Transcript: Sanat Kumara Discusses the Sacred Law of Purpose, August 13, 2013, Part 1/2

universal law 1Heavenly Blessings: Sanat Kumara, August 13, 2013, Part 1/2

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of “The Great Awakening,” and myself Suzanne Maresca.

Today we launch our series exploring Universal Laws, starting with the Sacred Law of Purpose. Sanat Kumara will be joining us to offer us guidance on this first law which is defined as freedom to embody and be in alignment with our sacred selves. The Universal Laws are a reflection of divine thought and existence. Or basically, how things work. I imagine we’ll have quite a bit of adjusting to the way things work on Nova Earth as opposed to what we’ve gotten used to in the lower density 3D illusion.

I’m looking forward to this conversation because Sanat Kumara is one that I am only a little familiar with; maybe it’ll be like meeting an old friend. Lovely to be on the air with you, Linda.

Linda Dillon: Good morning, and good morning everybody. Well, I am really jazzed for us to be starting this series. And you and I, Suzi, have been talking about this for awhile. And it’s a piece, and I emphasize piece, of the New You work which we’ve been talking about.

We’ve done some work on Lift Your Spirit with Stephen Cook, so this is going to be – I don’t know, fourteen or fifteen weeks, that’s what they’re telling me as we go through each of the Universal Laws and really anchor in ourselves that deeper understanding of Universal Law. And as you said, at its most basic, Universal Law is how things work. And not just on Earth, but throughout the universe – hence, the reference.

Last night, Steve Beckow said to me “Well, isn’t Universal Law simply God’s idea; he gets an idea and he sends it out?” And I hesitated and then I said, “Yep, I guess it is.” But it’s more than that.

It’s not just an idea. It’s the framework which Source – Mother/Father One – has laid down so that we can understand how things operate; so it’s our basic operating system. And that’s important – that we not only adhere to, but align with it in terms of understanding how to create. So that’s sort of the back story in terms of how and why we are entering this series on Universal Law. It’s not only that we can be good little workers, it’s so that we have that larger framework and that understanding, that grid of law, which is completely different than third-dimensional.

So I’m excited.

SM: I’m excited too. During the divine qualities shows, I was always surprised with the new definition that would come in and it wasn’t exactly, certainly not counter to what I used to think, but it was an expanded version of what I used to think. And fifteen weeks worth is going to keep us busy for a while.

LD: I think so. And yes, that’s exactly what this is too. I think we all have these ideas of Universal Law and we bandy about those terms, but I don’t think, well I know that there isn’t all that much written about Universal Law. But this is really the expanded understanding and deep comprehension, soul comprehension, heart comprehension of what each law means. Now, the focus of the next many weeks is for us to understand the thirteen Universal Laws that humanity is dealing with. And again, the emphasis on these laws, which is what’s available to us and I guess our realm of understanding – we’re not home yet – but for us to know and be able to work with these thirteen laws is because we are now raising our vibrations, being in the fifth dimension, have an expanded awareness and understanding of what’s possible, of our inter-dimensionality, and of our ability to return really in so many ways to our original form, which is a creator race. So, it’s big.

SM: It is big. It’s kind of like the Ten Commandments for Nova Earth.

LD: Thou shalt not. I don’t know, those kinds of commandments are….

SM: I don’t know. The commandments are a “thou shalt not” kind of thing – it should be “you shall” – you shall love thyself.

LD: You shall love thyself and that’s really the starting point about what we’re going to talk about this morning. The Law of Purpose. But I want to give our listeners a really quick rundown because as you said, with the thirteen blessings and virtues, the divine qualities, there were some surprises about what the Council of Love has designated as important. Now the work that we’re doing here is under the tutelage of course of the entire Council, but specifically under Sanat Kumara whom we also call Raj and who has come in this morning and started chatting with me, and encouraging me that this will be very low-key, it will be soft and gentle enough that people can let it drift into them. So that’s fabulous. But let me just give you that rundown.

