Coroner’s Report on False-Flag London Bombings Expected May 6, 2011

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23 March 2011
Delivery of Verdicts – 6 May 2011
The verdicts and a summary of any recommendations made under rule 43 of the Coroners Rules 1984 will be delivered on 6 May 2011 at 10:00am in court 73. The Coroner will also rule on the question of whether the inquests into the deaths of Mohammed Siddique Khan, Shehzad Tanweer, Hasib Hussain and Jermaine Lindsay should be resumed.
(Please note, seating in court 73 is reserved for Interested Parties and their legal teams only. Members of the public and press may view proceedings via video link in court 38)

May 6, 2011 will see the coroner’s verdicts and summary of recommendations into the London bombings. What actually occurred on July 7, 2005? Here is the official version.

“A total of 52 people died when four suicide bombers – led by Mohammed Sidique Khan – detonated backpacks laden with explosives on three Tube trains and a bus.” (1)

“Ringleader Mohammad Sidique Khan … and three other suicide bombers killed themselves and 52 innocent people when they detonated their devices on three Tube trains and one bus.” (2)

The Youtube video, 7/7: The Ripple Effect, details all the contradictions and inconsistencies that point to the London bombing having been a false-flag operation of the British government. There are so many indications that the event was staged that to list them all would make this article several pages long.

The greatest likelihood is that the four Muslim youths involved were recruited as actors in a drill, which “went live.” They were not on the trains or bus that exploded. The one photo of them entering Luton Station was doctored. The explosives that they were alleged to have carried in backpacks were actually found to have been mounted underneath the trains, something the four youths could not have done. The “suicide bombers” survived the explosions and were murdered by police near Canary Wharf, a situation that was reported once and then hushed up.

Here is part 1 of that 7-part video. Doubleclick on it to go to Youtube to watch the rest of the series.

YouTube Preview Image

And here is part 1 of a 5-part series done by Alex Jones on the #30 bus explosion:

YouTube Preview Image

On the same day as the bombings Peter Power gave interviews on ITV saying that he was working on a crisis management simulation drill in the City of London, “based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning”, when he heard that an attack was going on in real life. He described the fact that the drill went live as a co-incidence.

How coincidental is it that drills were going on at the exact tube stations and at the exact times as the bombs themselves went off? (3) The interview with Powers follows:

YouTube Preview Image

The BBC revealed that coroner Lady Justice Hallet “went on the internet to read conspiracy theories about the attacks.”  (4)

After first deciding that an independent public inquest would not be held, Lady Justice Hallet reversed her decision. A full public inquest into the bombings was subsequently begun from October 2010. Coroner Lady Justice Hallett stated that the inquest would examine how each victim died and whether MI5, if it had worked better, could have prevented the attack. (5)

It is this report that will be presented on May 6.

What do our sources say about the London bombings? Matthew Ward had this to say on July 18, 2005, a little more than a week after the explosions:

“What happened in London was strategically staged to give President Bush and Prime Minister Blair full support from their respective governments, and hopefully but not necessarily public demand as well, for further erosion of civil rights and freedom of movement in exchange for promises of increased security from terrorism.  A secondary purpose was to divert attention from the G8 summit being held safely distant, where, despite the official positive announcements of pledged debt relief to African nations and progress on environmental concerns, nothing at all substantive changed.

“The four young men identified as the suicide bombers had nothing to do with the events.  They weren’t even mind-controlled pawns, but simply innocent young Muslims who were picked by a London CIA segment to be the ones blamed for the death and destruction caused by that segment.  A large group within the CIA, which only superficially is an intelligence gathering agency to serve the security of the United States, is composed of Illuminati leaders and operators with diverse nationalities, political persuasions and belief systems, but with one aim: world domination.

“As the stakes became higher, individuals’ egos and domineering elements emerged within the one-time cohesive Illuminati, and two major factions developed.  With the infighting came carelessness over the past few years, and that, combined with the ever-increasing intensity of light on the planet, led the dark ones to use desperate measures to retain their control.  Keen minds are seeing that terrorist activities have become clumsily staged and absurdity marks the official statements about them.  We are gratified by the abundant Internet reports with clear analyses of many suspicious facets of the bombings that mainstream media are not yet daring to mention, and as more clear-thinking people clamor for the truth, the facts will come out.  Not only about those events, but others also ascribed to “homemade” or global terrorist groups.

“What comes [next] then?  The rest of the unraveling of the control by the dark minds that have planned, financed and initiated wars and other violence; ruled through fear and unjust laws; illegally amassed nearly unimaginable fortunes; suppressed opposition; and trampled human rights.”  (6)

Later, another attempt at London bombings was made, which failed. Matthew revealed that it too was a black operation.

“This is a good place for me to tell you that we heartily applaud all of you who discerned that the recent ‘thwarted terrorist attempt,’ the cars set to explode in nearby spots of London, was a ‘black-ops’ maneuver.  To be frank, the only way we can interpret this absurdly amateurish effort is that it’s the result of the all-consuming frustration of the Illuminati that none of their several major attempts to create another ‘9/11’ level act has succeeded.  The dark ones’ only possible consolation about these failures must be their spin that turns them into ‘success in the war on terror.’  To keep that myth alive, they keep setting up situations that they then ‘prevent,’ but by now they’re doing it so clumsily because they know their time is fast running out that their efforts have become laughing stock for investigators and some reporters.” (7)

It isn’t known how Lady Justice Hallett will report these events. Eventually the truth of the London bombings will emerge, along with the false-flag operations in Oklahoma City, on 9/11, in Madrid, Mumbai, Islamabad, and elsewhere.


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