An Instance of a Public Figure Under Containment

Chief Justice John Roberts

I had my reading with Archangel Michael today, via Linda Dillon. A very large part of it was given over to having him reconcile why it is that SaLuSa says there will be arrests and Archangel Michael says there will be containment.

If I were to try to summarize it, I don’t think I would do it justice and people often retain their first impressions, which often don’t change with subsequent reading. So I don’t want to risk mis-stating what he said.

Here is the tape:

Archangel Michael on Containment, July 4, 2012

I’ll also ask Ellen or Mary to transcribe it. And because that often takes a day, I’ll summarize it, drawing from the tape, to provide an interim document. I think you’ll be quite surprised by what you hear.

I can say at this point that if you wish tangible evidence of what a person looks like in containment and how it radically changes the way they behave, I can now point you to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who surprised everyone by changing his position and coming out in support of Obamacare. He refused to side with the convervatives in the Court.

The readers who asked if this was an example of containment appear to be right. Now you realize that saying this is a huge risk, but I’m willing to take it. AAM did confirm that this was an instance of the kind of change of heart we can expect to witness.  So this is our first example of this radically-new phenomenon.

Here is a video on Chief Justice Roberts’ change of heart:

CBS Video: John Roberts

More videos appear below.

And if you watch this man as well, you’ll see that people can still work while in containment. It’s simply that they must act from light and love.  If you ponder this example, you’ll see that contained individuals can still carry on as if things were normal so do study this instance.

Don’t expect everyone who is contained to suddenly disappear, or leave their jobs, etc. It means more that they can no longer act in ways that do not contribute to the common good. We’ll see more honesty, compassion, kindness, and all the other new-paradigm or divine qualities.  Please do not make it difficult for this man who will be altering his direction and needs our love and support. If anything, applaud him.

I think it also OK to say that containment as a way of proceeding is an archangelic action. The galactics will soon be referring to it in their messages, according to AAM. Yes, there will be arrests but only a small number. Our track record with mass arrests – and AAM used the example of the Holocaust and I suggested the example of the internment of Japanese Americans and Canadians as well – has been abysmal. Humans do not conduct mass actions in which they arrest people with compassion. That is why the archangelic realm will not be using this method in the upcoming period of accountability.

I know this is radically different from what we all expected. And much more that you’ll hear is also radically new.

I pressed him for examples of who we can read and listen to see the press either changing or else standing forth and he said (and I know you’ll think I’m somehow spinning this but I’m not): the BBC, Diane Sawyer and … wait for this … Stephen Cook.  I laughed when he said Stephen as if to say, you’re just being nice to us, right? (No offense, Stephen. I was just surprised.).

And he said, on the contrary, (paraphrase from memory) Stephen was setting the pace for the new journalism.

I said to you just the other day that I was posting from the BBC News on the storms in America because I considered their journalism among the best. Hearing what AAM said, I intend to post more often from them for news purposes.

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YouTube Preview Image

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