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Attention All Rainmakers: Calling for a Meditation This Saturday at 15:15

An Enormous Thank You to all who are participating, calling in the rain! We invite everyone for another Group Meditation today (Saturday) at 15:15, your local time. (If 15:15 is inconvenient, an intention can be set to jump time to 15:15.) Here  is the weather report for San Francisco with the radar map of the incoming moisture: Aliyah and Robin, from San Diego emailed with rain messages! And below is the transcript of the meditation. Thank you again!

One More Spot on the Database Team

The First Contact database team has one more vacant position. First Contact is a wiki-style database, very easy to use, drawn exclusively from channeled messages. It answers most questions on Ascension, lightworkers and starseeds, the galactics, Disclosure, NESARA, the dark forces, the weather changes, you name it. The person suited for the job, should have a good grasp of WordPress, Skype, and basic computer skills, as well as a love of organization, classification, the big picture, and so on. The database will one day be a vital resource for scholars, lawyers, politicians, statespeople, activists, and others. Right now it’s where I go for the researched articles that form the backbone of this site.  Please “Contact Us” if you’re interested.

Lightworkers are the Newsmakers Now

I was speaking to a new member of the team yesterday, trying to describe how the news was different these days than in the past. I found myself saying that the news was different these days because, for one reason, lightworkers are the ones creating the news. In past years, we watched the back-and-forth between the cabal and the Company of Heaven. The work of the CoH was constrained by their necessity to observe the Law of Freewill. In many instances they could not intervene in the mischief done by the “recalcitrants.” Their freewill had to be honored. But when their freewill affected Gaia or the planet’s population at large, the galactics could intervene. They reduced the force of man-made or man-steered hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. They saw that nuclear weapons did not reach forward bases. They prevented nuclear missiles in flight from reaching their destination.

At Last My Heart’s an Open Door – Part 2/3

(Continued from Part 1.) Chastening and Apology Archangel Michael has told me of times he’s kept me back from events or associations that would have dragged me under. I remember at the time of one of them not being able to understand how my wife and I escaped danger. But then on occasion I’ve also needed a … shall we say, wake-up call? … and he acknowledges that he’s done that too. Let me give you one illustration. I got into a row with a team member and behaved like a total jerk. I awoke in the middle of the night (which seems to be the favorite time for revelations) with the sensation that someone had just run a high-voltage charge through me. I interpreted it that I had just been paddled for my behavior. At my next reading I asked AAM:

Jesus via John Smallman: This is Not a Time for Condemnation and Punishment.

Jesus: This is Not a Time for Condemnation and Punishment. Channelled by John Smallman, November 22, 2014.  Hello, this is John with Jesus’ message for Saturday November 22nd 2014. Today he is once again talking to us about the closeness of our awakening. Again I will share with you our complete communication. Jesus Blog # 239 for ​Saturday November 22nd 2014. Channeled Friday November 21st 2014 17.10. Me: Good evening, dear Jesus. Thank you very much for your last message. Is this a good time to start a new one? I think I’m relaxed enough if you are free and willing. Jesus: Good evening, John. Yes I’m ready, willing, and enthusiastic about the idea. There is so much to tell because so much is happening. Yes, it really is. Glorious delight is in store for you all SOON! Me: Well, there has been so much disappointment that it’s now way past the time to reverse the flow and give everyone an amazing and uplifting Thanksgiving! Please go ahead. SURPRISE me. Yes, there is a touch of cynicism there. Forgive me, but in human 3d terms it seems that we have been waiting forever and forever!

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles: Healing Waters

Healing Waters. By Patricia Diane Cota-Robles. November 20, 2014. During the past 20 years, powerful Activities of Light have taken place involving the Healing Waters of the World. Since 70% to 80% of the Planet and 70% to 80% of our physical bodies are composed of water, it is important for us to know about these events and to realize that they have greatly accelerated our Ascension process. For two decades the Healing Waters of the World have been affecting ALL of us in profound and life-transforming ways; this is true whether we were aware of it or not. However, with the shifts of energy, vibration, and consciousness Humanity has experienced in 2014, the Healing Waters of the World have taken a quantum leap into the crystalline frequencies of the New Earth. Please read the following information with an open heart and mind, and send your loving gratitude to the Divine Intelligence within the Water Element for the monumental service it is rendering to Humanity and all Life evolving on this precious Planet. The Directors of the Water Element are known in the Heavenly Realms as Neptune and Lunara. The Elemental Beings associated with the Water Element that Neptune and Lunara direct are called Undines.

