Earth’s Ascension Process is Audacious

Ascension 312A lightworker friend and colleague, who does not want to be identified (let’s call him “Robert”) had a remarkable conversation with his guide (let us call her “Anastara”) on April 11, 2013 through Linda Dillon.

They discussed many aspects of this chaotic present time and of Earth’s Ascension. I asked Robert if I might share his reading generally.

Anastara: Yes it is a time of significant change, of rapid shift.  The elevation and the raising of the frequencies of the vibration and of the realm of existence within which you operate, has moments of feeling like you are perfectly in the still point and then in the eye of the whirlwind.  Yes it is true that the intensity of the planet has probably reached an all-time high.  But it is also that shift and change and the letting go of the old – of letting go of the illusion of what has been and which truly ceases to exist.

So it is also a time of rapid creation in every realm and every form.  …

You have anchored firmly your feet, your hands, your head into the new reality of the fifth and into the heart of Gaia, but that does not mean that you are not spending a great deal of time reaching back into the third, clearing out, not only helping people through the portal, but because of the nature of who you are and what you do, you are also cleaning up the debris that has been left behind. …

It is [about] getting down to bedrock.  It is [about] getting down to core issues.  It is [about] stripping away the façade, the masks, the illusions of what has existed, what people like to think has existed and it has come to the place where you are starting quite literally – with the new.  And working with the energy.  More of the seventh dimension than the fifth.  Working with the energy of the Christ Consciousness, of the essence of Love.

Yes there is the element of radical change.  It has also been this curious situation called people –  stepping into new roles, new paradigms and a deeper acceptance of their truth and in Nova earth, and on Nova earth – what is acceptable and what is not. What you are willing to do and what you are not willing to do.  And that is an important element in creating Nova Earth and not allowing the old paradigms, the false beliefs to creep in.

So what you have said is that I can look at the old 3rd and the crumbling thereof, but I will not engage that or if I engage it, it will not be in the same way or the same realm as I once did. …

But that burden of responsibility, that yoke of responsibility has been shifted far more.  That is not to say we are not still in partnership, but you are given more responsibility now.  And you have different frequencies and vibrations to deal with that responsibility.  Does this make sense to you?

And don’t forget that what you [are] doing is not simply done for yourself but for the collective.  And so there is an understanding that needs to come forward that – yes, of course if there was not a shadow – and yes, of course it was important to understand, not only a shadow of what you sometimes refer to as a vasana or an issue, within you, but also if there was not present within you – the strength, the wisdom, the knowing and the ability to deal with that issue for yourselves and for the collective, that it would not come to you.

Robert: Can you tell me currently what percentage of the human population is ready for the shift?

Anastara: It is still hovering between 50 and 55%.  But understand what you are asking for is a number.  And so, there is a difference in terms of preparation. So for example,  if someone is getting ready to go out to a party and they have just entered their bedroom or bathroom and turned on the shower, they are still in the process of getting ready.

But now they have been dressed and they have combed their hair and brushed their teeth, but they are still in the bedroom.  They are still at that process of getting ready. So we are actually pleased with the process – of people being prepared to shift.

Robert: Some are fully ready for the party, but some are getting ready.

Anastara: That is correct.  But in terms of the collective being more ready, shall we say, it is moving nicely.

Robert: This is a talk on the radio show on Monday – why exactly is this the first planet to undergo the planetary ascension while still in physical form? Why are we the first and why is it normally not done this way?

Anastara: It is simply – you will not probably like this answer, but it is the truth, well there are many truths.  But this is part of the evolution and the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan.  So it has been done in other ways in other capacities, but now it is the next step.

When she has birthed the planet – when Gaia – this beautiful Archangel has said – I will in fact assume a physical form – and what I will do, is I will be a house – place for your angels and energies to come and play and have a physical experience of Love, of Joy, of Oneness.

This was part and parcel of the soul mission and purpose of the planet herself and of everybody who volunteered and who wished to be part of that unfoldment.  In other situations, the sole purpose of the planet was a different pathway.  So part of the journey of Gaia has been the element of physicality.

Now, not the barbaric element of physicality that has been known for so long upon your planet, but the beautiful in/out, up/down realm of physicality, of joy, of love for everybody upon the planet.  So it is part of her soul mission and purpose to be in form.

Now that was not, say, the soul mission and purpose of Halion or Trelana.  It was part of the soul mission and purpose of Galatia, but that went terribly awry.  So that is one of the reasons why the physicality element is there.  Does this make sense?

Robert: It just seems audacious to me to be here at this time and this is really the first time it has ever been done.  It’s incredible, I guess.

Anastara: Audacious is the perfect word because – yes, let us talk about this.

It is part of the evolution of the individual souls and the collective souls and it is part of the journey back to the source and to the one and so the collective souls and the individual souls who have stepped forward in the wholeness of who they are at this time to undertake this phenomenal mission, is if you think of it in terms of linear or even as circular, it is further along.

Now that in many ways is hard to believe, to comprehend, while you are in the form because you look at the mayhem, the chaos, the torture, the war, the pain that has been present upon Gaia and you say, how can this be a spiritually evolved collective or society?

But in fact without this evolution of the collective, of the kingdoms, of the planet, of everybody involved it could not happen, because the wisdom, the heart consciousness, would not be at a level where this would be – well it would be possible, because there is infinite possibility.

But let us say that it would not be likely.  So, it would be like asking a child who wanted to be a triathlete to run the marathon or do the contest , compared to someone who has been in training for years, eons for some of you, to take up this task and to assist in the completion.

Is it easy?  No.  In many ways it has even been made more exciting, but certainly more challenging, more arduous by the decision – by the wonderful decision that you can do this as one.  And that, in and of itself, this is what so many humans are not understanding – is that that decision in and of itself, speaks to your spiritual evolution and maturity in terms of this undertaking.

So you are not the child saying:  let me go, let me run ahead.  You said no, let us pause and pick up those who are injured and hurt, who perhaps have no legs, no arms, who do not know their beauty.  Let us, wait for the elders and lift the children and let us go together.

So, is it audacious?  Yes.  But is it part of the evolution of the Mother’s plan?  Yes.  Now there will come a time, certainly not soon, but there will come a time when the evolution, not only of Gaia, but of this universe has migrated back to the one and then will be reborn again, but it will be reborn in a different octave and in a different way because of what has happened and what is taking place on this planet at this time.

It is more phenomenal than many realize.

Robert: We have been told that my planet Halion has ascended, so I know that I have done ascension before, but this feels different, harder than Halion.

Anastara: It is much harder to do it and maintain a physical form.  In Halion, on Halion, what you did was – there was soul agreement just as there is here on Gaia to ascend, but you all let your forms release and your spirits fly free.  So, yes was it incredible and beautiful, and is the work that you have undertaken exceptional?  Yes.

And that ascension of Halion has been a precursor to this undertaking.  So it is, even though we say that there is no such thing as time, in fact it was sequential, and it was a necessary step prior to Gaia having this undertaking – the fact that you have assumed a form, yet again, speaks to the importance of the undertaking in form.

So is it easy?  No.  And that is why the strongest and what we have called those who are in their mastery have stepped forward, (1) because this is — it will feel like child’s play when you are through with it, but in the moment of the doing, it feels herculean.


(1) Another reminder of the masterful individuals who are here. I’m talking about you.

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