Full of Sound and Light, Signifying Nothing

The President in the East Wing playing the President in the East Wing

Unfortunately the President’s [Afghanistan] speech this evening [June 22, 2011] was not, as was hoped a ruse which masked a Disclosure announcement but a straight discourse on a drawdown policy that will never be implemented, ostensibly connected to an election which will never be held, at least not in the form that any parties to it this evening suspect.

Like Noh actors, the analysts and commentators began, as soon as the President was finished, to dissect the pros and cons of the non-policy and the whole scene, for me, faded to black and joined the many other surreal canvases that we’re obliged to witness every day.

A war was fought for an agenda to seize control of the world, really, since that was the overall aim of the framers of that war, by a government whose secret elements had just staged the very attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon that they now blamed on a puppet, Osama bin Laden, long dead whom, they were saying they had recently killed.

That same war, and the second scene of it in Iraq, is now sucking the lifeblood from a nation which does not suspect any of it. Disaster heaped on subterfuge based on make-believe motivated by an almost total lack of integrity, which very few people watching suspected in the least.

Those same puppet-masters who tonight renewed the public’s allegiance to a drama under whose cover they massacre the very same viewers with tornadoes and floods and forest fires are themselves finding their creations morphing into the surreal before their eyes as they lose one option after another to set the nation’s policy.

How bizarre it is to watch a President go through the motions on something he knows has no relationship to anything real or legitimate and then further watch as the clean-up crew of reporters and analysts join in the deception, some unwittingly, some wittingly if there is such a word, all of them expending much sound and light on something that ultimately signifies nothing.

After Disclosure, and after First Contact, the curtain will be drawn down on all this subterfuge and play acting and the soldiers disarmed, brought home, and peace restored, ending the longest-running deception on or off Broadway.

What more is there to say?  Not tonight. Perchance tomorrow, or tomorrow, as the endless waiting game continues.

If this were an upset, I’d clear it. It is an upset but one I cannot clear. And so, back to work.

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