Guns and Butter and the Plutocratic State

Following on from the discussion of “death panels” in Arizona, I’d like to say more about the manner in which wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few in the States and needed goods and services are denied to the greatest number.

This is sometimes called favoring Wall Street over Main Street, Walmart over Mom and Pops, companies who export jobs overseas to employ a workforce that is paid a pittance for its labor with no benefits over companies that employ Americans at a living wage and with benefits, etc.

Once we live in the Fifth Dimension, this whole discussion will go away but until then, a system smoothly operates to increasingly transfer wealth away from the majority of Americans into the hands of the few. I’m not saying that the few do not deserve to live comfortably; only that the many do as well.

If you read the article on plutocracy on this site, (1) you’ll hear a bank actually making its pitch for a system in America that blatantly caters to the rich. The rich are people who already have advantages. The disadvantaged are the poor and most “enlightened” societies seek to level the playing field, not make it more inequitable.

The playing field is leveled for the disadvantaged – the poor, sick, homeless, young, old, disabled, single-parent families, etc.

Such things as bank bailouts, the purchase of toxic assets, tax exemptions for the rich, etc., are all examples of the transfer of wealth in a plutocracy. The philosophy of “trickle down” economics is its philosophy, which amounts in practice to saying let the people eat the crumbs from the table of the rich.

A plutocratic society begins by concentrating domestic wealth in the hands of a few and ends by extending its control to all other societies on the planet, committing its population to buying guns and doing without butter, and undermining the economies of the rest of the world to make them serve its own ends, desires, and interests.

When people protest this way of living, they are called “socialists” by fiscal conservatives, “un-American” by political conservatives, and “un-Christian” by religious conservatives.

This name-calling overlooks the fact that the economic system uses money freely to bail out banks but not homeowners, offering socialism to the rich but capitalism to the poor. It overlooks the fact the political system engages in “pork-barrel” politics, earmarking money for projects that make gains for the elite while denying money to the poor. It overlooks the fact that some of the few occasions on which Jesus resorted to miracles were to heal the sick without charge and to feed the multitude without stint.

People like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck tear President Obama apart when he tries to bring in a system of universal medicare. But universal medicare exists quite happily in Canada where it is seen as a great boon and a jewel in the country’s crown. I have no sense of paying for any medical care here.

I couldn’t tell you what a heart operation costs. I have never paid a cent when entering the emergency ward of any hospital or seeking any test, procedure, or operation. I present my Care Card and never receive a bill. And, if I’m not sick, I’m not treated. There is no way I can rip the system off: tests and a doctor’s opinion establish whether I’m sick or not. Doctors treat everyone without regard to ability to pay. It’s wonderful. It’s taken for granted. It operates invisibly.

At one time, we had a health and employment social-safety net. The unemployed had insurance. The sick had benefits. Retirees had pensions. Some of these services still exist although the social-safety net has been eroded by the same fiscal conservatives who seek to concentrate wealth in the hands of the few, the plutocrats.

The social-safety net will again exist under NESARA. NESARA itself is a social-safety net.

In a system that operates with a social-safety net, as mine did in the Fifties and Sixties, we had ombudsmen that would represent people who felt they were mistreated by the state and investigators who would represent the state and see that no one ripped off the public purse. Between the two we had tribunals (I served on a tribunal) to make decisions of fairness balancing the interests of the state with those of the public.

It saw that the young, old, sick and disabled were all able to live decently in our society. It looked to the needs of the homeless and the illiterate, to immigrants and single-parent families. It shared the wealth and distributed goods and services equitably to the public and the community. And, during the era when it was in play, it worked. It was an attempt at a world that worked for everyone. It was democracy at its finest.

Then the cabal set about destroying it, beginning by creating classes of enemies of the people, enemies of the state, etc., in much the same way that the Nazis created enemies of the race. People like Joseph McCarthy, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and others on the far right began marginalizing the supporters of this well-functioning and equitable state. We watched how this apparatus operated in relation to UFOs, heaping ridicule on people who reported what they saw. It was the same marginalizing system. It operated against Indians, Hispanics, blacks, women, gays, Jews, Muslims, the mentally incapable, the infirm, anyone it chose as its target.

It operates the same in regard to health care, unemployment insurance, school lunch programs, foreign aid, etc. It marginalizes a group by calling it names and heaping ridicule on it and then denies it whatever service is at issue. And the rest of us remain silent as the ridicule and ostracism extend themselves in society, until we finally see it erupt in wholesale criminal activity as with foreclosuregate or chemtrails or HAARP inducement of hurricanes and earthquakes and 9/11 enactment of false-flag criminality.

Everywhere this way of operating is extended to destroy communities as communities and concentrate wealth in the hands of the few. If you have money already and use that money to support the rich, you’re part of this “new world order.” If you don’t, you’re not.

Anyone who has listened to George Green has heard what happened to a man who was part of this order but did not support plutocracy. He was eliminated from his financial position almost overnight and threatened with worse measures. But instead of knuckling under, he became a whistleblower.

The same has happened to people who wished to end monopolies of oil, like Stan Meyer, the inventor of the water car. He was murdered and his invention denied to the population, who continued to have to pay for oil needlessly. Others were harassed or murdered for pioneering free-energy devices or cures for medical conditions and now even natural foods.

This whole system depends on you and me being afraid to be called “Commie” or “socialist” or “faggot” or “Jesus-killer” or some other name. It depends on you and me remaining blind to agents provocateurs setting fire to police cars when we protest. It depends on you and me not standing up to body scanners and corrupt politicians and Murder Incorporated and all the other agencies of the corrupted state.

It also depends on us choosing violence when we do stand up to them so that a state equipped with machine guns that fire thousands of rounds a minute (like the Dillon Aero SUV for instance) (2) or sound weapons that can disable or kill (3) can eliminate us. It depends on us not standing together and so falling individually.

Do you remember this story? A German told it about the Nazis. At first they came to take away communists and I was silent. Then they took away homosexuals. Then they took away Jews. Then they took away ministers. Then they took away me.

In saying all this, I step outside the circle of the passive and become a target for state-sponsored terrorism. I’m opposing plutocracy, state violence, trickle-down economics, bank bailouts, socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor, earmarks, pork-barrel politics, Ponzi schemes, mortgage foreclosures, and other instances of corruption and elitism.

This effectively makes me an “enemy of the state” and would warrant me being put on a no-fly list, sent to jail on trumped-up charges, silenced by being murdered, etc. Fortunately I live beyond the boundaries of a state that uses these strategies against its population.

This is what we have to wake up to. We have to educate ourselves on how such a state operates. We have to refuse to cooperate with it, though peacefully. We have to be willing to lose our jobs, be thrown in jail, even killed. Unless we are, we’ll knuckle under to this regime.

Well, we would have lost our jobs, be thrown in jail, be killed. This old order is being taken down by our space family and the spiritual hierarchy. We are watching its demise. And good riddance to it too. We have outlasted such a corrupt and heartless regime.

This is what we are peacefully fighting for. This is what we represent – a world that works for everyone and not just the few. A social order that supports the weakest among us and doesn’t send them to the wall. A society with a heart and not a heartless society.

All it takes is courage and a willingness to suffer for the public good. We are immortal. We are children of light. We know we will be ultimately victorious. We only have our chains to lose.

I stand for equality of opportunity, redress for the victim, support for the disadvantaged. I’m not afraid to be called a Commie or a flake or an enemy of the state. I invite you also to shed your fear and withdraw your support from a society that has hoodwinked us for years and committed us to a course of injustice and inequity against our will.


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