Norway’s Oklahoma City? What Bomb was Used in Oklahoma City?

The Norway Explosion has been called the Oklahoma City of Norway. Let’s listen to ex-CIA operative and explosives designer Michael Riconisuto discuss the bomb that brought down the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

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You won’t find many webpages on Riconisuto if you google his name. He designed “super bombs” for the CIA and says that the explanation that an ammonium-nitrate bomb was used in the Murrah Building does not fit what is known about the blast. He says a barometric bomb of the type he used to design was almost certainly used. He says that the trigger also was of the type designed to be used in a nuclear weapon, not available to “domestic terrorists.”

He explains:

“[The Murrah Building] was rated better than seismic zone one.  Any engineer familiar with the basic [Rohric?] equations on structural stress would be able to tell you that this damage pattern is very unusual. For a conventional explosive to do this kind of damage … is a technical impossibility. It would take a blast wave of extreme … shattering power to do this kind of damage.

“It’s obvious from the public reports that there were two separate blasts. And it’s also obvious publicly that enhanced explosives are of a two-stage or long induction type explosion. There are however certain details which are classified and this type of knowledge is highly specialized And your average person on the street or even your average explosives engineer would not be aware of this type of technology. …

“This bomb was developed in the late seventies through our company, Pyrotronics Corporation, which was the parent company of Hercules Research, and then we went into a joint venture with the Wackenheim Corporation. …

“In order to demolish a building like that, a building that is designed for better than seismic zone one stresses, would take an immense amount of [inaudible]. and you would have actually have to drill the structural members to plant the charges. … It would have taken days to prep a building like that.”

Similarly in Oslo yesterday, I contend that the type and extent of damage described is not consistent with anything I think that one person or persons from a hate group could possibly mount. I suspect that the CIA black-ops unit designed and planted the bomb, although I can’t point to any actual evidence to support that hypothesis.

The Oklahoma City bombing was the precursor of 9/11, the practice run, so to speak.  Thanks to David on the Cosmic Alarm Clock blogsite for the video.


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