Matthew Distinguishes Between “Weather-Control Technology” and “HAARP”

Matthew Ward at 17, prior to his transition

Kurt asked me recently to publish the letter in which Suzy conveys Matthew’s correction to me about HAARP. You recall that I interpreted Matthew’s original March 12, 2011 message to refer to HAARP.  I called the Japanese earthquake a “HAARPquake,” which I now discover is not an accurate term.

At the time I knew Matthew had differentiated between “scalar weapons” and “HAARP.” But I did not know that there was a difference between what Matthew had called “weather-control technology” and “HAARP.”

So when Matthew mentioned weather-control technology in his March 12 message, I assumed that he was referring to HAARP. But apparently he was not. Here then is his correction.

When I asked Suzy if I could publish the letter, she asked to be permitted to edit and expand it.  Quite a bit of additional valuable information is presented here.

I originally interpreted “their” to refer to the Illuminati’s technology and was surprised to find that it referred to our space family’s technology, which I considered to be unlimited in Third-Density terms. But apparently it is not. I hope Matthew addresses that topic at some future date.

Notice Suzy’s allegation that the Illuminati in the military have fired nuclear missiles about a dozen times and our space family has foiled each attempt. I knew the galactics had foiled around a dozen attempts at a second 9/11 but not around a dozen missile launches alone.  What we don’t know!

Finally Suzy’s letter addresses why the galactics did not stop the Japanese earthquake altogether. In this connection I might add a statement that Matthew made on July 18, 2009, which gives additional clarification

“It is true that Earth must release more negativity and her natural means is geophysical events so those will continue until the need no longer exists; however, the advanced technology of our universal family nearby the planet will continue to reduce the destructive power of manmade or naturally-occurring quakes, storms and volcanic eruptions.

“While we cannot tell you that no lives will be lost and no damage will result, with absolute certainty we say that reports about spacecraft carrying out mass evacuation of the peoples are false—it will not be necessary!”   (Matthew’s Message, July 18, 2009.)

From: “Suzanne Ward”
Date: March 13, 2011 3:40:06 PM PDT
To: “Steve Beckow”
Subject: Re: Questions that Arise Out of Matthew’s Newest Message

Hi, Steve…

To clarify any possible confusion about “their” in the second sentence, I’ll put the clarification in caps: “[Gaia’s] only involvement was the unavoidable initial movements of land and water after Illuminati scientists triggered the quake. Our space family was able to thwart their goal to level cities, flood the island and kill most of its inhabitants; however, harnessing the full force of the ocean is beyond the capability of their [OUR SPACE FAMILY’S] technology.”

As for HAARP:  In the decades since the Little Greys shared their weather control and other technologies — which the Illuminati took over and have used only for negative purposes — other technologies have been developed from the Little Greys’, also from Tesla’s and Rife’s inventions and probably many others’ inventions that I don’t know about. Lumping all of those under HAARP,  which does have several uses, isn’t correct, and that’s why Matthew says simply manmade technology or weather-control technology when he’s speaking about that topic.

You asked if the quake and tsunami were a “false flag” operation. Not by Matthew’s understanding of those kinds of operations, but because he isn’t certain that everyone interprets “false flag” the same way, he has used that term in only one message, where it’s clear that it doesn’t include geophysical events.

To him, a “false flag” operation is some terrorist activity that’s caused by the Illuminati’s “black ops” contingents but blamed on innocent individuals, and almost always the purpose of those operations is to keep people divided and promote hatred and fear as well as divert attention from serious matters.

The largest and most successful false flag [Steve: 9/11] had a different purpose — it prevented the announcement of NESARA September 11, 2001. The false flags we don’t hear about are the Illuminati’s attempts to fire missiles with nuclear warheads — our space family is authorized to prevent all of those attempts and they have done so about a dozen times.

Also your readers asked why our space family didn’t prevent the quake and tsunami.  Hatonn says fleets are authorized to lessen the effects of geophysical events and they do that, but preventing them would be interfering with the cleansing process — the release of negativity — as well as the affected people’s soul contracts.

Be strong and get some rest!


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