The first of course is what we’re going to talk about today, which is the Law of Purpose. Second is the Law of Intent. The third is the Law of Within and Without, Above and Below. We’ve all heard that – “as above so below.” And you’re going to notice a theme here. The Universal Laws consistently work with bringing us to balance.

The fifth law is the Law of Give and Receive. The sixth is Attachment and Detachment. The seventh is Unification. Eighth is Transmutation. The ninth is Instantaneous Transmission. The tenth is Dispensation. The Eleventh is Attraction and Repulsion. The twelfth is Elimination, which I’m sure we’re going to have lively conversations about; and the thirteenth is Completion and Continuity.

So, it’s an exciting list. And all of this is coming forth because of the new grid of humanity. Of the work that we’ve collectively already done, all the energies that the increasing frequencies and vibrations we’ve incorporated into our sacred beings over the last couple of years. So it’s part of the universe and the Mother’s saying “okay, now here is the unfoldment of the plan and here are the rules of the game so that you can understand how to go forward.”

SM: Looking at these, quickly scribbling my notes here, all these things that are really big, I don’t want to say issues, but big concepts – the whole idea of instant transmission, that’s another one. Were you talking about telepathic communication with that one?

LD: Exactly. And the Law of Elimination, the understanding that in fact we also have the ability with certain protections built in of course, to dis-create, to eliminate what has been or what is.

LD: You may notice that each of them really speaks to, or most of them speak to the issue of balance. And the other thing that we’re going to find, just as we did with the blessings and virtues, is that as we progress you’re going to see that this is literally a framework, a tapestry. So it’s not “I’m just working with this one law” – it’s working with a Codex. It’s working with the entire body of the law.

SM: It’s a holistic approach.

LD: It’s a very holistic approach and as I was preparing for this morning, the Council and actually Sanat Kumara/Raj was also indicating to me the very deep connection, just not make it more confusing, the very deep connection between individual Universal Laws and the various dimensions that we work on and that we work with.

So, for example, when we’re working with the Law of Purpose, which we’re going to get to, its reference point if you were looking at a chart as it were, is that the reference point for that would be the first dimension. And the first dimension out of the twelve that are available to the human species is the dimension of ideas and it’s where we go to understand or what we pull into ourselves because we don’t really go anywhere, where we situate ourselves in order to understand the original idea of who we are.

So a big piece of this Universal Law is us also coming to understand not only the grander bigger framework of how things work throughout the multiverse, but also us understanding as the reflection of that law who we are in each of those situations. Clear as mud, huh.

SM: No it’s a beautiful thing; I’m looking forward to the exploration and the unfolding of all of this. It’s wonderful.

LD: I’m really up for a meditation. What I’d like to do is this: the Law of Purpose is understanding who you are. And then living in alignment of your purpose with the plan and the purpose of love and therefore the Divine Mother. And what I find and what I hear so often from our listeners is that sometimes people aren’t really clear yet about what their purpose is. Now this Law is all about knowing your purpose and your own ability to choose and to self-determine.

So what I’d like to do is to take us on a journey to start this wonderful series to explore and to come to know our sacred purpose. And then of course I’m sure, well I know, Sanat Kumara is going to have a lot to say; in fact, he’s really the one giving you this meditation.

(Meditation starts at 15:00 – ends at 30:39.)

Sanat Kumara/Raj: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara, and, yes, I invite you, I urge you to call me Raj. Welcome my beloved friends, my family of Earth, of Gaia, and far beyond. Welcome, sweet angels of light, starseeds, earthkeepers, hybrids, pathfinders, showers of the way, portals, gatekeepers, pillars, you’re all of these things and so much more. And I am pleased to step forward in this way and to serve you, yes, to tutor you, to teach, but also primarily simply to help you remember because, dear hearts, all of this information, this deep fundamental knowing, has been anchored within thee for eons.

Some of you are newcomers to Gaia, newcomers to Earth. But you are not newcomers to the universe. And you have come in your mastery not only to anchor the shift and the ascension of humanity; but in that, and part of that ascension, is the adherence of the human collective to higher law. To original law, to the only law that has meaning and that is the law of the universe, what you would think of as the framework of operations from Mother/Father One.

