Whether Mubarak Realizes It or Not, the Light Has Served Notice on the Dark to Go

The crowd at Tahrir Square

Hosni Mubarak has said that he will not step down.  What looked like a sure thing – that Mubarak would leave – in anticipation of which a huge crowd had gathered in Tahrir Square to celebrate has turned into an occasion for public anger and uproar.

Egypt is the most populous Arab nation. Its military is the largest and strongest (half a million under arms, half a million in reserve). Its influence in Arab culture is great. What happens in Egypt will have impact on the rest of the Arab world and on people in all countries around the world who languish under despotism.

Therefore what happens now will have widespread significance.

Tahrir Square in quieter times

The people at this very moment are leaving the square, headed, it appears, for the presidential palace. I cannot conceive of the people allowing Mubarak to succeed in his chosen course of action. To do so would risk Egypt’s secret police picking off identified protesters and assassinating them one by one. To drop the protest is to sign their own death warrant.

As we watch the response of the people of Egypt in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, let’s review what Hosni Mubarak does not know – what the galactic and spirit teachers have said about the unstoppable movement towards freedom for all the people of Earth. If only he knew these facts, and regarded them as credible, I feel sure that he would have taken the occasion to leave.

SaLuSa predicted on Feb. 4, 2011, that the changes that we’re watching on our screen right now are a forerunner of events that will come around the world which will see the legitimate demands of the people met. Keep in mind that probably all of the commentators you’re watching on any channel do not know what events are happening behind the scene to bring this regime and others down.

“Things are [heating] up and there is a movement amongst people all across the world that is pushing them towards a new age. There are changes coming as a result and it is setting the scene for major changes, in line with the promises made to you. So although it is not apparent exactly where it is all leading, you will eventually see that the people are getting attention and their demands being met. It proves that people power is real, and that when sufficient people direct their energies in unison and for the same purpose, it brings results.”(1)

He attributes what is happening to the rising light levels around the world and predicts the demise of the dark.

“Also as the levels of consciousness increase, more people are awakening to the truth of their reality. The chains of slavery are beginning to fall away, and suddenly there is an air of expectation that Man will once more become free. It is creating a focus for release from the dark Ones, and soon you will see events that clearly show that their time is coming to an end.” (2)

On Feb. 9, 2011, SaLuSa reminded us that the people who were awakening had no knowledge of the historic changes that are underway that we know of.

“There is activity all around the world, and much of it is signaling that changes are afoot. The awakening has reached people who have no direct interest or knowledge of Ascension, yet their senses tell them what has been wrong for a long time, and if Man is to go forward changes must take place. Suddenly the group consciousness is expanding and moving into the Light, which is inspiring people to achieve greater things for the good of all. There is an understanding of the need to remove the barriers between people, that have often been falsely erected. It is seen that there needs to be a coming together through which much more can be achieved.” (3)

Egypt's Wael Ghonim, who inspired the demonstrators to return in renewed numbers to Tahrir Square

He tells us that regime change is very complicated.

“Most of the changes involve quite complicated plans, and include the cooperation of our allies. We will succeed because we have already made great progress, particularly where financial changes are concerned. However, it must take place with absolute precision to avoid causing hardship, and we do not expect much difficulty in getting world-wide support.

“Once the changes are achieved there will be a prompt return to normality, but with a system that works in everyone’s interest. Hitherto, the money markets were monopolized by the few and used to keep the people in debt, and that will all change.” (4)

As background to these developments, let’s consider what SaLuSa said on Dec. 17 of last year, when things seemed at their darkest. Little did we know what to expect in just two short months.

He told us then that the Galactic Federation was managing the bigger picture of regime change and that we would do well to accompany it with a cleansing of the lower vibrations within us as well.

“It is darkest before the dawn and you have reached the point of no return for the dark Ones, as the Light is blazing its way into your lives. You have now recognised the changes for what they are, and as being essential if you are to fulfil your dreams and desires. It is necessary to overcome the unsatisfactory way of life, that restricts your free expression of who you really are as sovereign Beings. It is also necessary that the cleansing continues both within and without, until the last remnants of the lower vibrations are removed. …

Mohamed Bouazizi, whose death sparked the revolts

“We of the Galactic Federation are handling the bigger picture, and working to change the very foundation of your society. To remove a well established system is not easy, particularly as we plan to do it with as little disruption to your lives as possible. However, the care we have taken to prepare you for the changes is proving successful, and our allies are near to total readiness and go ahead.

“We admire your patience and hope that is because you understand what is involved in taking you forward. It will be ongoing until the very end of this cycle, and it is only with Ascension that we will be able to fully relax. There is so much to do and we are clearing the way of obstructions and interference from the dark Ones.” (5)

A year ago today – on Feb. 10, 2010 – SaLuSa told us that the time had arrived for our freedom to be restored to us and that meticulous plans had been laid down.

