Peace on Earth? Why War Can Never Finally Win


If I were to search for a word to explain why war will never win out against peace, I would say that war is “artificial” while peace is “natural.”

“Artifice” indicates the presence of human skill and the application of human energy. An “artifact” is something created by human hands and built from some natural resource. Something “artificial” requires energy, raw resources, money, etc. It does not exist or occur “naturally.”

War in fact requires the expenditure of huge sums of money to plan, develop strategy and tactics, build weapons and ammunition, train and transport soldiers, coordinate and supply them, on and on. But peace does not require the expenditure of a single cent, the training of a single person, the transport of anything. It occurs naturally, without energy or resources.

We even hold that war is a “declared” state. We say that we “declare” war and that “a


state of war is deemed to have existed since” the Japanese bombed Pear Harbor or the Germans invaded (Poland, Russia). But it’s not necessary to say that a state of peace is declared or deemed to have existed. A state of peace exists effortlessly.

A war must be started again each morning but peace descends without effort each night. Again the next morning, war must be started. On any day that war fails to start, peace inevitably descends. It takes no effort to restore peace, but effort is required to start war.

Perhaps that’s why the meek shall inherit the Earth because the belligerent can maintain control of it only so long as their gold lasts, or their war machine can run. But peace can run forever without gold and machines.

Peace is the default of all things, their natural state; war is an exception to peace, a modification of it that must be maintained. Peace is a state that can exist minus all other states. It’s what’s left over after everything man-made is gone. But war can only exist because people pursue or prosecute it and act out its many requirements. Stop “making” war and it’s not made by itself, whereas peace is.

Therefore for peace to reign on Earth we need only refuse to declare, pursue, and prosecute war. We need only abstain. We need only do nothing.

So I suggest to the people of the world, this Christmas do nothing to prosecute war. Let peace reign on Earth because we do nothing warlike. Give peace a chance by doing nothing that interferes with its natural predominance over war.

Let peace reign on Earth? Refuse to make war.

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