New HAARP Research Going Forward

Enterprising researchers are beginning to gather evidence which points to various recent weather events as being caused by HAARP. This video links it to the Christchurch quake in New Zealand:

YouTube Preview Image

The next video follows research that the video’s producer did in which he allegedly correctly predicted tornadoes in two days time, on the basis of his reading of HAARP data.

YouTube Preview Image

We’ve lacked people digging into this subject. I personally welcome researchers digging in. Even if the research in the beginning is not as conclusive as we’d like, the to-and-fro of discussion will produce ever-improving techniques and ever-expanding conclusions.

Joshua and Pat send these videos as well, which I add to this post:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

This one I can’t make work. You’ll have to go to Youtube to view it:





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