Montague Keen on Mind-Controlled Assassins

Montague Keen

Don’t overlook the fact that Montague Keen has said that the people who caused the atrocities, by which I think, he’s specifically referring to the shootings in Norway, are mind-controlled.

Anders Behring Breivik

“We did warn [you] that many atrocities would be arranged to cause fear and that these events would allow them to introduce yet more control. The individuals who carry out these terrible acts are totally brain-washed, and in some cases, ‘chipped’ so that they obey all orders. Look beyond these individuals to the company they keep and what societies they are involved with, and their belief systems, etc. Their souls are not guilty of the crimes they commit while their minds are controlled.” (1)

Some people say. “How would Montague know? Just because someone has passed over, that doesn’t make him any wiser than we are.”

That is actually not true. There are any number of ways that Montague can know.  As Judge David Hatch once said, from the afterlife: “When we know how to look, we can see behind the veil.”  (2) In this case, the veil is not that which separates Earth from the astral planes, but the reverse. Spirits can see anywhere on Earth they wish.

They can alert each other to events that happen in an instant, by telepathic communication.  Or they can listen to our thoughts. Betty Bethard asked her nameless teacher:

“Q: Are all those on the other side able to hear all of our thoughts?

“A: Yes, from every realm and every level.” (3)

One spirit communicator said, “we are able to discern your inmost mind.”   (4)

On the astral plane, they have records they can consult that allow them to see back and forward in time.  On higher planes, they don’t need to consult records. They have that ability themselves. Here is what Frederic Myers might see if he wished to look back through time.

“Vast are the panoramas that extend before his vision. His sensitive perceptions may now register all the loveliness of the Renaissance period in Italy, all the cruelties and brutalities of the wars that ravaged Europe during mediaeval times. He enters the Greek world and may seek – if he is of a philosophic turn of mind – Socrates, Plato, Plotinus, all imaged within this memory, and still instructing the earnest young men of their period.” (5)

Spirits can travel to Earth in an instant. Rev. A.D. Mattson acknowledged:

“We have been traveling extensively and have even been to take a look at the troubles in Ireland.” (6)

And the effervescent Philip Gilbert, who reminds me so much of Matthew Ward:

“Yesterday, with my thoughts turned on speed, as they were after talking to you, two other fellows and myself tried a bit out. We whooshed round the earth, from Australia to Hong-Kong and from Hong-Kong to London in no time – literally – no time! (7)

Montague could have visited the scene of the crime if he wanted to. So, just from this perspective, his knowledge could far surpass anything available to us.

Montague would also have access to higher spirits, who would be part of his spirit circle of communicators and they have still more developed powers. Some at much higher levels would be able to access the Akashic records and they could answer any questions Montague might have.  Spirits have many ways to be able to know and follow events on Earth and to see what is hidden to us.


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