers, Aug. 24, 2011

Now about nuclear weapons, false-flag operations, etc., my understanding is that the explosion of a nuclear weapon as part of an Illuminati terrorist attack is not permissible. Said Suzy Ward in March 2011: “What our universal family is authorized to do is the same as it has been since 9/11: They can prevent all Illuminati attempts to detonate nuclear weaponry in furtherance of their terrorist attacks.”  (1)

As a side note not applicable to the situation under discussion, the galactics cannot prevent an underground nuclear test, Suzy said: “The free will decisions they are not permitted to interfere with also are the same: They can’t prevent weapons testing.” (2)

The explosion of a nuclear weapon near Washington would undoubtedly be considered a 9/11-like terrorist attack and so, until I hear differently from one of our sources, I’m not inclined to believe that a nuclear weapon was exploded underground near Washington. But I stress that I have no way of knowing whether it actually was or not. I’m merely reporting what has been said.

Certainly this is the time in which the waning force of the Illuminati will be applied to any mischief that could be deemed to have any chance of success. But the galactics are on top of the situation, as SaLuSa told us Aug. 19:

“The dark Ones have been subtle in their plan to exercise complete control over you. So much so, that few of you have even suspected that there was a plan to imprison you by taking away your rights. Believe us Dear Ones, it was well advanced and near to completion, with an attempt to create a situation that would have led to Martial Law and total control. Have no fear, the matter is now in our control and their power bases are being held in check.

“As we so often inform you, nothing will be allowed to interfere with your Ascension. We are here to see that all proceeds as divinely planned, and it will not be much longer before you shall know the details. Our actions will be openly carried out, and nothing will be hidden from your gaze. Our craft continue even now to make more displays with greater numbers of them appearing over major cities. There can be little doubt now, that we are proving our point regarding our peaceful presence.” (3)

Typical Deep Underground Military Bunker (DUMB)

The rest of the information – that deep underground military bunkers (DUMBs) exist, that exotic and powerful tunnel-boring equipment exists, that high-speed transportation systems exist linking the DUMBs, that the government has the ability to remain underground for months, that military units exist (i.e., the Earth allies) who oppose the cabal, etc., is, in my view, accurate.I’m even willing to believe that the Earth allies intercepted a CIA/MOSSAD nuke being delivered from the DUMB under Denver Airport. I would not believe anyone saying that that nuke would have been capable of being exploded however.

I repeat what I’ve said earlier: I believe I can state categorically that there is no chance of a nuclear war and no chance of an underground 9/11.

So what the full truth of this story is awaits comment from a reliable channeled source.

Keep in mind that Joe Vialls said that Indonesian and Indian sesismologists saw a single spike in readings of the Dec. 2004 tsunami and on that basis Vialls said the wave was caused by an undersea thermonuclear bomb. Because of the relevance of his statement, I quote Vialls at length in footnote 4.

I believed him at the time. His accuracy appeared to be supported by the fact that for his troubles, Joe Vialls was allegedly assassinated.

But we have heard extensively and many times from galactic and spirit sources that no nuclear bomb can be exploded on the planet in furtherance of warfare or false-flag terrorism.

And Matthew also said in 2004 that the tsunami was naturally-caused. I quote Matthew on that score:

“The only ET hand in this otherwise totally natural disaster [the 2004 tsunami] was using their technology to neutralize the force of the quake and lessen the size, or height, of the tsunami, and thus reduce destruction and death toll.  Without their help, hundreds of thousands of people would have perished, and this was not Earth’s intention.

“In my last message and in several prior to that, I mentioned that geophysical events would continue as the planet releases the kinetic energy resulting from millennia of accumulating negativity.” (5)

It’s also true that before we leave third density, as Matthew said, “millions of people will die.” (6) I did not say that millions of people would die from a natural catastrophe; only that millions of people will choose to leave the physical plane.

