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Love will change the world and show the way to enlightenment. It’ll bring our awareness to anything within that prevents us from being effective agents of change, and it’ll help us slow down the mind and access the calm, blissful higher vibes that have always existed underneath the surface.

Love doesn’t need to be sought, because it’s already here, just outside our awareness inviting us to remember it.

Shift Your Mind and Open the Door

a56860abc2c776080c8e76844abc21e7You only need to shift your mind and look at the concept of love from a different angle to see that it’s much more than society likes to think, and you’ll quickly realize that in this powerful spiritual force lives the enlightenment often sought in the conscious community.

Love brings our awareness to an enlightened state of being that, if we inhabit as much as possible, opens the door to Source and makes us want to tackle the world’s problems head-on.

It gives us compassion for those who suffer, and it inspires us to figure out what we can do to help.

Love, compassion and understanding are the three most important things the world needs, and fortunately, we can be the ones to bring them back.

“We Were Made for Love”

Here, I’d like to look at some quotes from various people in the spiritual community who were all aware of the value and importance of love. This is by far one of my favorite topics to write about, and my desire to write about it goes deeper than a simple sense of amusement.

Sharing insight into its true nature is a part of my mission, and there always seems to be something to say about it. I’m sure it’ll always be relevant, because in my opinion, it lays the foundation for everything we want to do and experience.

First, ‘Julian of Norwick’ writes that “We were made for Love.” (1)

According to St. John of the Cross, “Perfect union with God … is achieved, insofar as is possible in this life, through love.” (2)

We Can’t Save the World without Love

Krishnamurti tells us that trying to change the world is hopeless without love.

“Without love, do what you may, you will not know the total action which alone can save man.” (3)

These three quotes waste no time cutting to the heart of the matter (no pun intended). Love is a creative force that far transcends romance and relationships and is, in fact, essential if we want to make a change, and people have known of its value for centuries.

Most of the quotes you read here probably come from the past one or two hundred years, but love, spirituality, and so many other things have been well known throughout history.

I can only imagine the changes we’d make if we all approached our problems with an open heart and we weren’t so quick to condemn each other, and we might find that changing the world is a lot simpler.

Love, Service, and the Mystery

‘White Eagle’ writes that love is synonymous with giving.

“To love means to give. When you love you seem to go outwards, flow out in order to help, to serve. But as you cannot breathe out without breathing in, so you cannot give love without receiving. Love is an out-breathing and an in-breathing. It is a light that burns deep within; a warmth, a certainty, an inner knowing…” (4)

God remains a mystery, ‘White Eagle’ writes, when love is absent.

“Love is God; and God is discovered within the heart; and if love is absent you flounder about and cannot understand the meaning of God, and God remains a mystery.” (5)

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