On the Nature of Spirit Communications


Stylized depiction of Malachi

One of the other topics that was discussed in my reading was that Archangel Michael gave feedback to Philipp about his channeling of Ashtar and others. At one point he said that sometimes Ashtar channeled as an individual and sometimes as a group.

That’s not unsual. I think that most souls on the other side or from a higher physical dimension, who channel as a mission, do so at times as individuals and at times as a member of a communicator group.

For instance, here’s what Hatonn through Suzy Ward said about Matthew Ward’s channeling: “All souls at Matthew’s station are highly-spiritually-evolved, and as their spokesperson, he relays their unified feelings.”  (1)

The same could be said for sources who were very influential in past years. Silver Birch was one and he spoke on behalf of a group from around 1930 to around 1960. “Imperator” (the prophet Malachi) was another, who was influential in the 1870s.  He spoke for a group of 49 enlightened masters, which included Plotinus and Al-Ghazzali.

Perhaps let me spend a moment on what Imperator says about his group’s channeling, mainly because I have the greatest respect for Imperator and wish he were better known.  He spoke through Rev. Stainton Moses and had a lot to say in the 1870s about this New Age that we’re in now.

You can find some of his writings here:  I especially recommend what he had to say about the Bible and the prophets since he was a prophet himself and was the one who organized the Old Testament into its final form.

One of the sitters in the circle at which Imperator appeared saw a circle of lights, which Imperator explained in this way: “On [being asked] the meaning of the lights, Imperator said the pillar of light was himself, the bright light behind him his attendants, and the numerous lights seen in the room belonged to the band. The light round S. M.’s [Stainton Moses’] head showed his great spiritual power.” (2)A sitter asked if Imperator occupied a high place in the spirit world. The unnamed spirit communicator who commented said, in a revealing passage:

“Yes, friend, he is one of the chiefs among the higher spirits, of whom but few return to you directly. Most of them impress their commands on intermediate spirits. Only for a great work do the higher ones return, and their work is of direction, control, plan, rather than of guiding the individual soul.” (3)



Imperator’s band all had pseudonyms, like Rector and Doctor, which hid identities such as Hippolytus and Athenodorus. Another unnamed spirit communicator explains the names and the group manner in which they operate:

“These names are but convenient symbols for influences brought to bear upon you. In some cases the influence is not centralised; it is impersonal, as you would say. In many cases the messages given you are not the product of any one mind, but are the collective influence of a number. Many who have been concerned with you are but the vehicles to you of a yet higher influence which is obliged to reach you in that way. We deliberate, we consult, and in many instances you receive the impression of our united thought.” (4)

In a long passage, Imperator explains the make-up of his spirit band who make up the communicators circle. Perhaps I’ll end the article with that because it’s long but it’s a very good summary that probably applies to other spirit communication circles as well.

Under me is my deputy and lieutenant, Rector [Hippolytus], whose business it is to superintend in my absence, and especially to control the band of physical manifesting spirits.
Associated with him is a third high spirit, who is the inspiring spirit, Doctor [Athenodorus], the Teacher. He guides the medium’s thoughts, influences his words, directs his pen. Under his general superintendence there are the spirits of wisdom and knowledge, to be hereafter described.

Malachi 11

Spirit drawing of Imperator (Malachi)

Next come the guardians whose care it is to ward off and modify the baneful influences of earth, to drive away the hurtful, temper the painful, to shed around an influence. The inward yielding to evil can alone destroy their power.

Yet again, there are two guardians whose care it is to ward off the evil influences of the spheres, the allurement of the lower spirits who would draw the medium from his allotted work and divert him from his sacred mission. These four guardians are my personal attendants, and these complete the first circle of seven, the whole band being divided into seven circles of seven spirits; each circle composed of one presiding spirit with six ministers.

The first circle is composed entirely of guardians and inspiring spirits—spirits whose mission is general and concerned with the supervision of the whole band.



The next circle of seven spirits is devoted to the care of love — spirits of love. Religion, love to God; charity, love to man; gentleness, tenderness, pity, mercy, friendship, affection; all these are in their charge.

They minister to the affections, inspire feelings of gentleness and mercy; love to God, the Universal Father; love to man, the common brother; tenderness for all who grieve; pity for all who suffer; desire to benefit and help all.

Next comes a circle — one presiding, with six spirit ministers — of wisdom. Under their care is intuition, perception, reflection, impression, reasoning and the like.

They preside over the intuitive faculties and the deductions made from observed facts. They inspire the medium with the spirit of wisdom and drive away influences fallacious and misguiding. They plant intuitive wisdom.

Next in order is a circle which presides over knowledge — of men, of things, of life, whose charge is caution and comparison, of causality and eventuality, and the like. They guide the medium’s steps through the tortuous paths of earth-life, and lead him to practical knowledge, complement to the intuitive wisdom, of what is beneficial and profitable. To these kindred groups, wisdom and knowledge — which are under the general supervision of Doctor [Athenodorus], the inspiring Teacher — succeed:

Stainton Moses

Stainton Moses, medium for Imperator

A circle who preside over art, science, literature, culture, refinement, poetry, paintings, music, language. They inspire the thought with that which is noble and intellectual, and lead to words of refinement and sublimity. They incline to that which is beautiful, artistic, refined and cultured; which gives the poetic touches to the character and elevates and ennobles it.

Next comes a circle of seven who have charge of mirth, wit, humour, geniality and joyous conversation. These give the lighter touches to the character, the sparkling, bright side, which is attractive in social intercourse, which enlivens the word spoken or written with flashes of wit, and relieves the somber dullness of daily toil.

They are spirits attractive and genial, kindly and lovable.

Last of all come the spirits who have charge of the physical manifestations, which it is thought right at present to associate with the higher message. This circle is composed principally of spirits on their probation under the guardianship of Rector, lieutenant of the band. It is his care to teach them and to allow them, by association with the medium and his circle, to advance from a lower to a higher sphere. These are spirits who from divers causes are earthbound, and who, by the manifestations which they are permitted to work out, are purifying and elevating themselves.Spirit Teachings

So you see the band divides itself into seven groups, each with its peculiar charge. Spirits of love, of wisdom and knowledge; spirits refined and noble; spirits bright and genial, who shed a ray of that light which is not of your earth on the drudgery of existence in a lower sphere; spirits whose privilege it is to progress from an inferior grade to one higher and nobler through association with you, to whom such manifestations as they furnish are yet necessary.

In all these various circles there are spirits who are progressing, who are giving experience and enlightenment, who are living the medium’s life, and mounting upward as he mounts; learning as they teach, and soaring as they raise him to their sphere.

It is a labour of love, this guardianship of ours, a labour which brings its own reward, and blesses us, even as we bestow blessings upon the medium and, through him, upon mankind. (5)

This is probably the fullest description of how a band of spirit communicators operates that I know of so it probably deserves study. Soon, as Ashtar said through Philipp, the galactics will not need to use mediums for communication but will speak to us directly or by way of our own media.


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