“Dream your dreams Dear Ones; your time has arrived when your freedom and sovereignty falsely taken from you shall be restored. It may take time to fully do so, but it shall be done with our help. Many reforms will be made with a view to bringing back justice, and seeking out corruption and criminal activity. You want a society based upon fairness and honesty where you can trust each other, and that is what you will get. Be assured that the plans for this have already been meticulously made to ensure absolute success. Our allies simply wait their instructions to proceed, and that is not too far away.” (6)

Now let’s turn to the subject of the Earth allies of the galactics and their preparations to move into positions of power to facilitate the fall of the dark and the release of the people from their control. On Oct. 18 of last year, he said that the first round of changes, which will include disclosure, abundance, and First Contact, would be political.

“Our allies are briefed and ready to take over control in many ways. It will lead to not just your ‘rescue,’ but also a change in your direction that will put you firmly onto the path of Ascension.

“Try not to allow material problems to get on top of you, as the answers are known  and they will be solved in good time. Much of the first round of changes, are to get the right people into places of authority. This is very much a priority where politics are concerned, and clearly matters will proceed more quickly when those in charge are working for the good of all people. (7)

On Aug. 27, 2010, he stated that the Earth allies included many people in important positions. He again stressed the importance of adequate preparations.

“Our allies include people in exceptionally important positions who are pushing forward with all speed. The day of Truth beckons, but does rely upon the stage being properly prepared for such a monumental occasion. Governmental changes are so important, and the necessary challenge to those in power is soon to be made. We know it is testing your patience while you wait for action, but the plans have been made and agreed with the higher forces that oversee your future. Timing as always is of utmost importance, and we will know before anyone else when it is right to forge ahead with our plan.” (8)

This January, he told us that everyone will become free as a result of the actions now taking place, whether the dictators like Hosni Mubarak know it or not.

“Each soul will become free to progress according to their choice, a decision that was made prior to their present incarnation. Subconsciously you are aware of your choice, and it will have influenced you to take the correct direction. It matters not what others have chosen that may be quite different to yours. Simply allow them the same free choice that you have been given. All experience has immense value, and you take it with you when you complete each lifetime’s journey. You are at any time the total of all of your experiences, which makes you a unique and important soul in the tapestry of life.” (9)

Last July, the Arcturian Group said that “it is time to acknowledge your divine rights, dear ones. Time to stand up and be free because you are Divine beings, not human beings. Stop believing everything you are told and start to think for yourselves; always trusting your intuition and your inner guidance and not what puppet talking heads on your televisions read to you.” (10)

In mid-summer last year SaLuSa observed that the people were launched on the road to the restoration of freedom:

“You are already beginning to take back your power, and with it comes the confidence to take charge of your future. You have been dictated to for far too long, and kept from claiming your divinity. It is inevitable and indeed intended that you should take back your sovereignty, and that will not take very long to be achieved. …

“It will be a wonderful experience for you all to jump into the future, and your new found freedom will be exhilarating and a joy you have not yet fully envisaged.” (11)

He described this year what life will be like in the new age of freedom:

“Each soul will become free to progress according to their choice, a decision that was made prior to their present incarnation. Subconsciously you are aware of your choice, and it will have influenced you to take the correct direction. It matters not what others have chosen that may be quite different to yours. Simply allow them the same free choice that you have been given. All experience has immense value, and you take it with you when you complete each lifetime’s journey. You are at any time the total of all of your experiences, which makes you a unique and important soul in the tapestry of life.” (12)

Conditions will be changed, he said, and we will become sovereign beings again.

“In so many ways you have been led to believe that you are subservient to those in power, and your rights have been deliberately eroded to keep you down. Again that will change and although it will take time to reverse the situation, eventually you will become sovereign Beings once again.” (13)

Let’s end with SaLuSa prescient words from last spring that the people are standing tall and that the galactics stand behind us to ensure our emergent freedom.

“Now you walk with your heads held up high knowing you have the power to change the circumstances that affect your lives. You not only know that you are great Beings, but are using your creative powers to [change your circumstances]. The more you continue to focus on a peaceful and happy future, the more energy you are creating that will manifest it for you.

“We desire the best for you, and work towards the return of your sovereignty. By rights acceded to you as a child of God, it is law that you are allowed to claim them. They have been denied you because you have been deliberately kept in ignorance of them. However, you are awakening to your true selves and insisting on being treated with respect, and your rights acknowledged.

“Be assured you also have us alongside you, and you will be restored to your true levels in readiness for the end of this cycle. It is all part of the process of Ascension that will see you lift up into the higher dimensions.” (14)

I cannot imagine that Hosni Mubarak will be able to hold out against the march of the people that is taking place at this moment.

Freedom’s ferment is guaranteed to spread around the world, no matter what the dictators do. The process could have been peaceful and hopefully it will continue to be so. But Hosni Mubarak has waved a red flag in front of the people and he now may have to face a raging bull.


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