Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door

I’m watching a CNN special, “Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door.” I haven’t been looking forward to this. It’s never pleasant to watch hatred at work.

The program is the story of the local Muslim community in Murfreesboro, TN, wanting to build a new center on the outskirts of town.

When the community purchased the land and put up a sign announcing the building of a new Islamic Centre, the trouble began.

People at demonstrations against the building of the center said things like: “This mosque they’re wanting to build. It’s really a training center.” “Death to all infidels.”

People wrecked the construction machinery, defaced the signs, and fired shots into the air to scare the people.

Everything was done to make the Muslim community afraid and to deny to them the feeling that Murfreesboro was their home.

I’d like to make something clear. I myself am a Jew. You know how we always assume that, if people belong to an ethnic group, they’re always going to line up with that group? And it’s said, or at least it’s thought, that Jews are somehow antipathetic to Muslims? Well, I don’t believe that’s true.

I believe it’s a line we’ve been fed like so many other lines and that it originates with the same people who were responsible for what Muslims are accused of.

I don’t hate Muslims. I have no desire to see anyone falsely accused or watch any group be persecuted.

In reality, our ways of thinking about social situations like this are hopelessly simplistic and often inaccurate. Just as the persecutors’ view of Muslims in Murfreesboro.

They consider that Muslims caused 9/11. Muslims did not cause 9/11. The same man who said that we should not listen to conspiracy theories, the same man who said if you’re not with us you’re against us, the same man who presided over the American nation when 9/11 happened, in my view, had far more to do with the events of that day than Muslims.

9/11 was engineered by persons unknown, persons who have escaped justice, persons who falsely accuse others, but among their number almost surely were the President, his Vice-President, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State and many, many other officials of his government.

9/11 was created by a cabal and blamed on Muslims. The evidence for this point of view grows every day. To begin to cite all the inconsistencies and contradictions in the official story would fill a good-sized book and more and more is learned about them as investigation continues.

George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld may even die before they are brought to court but the truth will still emerge one day.

An important part of the plan was to shift the blame to Muslims. Another important part was to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Please hear me: millions of people have died in a war that began on false bases and has other goals in mind than somehow striking back against those who “caused” 9/11.

Those goals lie in profit, power, control and similar ends. For that millions of innocent civilians have died. How can we justify support for these wars? And how can we abide ourselves accusing Muslims of crimes they did not commit and yet commit such crimes ourselves?

The whole history of that era has been engineered by evil people but almost none of them were Muslim. It’s true that one or two who participated were Muslims but they worked for the engineers of 9/11 and not for a “terrorist” organization.

The very terrorist organization that is accused of causing all the acts of terrorism is itself a creation of the U.S. government. The man who is alleged to have led it was a CIA agent. On and on the contradictions go.

People of America, you are being led by the nose. Your antipathies against Muslims are being stoked by people who stand to gain by it. Your armed forces are harming innocent people and there is shame attached to that, not glory.

One day you and I and all of us will have to apologize to those we’ve hurt. One day those who really engineered 9/11 will have to apologize to all of us as well and to answer for their crimes.

All of this having been said, I don’t want it thought that I somehow close my eyes to persecution that arises in Muslim settings. I’m not a fan of Sharia law as it’s presently interpreted and practiced in most countries. I don’t support the repression of women.

I regard honor killings, acid attacks, female genital mutilation, and other similar crimes and acts of persecution, which happen, by the way, in more countries than simply those of Muslim background, as heinous, without a shred of justification.

But all acts of persecution are done by people and it is people who should be held responsible. One can’t condemn a whole group or a whole religion for the actions of individuals.

No one would wish me to condemn the American people because their government caused 9/11. And I don’t. Neither would I condemn all Muslims because Sharia law and some other practices, in my eyes, are overwhelmingly, as presently practiced, persecutory.

All the crimes we accuse Muslims of, starting with 9/11 and progressing through many more engineered, false flag actions we call terrorism, were none of them engineered by Muslims. If Muslims participated, they did so as mind-controlled Manchurian candidates.

They have been planned since at least the 1970s (1) and were engineered by people from our own group and not from people we somehow consider “outsiders.”

If we really were committed to looking for the perpetrators, we’d start to investigate the CIA black ops unit, MOSSAD, the FBI, and military units. If we really wanted to solve those crimes, we’d begin to look for those who are truly responsible.


(1) Listen to Dr. Carol Rosin in 2001:

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