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Saul via John Smallman: Love Is VAST


All of God’s divine creation, all sentient beings, even those who appear to be utterly unaware of their inherent divine nature, are assisting humanity at this point in its spiritual awakening. All are One. There is no separation. There is only an illusion of separation, and therefore, throughout creation, all sentient life is involved and […]


Golden Gaia News Roundup: April 28, 2015

news roundup

International Finances: Will Greece exit the European Central Banks (ECB)? Some board members of the ECB are confident if Greece steps down, then there would be no significant fallout. While others believe the opposite will happen. This is part of that soft science I’ve spoken of before that is economics …AND politics for that matter. […]


Video: Matt Kahn – A Message to All Lightworkers

Matt Kahn

A big Thank You to Sheryl, our volunteer from the Gaia Scene forum, who wrote this summary for Matt Kahn’s one-hour video. Matt’s message to lightworkers is a home run! Right off to bat, as he speaks to all lightworkers, he offers an alternative path to clearing karmic and cellular memories. As this piqued my […]


Shannon Kaiser: 20 Truths about Life You Didn’t Learn in School

Shannon Kaiser

If you were to visit yourself in 15 years and your life hadn’t changed, how would you feel? Probably not great. Part of growing older is gaining wisdom from your experience. Life brings many opportunities for growth, and turning to your future self can help you pull through dark times. Part of life is learning […]


Laurie Barraco: 7 Effective Ways to Keep Yourself Grounded & Present


One of the keys to living a healthy, balanced, joyful, abundant and content life is to check in with yourself frequently and make sure that you are grounded. I have listed 7 effective ways to keep yourself grounded that you can use as often as you wish. When we are grounded, we are able to […]


Humanity Healing: Ascension Symptoms – Sleep and Dreams


We are moving into the higher dimensions at the present. This is creating a temporary confusion of time. You will have dreams that are erratic and strange sometimes. You will wake up and feel emotionally confused. Your sleep patterns might be totally disrupted. Perhaps you have slept eight hours a night until recent times. Now […]


Heavenly Blessings Encore ~ Mary Magdelene on Beauty

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset

April 28, 2015 ~ We continue with our encore presentations of the Divine Qualities, this week with Mary Magdalene to discuss the quality of Beauty, both inner and outer. She discusses being in a state of beauty with all that is, in all realms, physical, emotional and spiritual. To be in a state of Beauty […]


I Refuse

Chains 11

I refuse to be trapped in illusion any longer. I refuse to passively accept the blindfold I wear. I refuse to believe in death. Never mind Santa Claus. Death is no more real. I refuse to worry. I know it all works out in the final reel and which reel that is is up to […]


Our Changing Social Conversation


I’m seeing some things that help me understand how our social conversation can change over time.  Specifically, I’m seeing some of the details of how a feature of our conversation that’s regarded as very profound and enduring can still disappear. I can offer two examples. The first example is forgiveness. You’d think forgiveness would be […]


Celia Fenn: The Dance of the Dragonfly – Perspectives from New Shamanism


The Dragonfly dances from place to place With joyful and ineffable grace Luminous wings and flashing hue Remember that you are the Dancer too Your dance of light creates all you see Spinning, whirling, dancing and free It has been a really powerful and intense journey through the Eclipse and Equinox gateways. The shift has […]


The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele: April 26, 2015.

Arcturian Group April 26, 2015

Greetings once again Dear Ones, in this time of new beginnings. We come to bring encouragement and Love to the many of you who are experiencing seeming discord, both within and without. Old ideas are quickly becoming obsolete and dissolving, but the new ones are not yet fully able to manifest (personally and universally) leaving […]


Golden Gaia News Roundup: April 27, 2015

news roundup

Hello my beloved peeps… hoping your weekend was fun-tastic!  Thanks again Alex and Lindsey for your wonderful insights over the last few days –you both rock. Today, I’ll take a break from the hard news of military, finance, and politics, and instead write a little some of the soft news… do enjoy! Career Choices: Honor […]


Golden Gaia News Science and Technology Special Report: April 27, 2015

Golden Gaia News Special Report

Infinite Energy For today’s report, I had an urge to focus on a technology that has been in our realm for a while. Yes, there have been promises in the wind, and some of us wonder if maybe it’s just a pipe dream. But infinite energy technology (also known as free energy or zero-point energy), […]


Aisha North: The Final Chapter

Aisha North Manuscript of Survival

The Constant Companions have provided their last message for the Manuscript of Survival and Aisha has a few encouraging words as well.  Please visit her site to read this message in it’s entirety. We wish her well and hope that her new adventures bring forth additional messages in the future. The Manuscript of Survival – Part […]