In fact, whether the soul leaves by choice or from being unable to stand the new energies, “physical death will come from any of the many causes that exist now,” Matthew says. “There will be no mass departure of darkly inclined persons when Earth reaches some specific vibratory level because the amount of light within bodies varies.” (7) And there will be no massive loss of life in a nuclear explosion or similar event.


“There is no way for you to distinguish between light-filled individuals who leave Earth lifetimes in accordance with soul contracts, those who choose to leave rather than accept the truth about religions, and persons whose bodies’ viability is snuffed out because they lack the light to survive in the vibratory level Earth entered.” (8)

Atmos reminded us in 2009 that “naturally some souls will leave the Earth due to the changes, but any so doing will be acting out their end time as arranged in their life contract.” (9) And Diane of Sirius added that same year that:

“Some of you would rather leave the Earth now, and provisions are already made for it to take place in the natural way in accordance with your life plan. It would have to be a matter of some urgency before we would be allowed to intervene. We know this is a point of contention with some of you, but we are not allowed to interfere with your choice as to how you will end your lifetime.” (10)

So those are my preliminary comments. I apologize for the length. I’ll post the footnotes first so that you can check my sources if you wish and then the story eliciting all this discussion – that an underground nuclear bomb was allegedly exploded near Washington.


(1) Suzy Ward to Steve Beckow, March 24, 2011.

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(4) See Vialls’ article “Did New York Orchestrate the Asian Tsunami?,” Jan. 5, 2005, at .

“At midday local Australian time I faithfully recorded the magnitude and position plotted by the Jakarta Geophysical Office in Indonesia. An earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale had hit the north of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The Jakarta Geophysical Office meticulously noted that the epicenter of the event was located 155 miles south-southwest of Aceh Province.

“This location is approximately 250 miles south of the position later selected by the American NOAA, which plotted the epicenter to the north-west of Aceh, and initially claimed a Richter reading of 8.0. Alas, even that was not enough to cover the damage caused by this extraordinary event, so NOAA progressively upgraded the reading to 8.5, then to 8.9, and finally to 9.0 – at least for the present.

“So, the first proven irregularities were peddled by American officials at NOAA, who suddenly invented a new ‘flexible’ peak seismic wave for the event, of far greater magnitude than Jakarta, when the Jakarta office was located much closer at almost point-blank range. Believe me when I tell you there is no such thing as the new ‘flexible’ peak claimed by NOAA. The first seismic peak you record is the only real peak, unless of course you later manually draw in a few more peaks of your own, to match a contrived agenda. Naturally there is also only one epicenter, which was faithfully recorded by dozens of Indonesian and Indian seismographs.

“Quite apart from the huge disparity in Richter values, the Indonesians and Indians were disturbed to find that the normal earthquake ‘preamble’ was missing from their seismograph charts. All this means is that the normal steadily increasing number of transverse shear “S” waves that always precede an earthquake were missing, as were later aftershocks, which likewise always accompany a naturally occurring or Tesla standing-wave generated earthquake. There were ‘warnings’ of aftershocks from the NOAA, but none actually eventuated.

“To simplify matters for non-technical readers, an earthquake is always triggered by a resonant electromagnetic frequency in the range 0.5 to 12 Hertz, but it is not an instant process, because the resonant frequency must be precise. Thus as true resonance approaches, the fault line starts to tremble like a piece of rope under tension, and sends out warnings to the seismographs in the form of steadily increasing transverse shear waves.

If all you get is a cluster of ‘P’ compression waves, then you are almost certainly looking at an underground or sub sea explosion. These were in fact the only copious seismic signals that the Indonesians and Indians received, and they looked curiously similar to those generated many years ago by large underground nuclear weapons in Nevada.”