Master Djwhal Khul, Master Kuthumi, and Master El Morya via Natalie Glasson: Present Moment Ascension

Master Djwhal Khul, Master Kuthumi, and Master El Morya: Present Moment Ascension, channeled by Natalie Glasson, November 21, 2014. Master Djwhal Khul: I have gathered you today within the Library of Consciousness upon the inner planes, within the Second Ray Ashram, within the Synthesis Department. Welcome to Master Kuthumi, Master El Morya, and all souls who are attending and listening consciously or unconsciously. We act as representatives of certain qualities of the Creator. These qualities held within our beings have become pathways guiding us in interaction, connection, actions, and our roles of support for all souls within the ascension process, especially connected to the Earth.

Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: What If There Were No One Else but You

Angelic Guides: What If There Were No One Else but You, channeled by Taryn Crimi, November 20, 2014. Today we have been asked to further elaborate upon the often talked about phrase, ‘All are one.’ Certainly this is something that those of you drawn to this message have heard, but we would like to share with you our perspective in hopes of helping you to truly understand the magnitude of this statement. There are many of you who will find this message to be ‘mind-blowing’, or even impossible; and of course there are still others who are already on some level aware of what we are about to share. So with that, allow us to begin sharing our perspective. What would you say if we told you there is only ‘you’. There are no others; no other people, no other places, no other experiences; there is only you. You might respond by asking us to further explain; and with that, we most certainly will.

Golden Gaia News Roundup: November 22, 2014

Happy Saturday, dear friends. I hope you are all luxuriating in peace and relaxation today. Yesterday, I was in my two car garage sorting recycling. One of the doors was open and the other was closed. I was standing in the corner, against the closed door, and in flew a tiny bird. It landed right next to me and looked up into my eyes. It did not startle, or fly away, but sat patiently waiting for me to acknowledge its presence. I said hello to the bird and I also said I love you. It turned around and then flew away. The joy of this small interaction with the natural world was a miracle that made my heart sing for the rest of the day. When we recognize and appreciate these small miracles we open ourselves up to receive more of them.

Lee Harris: November 21, 2014 Energy Update

November 21, 2014 Energy Update, by Lee Harris These past two weeks, the energy has seen a lot of us deep-diving. Diving down into the depths of ourselves – our feelings, our thoughts, our beliefs, our patterns, our life journeys. Soul diving. It’s as if an electric current is pulsing through your body, wiring and firing you to awaken, awaken, awaken. More and more and more. To shed and cleanse, to release and intend. Peace comes, clarity comes, followed by challenge, distraction, emotion, disorientation, restlessness. A feeling that things must be going wrong, or need to be changed and quickly. Yet you do not have the energy to make the changes in the timescale you feel you need to. This is electricity, moving through your energy field and the field of the collective. This is the electrified living of these times, bringing us all to clearing.

Heavenletter #5111 via Gloria Wendroff: True Gold

      November 22, 2014 God said: The only person you owe is yourself. You are obligated to yourself. This is not selfishness I advocate. Not at all, yet, nor are you to be at the beck and call of anyone who wants to claim you as their right. When I say you are indebted to yourself, you have to remember that you do well to include in the many you wish to do good for the one you call yourself. You are not to overlook yourself. You are not to relegate yourself to the end of the line. Certainly, your life on Earth counts as much as anyone else’s life on Earth. You have rights and privileges. Nowhere do I mean that service to God means putting everyone’s needs before your own. You personally cannot fill everyone’s needs. I can. You can’t.

We Evolve by the Grace of Source – Part 2/2

Credit: Tumblr Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, November 21, 2014 – Concluded from Part 1 Ramakrishna also poses the question, “Is it possible to obtain God’s grace just like that? A beggar may get a penny, if he asks for it. But suppose he asks you right off for his train fare. How about that?” (1) I think Ramakrishna intends to say that even though it might sound crazy, we can receive a wealth of grace and inspiration from Source (which’ll help us greatly along the path), as opposed to a little bit here and there. If we’re truly dedicated to perceiving spirit and the wonders that come with it, Source will fill us to the brim with his/her energy and inspiration. We’ll be filled with light from head to toe, because we’ll have made multiple solid efforts to find a higher state of consciousness. We’ll have long transcended the constant wants and desires of the ego, and the result will be that we’re in a pure and centered enough frame of mind to perceive everything our omnipotent creator has for us. Ramana Maharishi tells us that we can only do so much to transcend the ego and act on Source’s loving guidance. Once we reach a certain level, the divine takes over.
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