Alien Abductions: A Stumbling Block to the Acceptance of Our Star Family

Barney and Betty Hill

Abductees Barney and Betty Hill

As I understand it, the History Channel and the Learning Channel periodically offer “Alien Invasion Week” and we’ve either just started it or just gone through it once again.

I’m willing to entertain that they don’t know any better or that they actually believe what they air. But I also lean more to the belief that they’ve been trained to think the way they do by agencies of the government whose mission it is to turn everyone against extraterrestrials (read: The CIA).

One of the chief stumbling blocks for programs on our star family that actually do try to come to grips with the “UFO” phenomenon is “alien abductions.”

It’s important, when looking at alien abductions, to realize that we cannot treat the subject of visitations from other planets as a monolithic matter. It isn’t that we’re being visited by one species from one planet. We’re being visited by many civilizations from many planets.

So it’s true to say that there have been alien abductions, and they have been purposeful, and it’s also true to say that very few of the visitors to our planet abducted us. The vast majority of visitors would oppose such a practice, which ended some years ago and will never occur again on our planet.

It’s true to say as well that the civilizations who abducted did so for reasons connected with their own planet’s needs and not to create a race of hybrids who would take over the Earth eventually, as one recent program surmised.

And it’s further true to say that elements of terrestrial governments and militaries who don’t want matters truly understood have contributed to the phenomenon and its frightfulness both by agreeing to the abductions and also by adding their own twists to it.

So, for instance, my understanding is that the U.S. military itself is responsible for most of the cattle mutilations and does it to turn the population against “aliens.” (1)

Our sources here tell us that the abductions were carried out primarily by the Zeta Reticulans, or Little Greys, to rescue their civilization from its moribund condition by obtaining genetic material from our species of humans to revivify their race.

The American government allowed the abductions in exchange for technology. An example of a prominent piece of technology, which was not traded by the Little Greys but by the Orions, was the Looking Glass, a means of seeing into the future. (2)

Let’s listen to some of our sources on the subject. Here is Mark Kimmel’s Adrial for instance:

“In the 1950’s there was an agreement between the government of the United States and a race of aliens who wished to experiment on human subjects.

“They traded technology for the right to perform biological experiments on ordinary humans with an aim of improving their own biology. These experiments are at the root of the missing children and abduction phenomenon.” (3)

SaLuSa of Sirius commented on the situation as well in 2009:

“Our presence is far more acceptable now than it was 50 years ago, when we would most likely have been refused the opportunity to show up on Earth. The Greys are in a different category, having been invited to Earth by your Government many years ago in a secret agreement. They were allowed bases but not outside contact beyond the ‘abductions,’ which are almost entirely with those who came to Earth for that purpose.

“It is stories like these that are kept under wraps, but will be revealed following disclosure of the whole UFO set up. You are kept ignorant of the Space Beings because you would have turned to them for the help they would have given, and that included making peace upon Earth. The dark forces do not have peace on their agenda or plan for Man, they have only been interested in global power and total enslavement of your civilisation.” (4)

And Matthew Ward explains the nature of the agreements involved:

“A civilization that you commonly know as the ‘Little Greys’ shared their technological knowledge that by soul level agreement was in exchange for human DNA samples, which include the emotions that that civilization lost in its intellectual struggle to keep from dying out.

“Their intent was to integrate human emotions into their progeny, but without emotional ingredients in their makeup, they had insufficient frame of reference for evaluating the character of those whom they approached, and to a considerable degree, they were betrayed.

“While it is true that some ‘abductions’ happened, most of the Greys adhered to the contracts’ provision that the humans had to consciously remember their agreements.

A few humans did not, and in some cases the ‘abductors’ knowingly carried out the experiments anyway and were harsh indeed.

“At the same time giving a deaf ear publicly, some within government encouraged the revealing of the frightening and painful abductions. They performed some themselves to lend more credibility and thus more fear to the existence of the Greys, who now live underground, captive of Earth’s third density atmosphere.” (5)

The civilizations that have gathered around our planet now to help us with the transformational shift in consciousness that is presently underway do not violate the universal laws and do not take any action that would be harmful to us as individuals or as a society. So there is no need to fear further actions of this kind.

In fact, no negative aliens are allowed any more to come within a certain distance of the Earth, a matter which is enforced by space coalitions like the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command.

The most important thing I think that we need to take away from discussions of this kind is the need to resist the temptation to make of extraterrestrials a monolithic “they.” There are positive galactics and negative. The past presence of some negative galactics around our Earth does not mean they are here now and it does not mean that all galactics are negative.

They who are with us are far, far stronger than they who were supposedly against us. All of those who troubled us in our past are either no longer here or have ceased their depradations.

As we go ahead into a future that will see Disclosure of the galactic presence, there will be shortcoming after shortcoming in our analyses that will need to be corrected. But the main thing I think to remember is not to jump to conclusions prematurely and to seek out the explanations for things we may not understand. I think that responsibility is implicit in considering oneself a lightworker.


(1) See for instance “Cattle Mutilations,” at

“Additionally, a 2002 NIDS report[30] relates the eyewitness testimony of two Cache County, Utah, police officers. The area had seen many unusual cattle deaths, and ranchers had organized armed patrols to surveil the unmarked aircraft which they claimed were associated with the livestock deaths. The police witnesses claim to have encountered several men in an unmarked U.S. Army helicopter in 1976 at a small community airport in Cache County. The witnesses asserted that after this heated encounter, cattle mutilations in the region ceased for about five years. …

“Theories of government involvement in cattle mutilation have been further fueled by ‘black helicopter’ sightings near mutilation sites. On April 8, 1979, three police officers in Dulce, New Mexico, reported a mysterious aircraft which resembled a U.S. military helicopter hovering around a site following a wave of mutilation which claimed 16 cows. On July 15, 1974, two unregistered helicopters, a white helicopter and a black twin-engine aircraft, opened fire on Robert Smith Jr. while he was driving his tractor on his farm in Honey Creek, Iowa[disambiguation needed]. This attack followed a rash of mutilations in the area and across the nearby border in Nebraska. The reports of “helicopter” involvement have been used to explain why some cattle appear to have been “dropped” from considerable heights.”

(2) “The ‘Looking Glass Project’ was an attempt to back-engineer a device given to the American military by a P52 Orion (a P52 Orion is a second human line of evolution, which eventually went to the planet Orion after the disaster which occurred to Earth around this time. This much more human-looking species is often referred to as the ‘Nordics’ in UFO literature).

The device has been called a ‘looking glass,’ ‘yellow book’ (hence ‘Project Yellow Book’), ‘cube’ and ‘black box.’ It allows the user to see into the past and future. While the Orions expected the American military to use the looking glass for the benefit of all humanity, the American military back-engineered it, held onto it for its own exclusive use, and lent it out to Illuminati leaders who also misused it. Saddam Hussein and Muammar Chaddafi had looking glasses. Watching these developments and realizing how they had misjudged the progress of terrestrials, the Orions imposed a number of treaties on humanity to prevent them from journeying out into space and spreading their quarreling and destructive tendencies. (

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(5) Matthew’s Message, Dec. 11, 2005, at My understanding is that the Greys who were underground are now gone.

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