Watch This Film, Entitled “Don’t Watch This Film”

Genie (1) has sent this along this video, entitled “Don’t Watch This Film,” and I recommend it as “required reading” for everyone.  Do watch this film.

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Not like I have the ability to say what is required reading, but it’s a good one.  I would say that it gives David Icke’s view of things. Us, our history, the dark side, and our future. I don’t accept its view of the future but all the rest is all really useful.

Overview of the Dark Side

It gives a overview of the rise of the cabal from Annunaki times onward, the use and extent of mind-control and censorship technology, the existence of deep underground military bunkers (DUMBs), the cooperation between the Greys and the Nazi-populated CIA, etc.

It talks about weather warfare, biological pandemics, the participation of intelligence organizations in the drug trade, Satanism, the Illuminati, almost everything I can think of about the dark side, told in a non-dramatic manner, is in here. “The global warming story is a hoax. The Earth is warming up not because of man but because of a warming cycle that is natural to the Earth.” Yep. I agree with that. All is in here.

It looks at the species of aliens working with the U.S., where they work, why they help the government, what help they have given them, all presented in a very pleasing format. It doesn’t say anything about the Galactic Federation of Light and the other space nations and coalitions that are here and that is a defect. Those who are with us are far, far stronger than those who are against us. But you can get that side of things from this site.

Some small part of it may or may not be true but so much of it is and it’s put in such a nice package that I recommend you take a half hour out and watch it.

Turn the Video Off at  the Twenty-Nine-Minute Mark

There are some conclusions I not only don’t agree with but consider downright mistaken. For instance, its conclusion that the Annunaki will return to Earth and re-establish their empire, uhn, uhn. Ain’t gonna happen.  It’s conclusion that the DUMBs will be used to detain people and subjugate them, nope.  That has all been prevented by the Light forces.

So please just get that their vision of the end-times outcome is not why I’m recommending the video and maybe even turn it off at the at the 29-minute mark.

But, up till then, more or less all of what it says is very valuable information.

Different Ending

Instead of the dire ending that the video gives after the 29-minute mark, substitute this ending: The cabal is quickly being neutralized. Though it is lashing out with its Grey-given weather-warfare tedchnology at Haiti, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, among others, it is being subdued by a combination of peace-loving and beneficial extraterrestrials, not mentioned in this video, interdimensional beings whom we often think of as “ascended masters,” Earth allies, who are white hats infiltrated into government and private organizations, and lightworkers like us.

We are in the final battle against the dark ones, which I have called the Time of Troubles or Time of Chaos, out of which the dark will be defeated. Soon the galactics will make themselves visible, announce their presence in “disclosure,” join us in “first contact,” and begin an operation of restoring the Earth, restoring us to abundance, health, and sovereignty, and moving us and the Earth toward Ascension from the Third to the Fifth Dimension.  All of this is widely discussed on this website. Hey!  I got that it sounds wild-eyed. So what? Get over it. It is what’s happening in our future.  I’ve staked my life and reputation on it.

There is no need to fear the future, as this video recommends. But the rest of the video seems to me sound. As for the future part, read the articles in the righthand column of this site. That’s what this website is here for.

Thank you, genie. The right video at the right time. Soon they will reissue it with a different ending.


(1) “Genie” is not Genie’s name, but she has a good, professional job and we’ve agreed that I’ll use a pseudonym so that she does not end up in search engines.

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