It is not simply how Gaia and those upon her work, create, and bring forth Nova Earth. It is also the way your star brothers and sisters and those far beyond operate. It is the laws that Saint Germaine, Jesus Sananda, Saint Theresa, Saint Francis, the Archangels and of course myself, all adhere to – Universal Law. It is the alignment – in one way for you to think of it – it is the alignment with the divine mind, heart and will. It is your way home.

Yes, the inter-dimensional reality is strong upon Earth at this time. And it is being restored rapidly every single day. But what we speak to you of this day is not simply what is occurring and what is the framework for Earth, for each of you, but for all.

That is important for you to understand. I am sent this day to explain to you not in a general overview but in specific detail how things work. And it is my joy, my golden joy, to be able to do this. To know that your hearts and mine, your bodies, are not only just ready to hear and incorporate this understanding but that you demand it.

You have released the old third, you have released those laws, formal and informal, because what are dictums of society and false grids except laws that have gained ground and are illusions. As you are releasing all of that, you need to understand it is not just fruitful, it is necessary to understand the reality of how things operate, how things work.

Originally, human law was a reflection of justice, of divine justice – which is nothing more than fairness, balance. They were intended to be simply a codification in human wealth, yes wealth, of understanding how to operate. To be a reflection of exactly what Suzanne has said; thou shalt. Love your neighbor as yourself. These are the laws of love. Well, that got a little decimated upon the planet.

Now we do not suggest that you go out and you break every human law available. That would not be wise counsel. But each of you also has reached the point that you also know and understand that you are adhering to a higher level, a cleaner level, of love, of ethics, of integrity, and behavior. But this is not simply to keep behavior loving. It is also to help you understand and begin to create. And that is why we have begun this day in this magnificent series, if I do say so myself.

We want to explain your Law of Purpose. Everything throughout the universe has purpose. And you can break it down and you can put it under a microscope but every atom, every subatomic particle, everything has purpose. And that is something, to a great extent not by you, my beloved lightworkers ,but by the general population, that has been forgotten. So it is my job and yours to remind them. The Law of Purpose includes, embraces, embodies self-determination and choice.

Now within that, when you are in alignment with the Mother’s plan, there really isn’t a lot of choice. Of course there are variations. How does this law work? And understand what I say, that the Law of Sacred Purpose is the same for the atoms that compose a table, a planet, the hair on your head or the lack thereof, your blood, your skin, your heart, your mind, and your entire being. So you are an integrated person, a human, that has many of these fibers and particles coming together in divine purpose to serve you, to assist you in the fulfillment of who you are, of what your promise is, of what your heart’s desire is, and what you choose to do.

Now, how does this work? And I want to be a very practical teacher. You know, this learning that I share with you has been incorporated on my planet of Venus for a very long time. But in the beginning we had the same struggles, we had the same questions, we had the same queries and doubts. But do not worry about this. Leave the worry to us today and simply allow this knowing to flow within thee. And to be anchored deeply not only within your heart but within your very bones.

Now I want to use that practical example that I referred to. Knowing your alignment with your sacred purpose is like red light, green light. You often say “I feel like I’m in the flow when I’m trying to create what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling, how I’m pursuing things. It’s simply clear sailing.” When it is clear sailing, it’s because you are in alignment with your sacred purpose.

Now I’ve put a proviso on this. It means that it’s clear sailing because you have also relinquished fear and doubt and worry, anger, limitation; but that’s a whole other discussion. But I must add it here for you to have the broader understanding.

When it’s a red light, when you feel that you’re pushing against the tide, against the current, that nothing seems to go right, that’s because, nine times out of nine times, it’s not in alignment with your sacred purpose, with your heart. Beloved angel, you’re taking a left turn when you should have turned right.

This is not a monumental mistake or crime. You simply backtrack, regroup and turn right. It doesn’t need to ever be high drama. All those stoppages are simply you, yourself, your higher self, your universal self, your stranger, your guides, telling you this is not what you want to do.

