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The Divine Mother on Divine Union and Ascension on An Hour with an Angel, Oct. 2, 2014

We welcome the Divine Mother back again as we near the event of Ascension, the first stage of Ascension – the activation of our lightbodies. This’ll be followed by two instances of enlightenment in 2017. (1) This episode is pre-recorded because all three of us will be in lake Tahoe by the time it’s aired. In it, the Mother discusses many of the elements of divine union that are in play now and will deepen with Ascension. This is information directly from the source. No past age has been privileged to hear it directly from the Mother. Airs every second Thursday at 4pm PT/7pm ET Call 323-784-9697 or click this link to listen live or to the archive after the show: The Divine Mother discusses the overall journey we’re on, from God to God. And she tells us that the way to hear and see her is to see and hear her in another. She coaches us on our parts in the upcoming Ascension. She reminds us of how our fields are penetrating others and uplifting them.

Wish Us Love!

By the time this post appears, Graham Dewyea, Suzi Maresca, Kathleen Willis and I will be on our way to join Linda Dillon in Lake Tahoe. I’ll be on a train. Something like 30 hours on a beautiful Amtrak coach, a journey I’ve taken before and love. Graham and Suzi will fly and Kathleen will drive. I’ll try to post a diary of that experience so that we all can share in it. There’s a certain protocol I follow at conferences. I won’t be mentioning other participants, either by name or activity (gave a speech, saw a mothership, talked to St. Germaine, etc.) because to do so might distract them from their work. I won’t be giving a blow-by-blow account of the gathering. That won’t be possible, what with all that’ll be going on.

Three Stages of Ascension

I need to review Archangel Michael’s recent remarks about Ascension. Because they’re important. I think it works to have the clearest possible notion of what’s coming down the pike to avoid disappointment and discouragement. We have enough on our plates. We’re all of us tired. Let’s get on with it already. If you feel that way, let me review what he said here because it explains a lot about our future and may reassure you. What I got from my discussions with him and the Divine Mother over the past weeks is that there seem to be three stages of Ascension. First Stage The first stage of Ascension is what AAM humorously calls “the snap” or “ignition.” I believe that’s the activation of our lightbodies. Turning on the light, so to speak.

Video: Matt Kahn – Emotional Oneness

Matt Kahn: Emotional Oneness, July 30, 2014, In this one-hour video, Matt Kahn conveys an energetic transmission of presence, while demystifying the experience of Oneness in his insightful and humorous talk.  [Some mild profanity is used in a humorous context.] Matt Kahn suggests a new perspective on Oneness, illuminating why this experience is so sought-after, yet so seldom attained or ‘kept’ more permanently.

Enlightenment Requires Releasing Resistance – Part 1/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, September 30,2014 – “Strip away the layers and reveal your soul “You got to give yourself up and then you become whole “You’re a slave to yourself and you don’t even know “You want to live the fast life but your brain moves slow “If you’re trying to stay high, then you’re bound to stay low “You want God but you can’t deflate your ego “If you’re already there, then there’s nowhere to go “If your cup’s already full, then it’s bound to overflow” - Matisyahu

Enlightenment Requires Releasing Resistance – Part 2/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, October 1, 2014 – Concluded from Part 1 In a quote I personally think is important, Krishnamurti discourages manually slowing down the mind to find our true selves. “Self-knowledge comes with the slowing down of the mind, but that doesn’t mean forcing the mind to be slow. Compulsion only makes for resistance, and there must be no dissipation of energy in the slowing down of the mind.” (1) When it comes to writing and channeling, I notice that manually attempting to slow my mind or the thoughts that accompany it always leads to resistance. We create resistance when we strive to do anything, including silencing or slowing down our minds, and the best thing we can do is to simply flow with whatever state of mind we’re in. We obviously don’t want to flow with a mind that’s in resistance (we’ll find that it’s very difficult), but striving to calm our mind will only make it run more frantically. Instead, we can accept whatever state it’s in at the time we attempt to lighten our vibration and work with it to find the state of consciousness we want to reach. We’ll be very glad we did, because we’ll have worked with our mind to let love gradually replace any mental fuzziness or rigidity that might’ve held us back.

The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild: September 28, 2014

The Federation of Light as channeled by Blossom Goodchild,  September 28, 2014 – Blossom: Hello my friends. I put my Trust in you, in the KNOWING that you know best, as to what would benefit most regarding that which you choose to speak of today. Federation of Light: Greetings to ALL. We can only anticipate that the wording we bring forth shall bring One to a Higher place. We have greatly expanded our data base of late. Meaning what exactly? Meaning, that there are more and more souls remembering who they are, awakening from their slumbers and allowing THE LOVE THAT THEY ARE … THE LOVE FROM WHICH THEY ARE … to BE with them in ALL that they do.

Jesus via John Smallman: Hearts are Opening, and Enormous Change is in the Air.

Jesus: Hearts are Opening, and Enormous Change is in the Air. Channelled by John Smallman, October 1, 2014. We are on course and on schedule for humanity’s Awakening. I know many of you have doubts and anxieties about this forthcoming marvelous event because you have been told so often how imminent it is, and so far many of you get very little sense of its actually coming to fruition. Keep holding your Light on high, it is extremely effective, and when you go to your quiet inner space, your spiritual sanctuary, go with hope and expectation for the wonders that lie ahead. Your hope and your expectations intensify your intent for humanity to awaken, and the many, many groups meditating frequently and regularly for world peace, for the Tsunami of Love to penetrate even the most tightly closed hearts are succeeding. Hearts are opening, and enormous change is in the air. You Lightbearers and Wayshowers are doing what you incarnated to do, you are bringing humanity forwards to its inevitable awakening. Deep within yourselves, where you are in contact 24/7 with the spiritual realms and your own Real Selves, you know this.

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle: September 30, 2014

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update, as received by Sheldan Nidle, September 30, 2014 – 12 Lamat, 6 Tzotz, 11 Ik Dratzo! We come in Joy! More and more, the evidence for the rise of a new reality manifests. A number of special agreements are being signed, which are to formalize a new financial system. These agreements set up new banking and trade regulations that run counter to the desires of the dark cabal. A pathway is being established to a more equitable and prosperous realm. The various exchanges of old monies are allowing numerous nations to revalue their currencies.

Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman: Becoming a Soul-Infused Personality

Archangel Michael: Becoming a Soul-Infused Personality, channelled by Ronna Herman, October 1, 2014, at: Beloved Masters, your GOD-SEED ATOM / I AM Presence is your original Core Intelligence, your first individualized identity within a Universal or Sub-universal experience. Within this Sub-universal experience, your first twelve God-Sparks / soul fragments contained all the virtues, aspects, talents and knowledge you would need to traverse the multiple levels (dimensions) within this Sub-universe. Since that time, your God-Seed Atom Essence has refracted and separated innumerable times. You are now in the process of reclaiming all the multiple facets of your soul-self within the third/fourth dimensions so that you may move forward to a greater, more dynamic and expansive version of your Higher Self within a fifth-dimensional environment. To assist you in accomplishing this, your Diamond Core God Cell and your personal Flower of Life Creator Wheel contain a full measure of the Twelve Rays of God-Consciousness for this Sub-universal experience. They were designed so that when you were ready to begin the return journey into the higher levels of consciousness, you would have access to your own FULL SPECTRUM DIVINITY.
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