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Seismic evidence reveals underground nuclear detonation south of Washington DC

Posted by PC World news Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

never know where the truth lies

Seismology charts are now revealing that the 5.8 magnitude tremor that rattled the entire East Coast including Washington DC was not a natural earthquake but an earthquake that resulted from an underground nuclear detonation. The image above is a seismograph from Washington and Lee University, (similar one found on website) about 85 miles southwest of the earthquake’s epicenter in Mineral. The green lines indicates the tremor that was felt in Washington DC which caused damaged to the Washington Memorial and the Washington National Cathedral. The black lines is a transparent overlay of a seismograph from a pdf file from Virginia Division Mineral Resources on Earthquakes. That file describes a typical natural occurring earthquake as:

“When a fault ruptures, energy is released in the form of seismic waves. The first waves to reach the earth’s surface are primary or “P” waves (Figure 2). P waves are compressional waves that travel at a speed of about four miles per second near the surface – faster as depth increases. The next waves to reach the earth’s surface are secondary or “S” waves. S waves are shear waves that move at a speed of about 1.5 miles per second. P and S waves are body waves that travel through the earth much like sonar waves travel through water. Surface waves, which are slower than S waves, travel along the surface of the earth much like waves at the surface of the ocean. S waves and surface waves cause the most destruction at the earth’s surface.”

What is missing from the seismograph for the Washington DC area 5.8 magnitude earthquake are the primary or “P” waves. All earthquakes that are the direct result of fault rupture have these primary or “P” waves. Nuclear detonations do not. Underground nuclear detonations are very violent and immediate with no forewarnings whatsoever. An underground detonation would account for the missing “P” seismic waves for the Washington DC 5.8 magnitude earthquake. If you’ve ever witnessed a controlled demolition of a building you would no doubt describe the earth tremors as millions of people are now describing what it felt like on August 23, 2011 all along the East coast.

Air Force tunnel boring machine links deep underground military bases across U.S.

I was pointed to this overlooked piece of evidence by someone who claimed to be with the United States Air Force. The story submission appeared to be sent by mistake as nothing was visible in the body of the submission. Instead of sending it to the trash I thought I would apply an old intelligence trick I was taught back in 1989. I right clicked my mouse on the body of the submission and selected all, then copy. I then opened up the notepad and selected paste from the menu. You would expect nothing to be pasted as there was nothing in the body of the submission but, just as I thought, a paragraph was pasted into the notepad. What was revealed was 1 paragraph whereby who ever sent it stated he was a member of the United States Air Force. He stated that the Virginia 5.8 magnitude earth “wasn’t a natural earthquake and not a HAARP earthquake”. He told me to find a seismograph of the Washington DC area earthquake and compare it to a past earthquake. Then he stated that I should Google DUMB or Deep Underground Military Bases. He ended by stating “the ABC warnings are real”. I tried to trace the IP of the submission but they don’t exist.

Based on the discrepancy between a natural earthquake and an underground nuclear detonation (used seismographs from the North Korea underground nuclear detonation and past U.S. underground nuclear tests), it would appear that yes there was an earthquake but an earthquake created as a result of an underground nuclear detonation.

USAF Tunnel Boring Machine

It would also appear that the United States Air Force has intercepted a nuclear bomb that was being transported via the deep underground tunnel systems that links secret deep underground military bases across the United States, to Washington DC. It would appear that some people in the United States Air Force are taking action to prevent another false flag attack on US soil. It is good to know that there are still people in the United States military who are upholding their oath to defend the United States from all its enemies, both foreign and domestic.

U.S. military personnel, dedicated to protecting the United States, its people and the United States Constitution have intercepted CIA/MOSSAD nukes that were in transit from the CIA’s underground Denver base to Washington DC on August 23, 2011. The CIA/MOSSAD were transporting the nukes underground in tunnels built by the United States Air Force that connects secret underground bases throughout the United States.

In case of a cataclysmic natural disaster or nuclear attack the United States government now has the means to go underground and stay underground for weeks, months, years or until such time as it is safe to return to the surface. Those tunnels makes it possible for the president and a handful of others to escape Washington DC via underground to other parts of the country not affected by a natural cataclysmic disaster or nuclear attack.


Here’s a link for Project Camelot’s piece on tunnel-boring equipment and underground bases. (I think we posted this a while back.)

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