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Gaia Scene Community Forum Opening Ceremony

credit: Lynne Ferrari

This is it! The Grand Opening of the Gaia Scene community forum! Thank you for attending. I’d like to share with you now the welcoming words of my dear sisters and workmates who’ve been busy as bees with me building the new forum, Gaia Scene, which is opening it’s doors today. I’m proud to be […]


David Wilcock: The Secret Space War

David Wilcock 5

David Wilcock prefers that we post only an excerpt from his columns. His latest discusses the “space war” going on as high-ranking Illuminati try to flee the Earth. If any ships have been shot down, it’s a certainty that those aboard were removed before the ship was destroyed, as happened when the underground bases were […]


Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff: The Core Essence of Love and Light


Beloved Ones, It is important to connect into one’s heart and follow its counsel and to remember that some people are going through experiences in their present moment that require one’s empathy, compassion, and understanding as they deal with their feelings in their own respective ways. Remember the love that lies at the core of […]


Feel Good News: Sunday, March 1, 2015


Welcome to Sunday, beautiful people.  Feel Good News is going to be short today, because I am going through a physical/energetic imbalance. While I feel like I got hit by a Mack truck. I know that everything happens perfectly and I am supporting myself with love, hot homemade chicken broth, herbs and sleep. Here are […]


The Watchers via Jean Rockefeller: Growing Pains

img_5791jack's corner new pic

Current Conditions As of February 13, 2015, The Tethers of Service began to release en masse, resulting in a powerful wave of exiting energy. As I mentioned in my last message, the Tethers of Service are now coming to fruition and this has translated into an energy upheaval that is occurring both Globally and personally. […]


Suzanne Baker Hogan: Artists of Abundance – Part 3/3

Suzanne Baker Hogan

Continued From Part 2 It can feel scary to leave separation behind because it has been so familiar. But separation must be discarded on all levels, and passionate purpose leads the way. It carries us forward into territory our souls have already aced. Our minds tend to forget this and revert to limitation, but our […]


Come Dance with Us – Contribute Today

snoopy dance

From all of us here at the Golden Age of Gaia: We’re very pleased with all the wonderful changes and developments that have been accomplished these last few months. We’ve improved this website to make it easier to use, and more accessible. We’ve been working hard to offer more information and original content. We’ve recently […]


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Gaia Scene Lightworker Community Forum

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I’m Ready

Sacred 11

Thank you for that vacation, which I spent in meditation and writing. AAM said on Jan. 23 that in February he’d be raising every core issue I had and that process continues. What a hair-raising ride it’s been so far. One thing that’s emerged from all the looking that I did is that I feel […]


Jesus via John Smallman: Your Loving, Peaceful Presence is a Unique and Irreplaceable Individual Field of Energy.

Jesus posting

John’s audio reading here. As we wait for humanity’s awakening, and truly “wait” is the wrong word, it is as illusory as time because there is only the eternal “now,” we can feel very strongly the constantly intensifying field of Love that you are holding and sharing as you align with the Tsunami of Love […]