We Must Have Accountability First

We Must Have Accountability First

By Steve Beckow


February 12, 2009

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The old order is falling and a new order is arising.

What is that old order?  It is the order of the 13 Illuminati families that brought us wars, genocide, pandemics, HAARP-induced earthquakes and hurricanes, chemtrails, economic servitude, widespread sexual crimes–the list could go on and on.

It is the order of the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and their equivalents in other parts of the world.

It is the order that has controlled our military, industrial and financial sectors, politics, education, medicine, and media for decades, if not longer.

Behind the scenes and soon on center stage, the leading members of this secret state, military-industrial complex, shadow government — it doesn’t matter what you call it–will see themselves arrested and placed behind bars.

Trickle-down is in meltdown, as one humourist said. The whole “New World Order”- that promised to lead us all into chains and send huge numbers of us to our deaths in a Third World War, through laboratory-made pestilences, FEMA camps, or other means is about to fall off a cliff.

We are watching the complete collapse of that order. We must allow every satrap and oligarch to fall with it so that we never see its rise again.

When we have, we will then watch the birth of a new era that has no truck or trade with the former.

We could talk about that new era in many ways.  One way politicians and journalists are forbidden to describe it is by using the word NESARA.

“NESARA”- stands for the “National Economic Security and Reformation Act”- and it is a measure that stands partway between the economic arrangements that have prevailed until now and an altogether-moneyless economy, such as we will have some years from now. Some politicians and journalists are using the phrase “the Reformation Act”as a code word for NESARA.

Among its authors were Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. The work to bring it into reality has taken years, but now we stand on the threshold of its being announced.

NESARA mandates global prosperity. It promises global peace. It brings in a world without borders.  No one knows the exact date on which NESARA will be declared but the actual act has already been passed by Congress, signed into law by Bill Clinton in 2000, and awaits President Obama’s announcement.

When it is announced, every man, woman and child will receive enough funds to permanently banish the touch of poverty from their lives.

NESARA-equivalent laws will quickly be agreed to and put in place in all nations on Earth.

But NESARA is only the first in a series of measures that await the appropriate time before being revealed and before relieving conditions such as ill health, transportation difficulties, pollution, etc.

President Obama has already signed, or will be signing, an executive order releasing anti-gravity technology (AGT) to the world generally so that vehicles can be built that do not rely on any fuel. The Illuminati have kept the secrets of AGT from the public.

Even without that executive order, we could right now be driving  cars that run on water (that is, on hydrogen gas). We might have been already if the Illuminati had not murdered the inventor of a water-powered car.

Don’t you see? There never was a need for Middle East oil. There never has been a fuel shortage. The energy crisis has just been one of the Illuminati’s many manipulations.

The release of AGT is one of several remarkable developments that will occur to take this world out of the present difficulties we face and into a new era that most of us could hardly imagine.

The confusing aspect of this situation is that we are watching one structure fall as a second one emerges.  If we get dismayed or panicked by the fall of the unsalvageable economic structure, corrupted beyond repair, then we may fail to see the signs of the emergence of the second, uplifting structure that is just beginning to emerge.

Watch the fall of the corrupt regime. Watch for the trial of the elite cabal who must be held accountable for their crimes. We must remove the dark agents who’ve taken the people’s money, attempted to put the population into slavery, and tried to reserve power and wealth for themselves.  If we don’t, they’ll undermine and destroy the new, workable arrangements through their (waning) control of the levers of power and communication in our society.

But also rest assured that a new structure is being erected by good and honest people, as we speak, and that it will take us out of this time of troubles.  I predict that those new arrangements will go far to making this a Heaven on Earth.

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