And it can be simple as I want to go to the store and buy this. And it doesn’t work and it doesn’t work and you go to the store twenty two times and you always forget to buy that item. It can be as simple as thinking that you want to fall in love with a certain person and no matter how much you see them, no matter how much you date, no matter how often you go out on adventures that spark isn’t there.

It can be as simple as your thought patterns “I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m unlovable, I’m unloved, I’m really not worth anything”. This is horrendous. And never, never could that be in alignment with your sacred purpose.

All law, all Universal Law, including especially the Law of Purpose, is birthed from love. Plain and simple. There is not a law that is not of love.

And therefore any thought, any action, every opinion that you have that is less than, is not in accordance with Universal Law and not in accordance with the Law of Purpose.

That is why it is so important, my dear friends, to know, to come to understand and be joyful in the knowing of your sacred purpose. And it is unique and particular to you. You are the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan for Gaia. Just as the trees, the mountains, the grass, the oceans are. It’s a harmonious creation and fulfillment.

But it’s difficult for you to proceed and you have done so bravely and courageously and with enormous fortitude. But it is hard if you are swimming around in the dark, is it not? So come; come and sit with me in that sacred chamber of your heart and let this knowing of your sacred purpose in alignment with the law of sacred purpose let it come forth and let yourself rejoice because that is your purpose. It is to be love, to be joy, to be of one.

I am here with you. And I am here to answer your questions.

SM: Welcome, Raj. Thank you for joining us this morning and sharing this information. I appreciate being able to speak with you. With Purpose being the freedom to step into who we truly are, would you please speak to the whole point of the Earth experiment? Has it been for the experience of diving into density and making ourselves grow? Through finding our way back to finally emerge from the lower dimensional illusion? When we do, I think there’s going to be a party of epic proportions.

Raj: There most certainly will be, as there was long ago on Venus, which is also a planet of love as you know, we are creating a universe of love, a multiverse of love. Now, the sacred purpose of Gaia was never density. Understand what I say. Because this is where we are going to expand and throw out some outmoded ideas.

The third dimension was simply so that you angels and star beings could come to earth and have a physical experience. Whether it was for 30 seconds or three thousand years. It was simply intended in the Mother’s plan to be a planet of play for her angels. Now when the humans assumed form, and we are talking a progression over millions of year, the density rather than being in joy, we are just even talking about the density of physicality, became enormous.

Now is this an error in the Mother’s plan? No. So let us fast-forward. The humans were practicing creation. So when we speak to you of creation, this is nothing new. You have created greed, control, lack, limitation, hatred, war, famine, all of these things are creations.

Now are they of love? No. Therefore, they cannot be sustained. When you create something, when you collect the molecules and they’re not in accordance not only with your sacred purpose but with the Mother’s purpose that she has assigned her grander plan, if it is not in alignment it will not be sustained. And when we speak of the Law of Elimination we will go into that further.

Now fast-forward even more. Did you come to Earth and into this density and your mastery in this lifetime – and by the way each of you have had many lifetimes – you did not simply begin to assume your mastery in the last hundred years. You have been working on this for quite a while. If not on Earth, then elsewhere.

You have come to dispel the density, so not to be caught in the quagmire – the mud – of that density; not to lie down and be sucked into a sinkhole. No. You came to abolish the density. And to assist the Mother and Gaia in the restoration of her plan. And in the restoration of that plan is the plan of you. This is a chapter of your existence. And granted it is a very exciting chapter, a chapter that includes adventure and ascension and creation and return to One. But it is only a chapter.

So, you say “well then, why do we experience, why do I feel so pulled down by the density.” Well dear heart if you do not experience it, how do you break it? And that is why so many of the lightworkers, light holders, love bearers do experience the density. If you say to me, “SK, how come some are completely oblivious not only to the density, to the heaviness of such false grids and paradigms, the vasanas, how do they not know? Why do they not seek freedom?” Because they are not awake. Because the density is like a cloak that they’ve embraced. And that they hold near and dear. Does that make it real? No.

How is that for an explosive start my friend?

SM: Oh, I think it’s magnificent. Thank you so much.

(Continued in Part 2)

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